Club History

It is said by those in the know that Rushbrooke Rowing Club is one of the oldest around. Tragically back in the late 1960’s, the old timber Club House and boats were destroyed in a fire at the green in Dock Square and the club ceased to exist.

RRC 1920 Jr & Sr Crews1


RRC 1960-c

Rushbrooke Rowing Clubhouse  circa 1920


RRC race

In 1989, local residents decided to restart the club and agreed on using the ‘Yawl’ class racing boat.  On completion of the clubs first boat, the ‘Christopher G’ in 1990, Rushbrooke won its first gold All Ireland medal at Under 12 level at the Camber in Cobh, Co. Cork.

Since then, the club have had various crews of all ages compete and succeed in winning various medals in Local, County and All Ireland levels.  This year, we are proudly hosting the County Finals in Cuskinny, and we previously held them in 2004, 2009 & 2012.  The club and its members will always find the time to get involved in charitable causes both locally and nationally.


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