Remi Kanazi backs Ilhan Omar, calling for ‘open and honest discourse’

Remi Kanazi, you’ve been tweeting nonstop about this debate unfolding on the floor of the House, a debate amongst Democrats, the more progressive, younger Democrats taking on the leadership of the Democratic Party and the House of Representatives and clearly having a major effect. What was most significant to you about this week? Sure. I […]

Injured in Dallas Car Accident? Get Medical Treatment with Delayed Billing

Don’t trust the insurance company when they call you up right after an accident trying to settle. Number one, you don’t know how much medical care you need. Number two, you haven’t had diagnostic testing yet. A lot of people have a good attitude and they think, “you know what, I’ll probably be fine… I’ll […]

Language and the brain: Aphasia and split-brain patients | MCAT | Khan Academy

You may perceive language as one big function the brain performs. Interestingly, though, it’s divided into a lot of sub-functions. In this video, we’ll discuss how your brain speaks and understands language and what happens when those functions are disrupted. First, let’s go over some basic neuroanatomy. For about 90% of right-handed people, language functions […]