Summer – time for vacations, but
Going on vacation is not forget about their own
health. Let us now will collect the road first aid kit.
Hello, my good! Travel first aid kit is always
It should be an integral Traveller attribute.
And no matter where you are going on vacation, you should always be
fully prepared in advance prepare for contingencies
situations. Agree, no one is immune from
health problems. A there are situations where
seek medical attention using just does not seem
possible. flights on long distance, change
climate, food, drinking water – all this
can adversely affect state of health. What shows
sad experience, even medical insurance does not always help
resolve issues. Moreover, if you have a rest
abroad, where by the way, medical service
quite expensive and often may not at the proper
level pharmacy as capable fail at the most inopportune
moment. Since most part medicaments
familiar to all of us from childhood, sold abroad under the
other names or all released only
by prescription, not to mention mention their unreasonable
high cost. Therefore, to the question of toll
first-aid kit must be taken very seriously. From the first
it might seem it is difficult to foresee
all situations and reserved the right
set of medicines, but it far from it. let’s consider
the most common afflictions await
tourists on holiday and in accordance with most of them try
optimally complement our road first aid kit.
First, if you or someone from the members of your
family swayed during long journeys or
fly, stock up means motion sickness, in the amount of
sufficient for the trip round trip, not forgetting
that take into account the possible excursions which will go
on a rest. It can be drugs such as “Bonin”
or “Aviamore”. Another integral
point road kits should be dressing
set, as in the rest outdoors often
It goes hand in hand with bruises, cuts and open wounds.
It necessarily follows include disinfectants
– 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine
at a concentration of 0.05%. Sterile dressings:
bandage and cotton wool. As well as bactericidal patch sizes.
Optionally this list Iodine can be added or
Zielonka. With pain from bruises and sprains
anti-inflammatory to help cope drugs “Diclofenac”
or “Ibuprofen”, as well as facilitate and headache
toothache, “Next” or “Ketorol”. But remember,
When using anti drugs, it is better to abstain
from sunbathing, or can not avoid the sun
skin burn. Unusual food,
wherein the composition drinking water and excessive
outpouring of alcohol, often are the causes of food
intoxication, poisoning and alcohol intoxication.
With poisoning and intoxication help us cope
drugs such as: “Enterosgel” or “Polyphepan” – is improved
analogs of conventional activated coal. Diarrhea curb “Imodium”
or “Loperamide”. When predisposition
heartburn, do not forget to stock up “Mezim” or “Gastalom”.
Abrupt climate change, and as air conditioners, everywhere
working in resort institutions can provoke
banal colds. first mate, especially if
You are on vacation with children, there will be electronic
thermometer. Good will put in some first aid kit
sachets of powders colds, which are excellent
cope with colds symptoms – reduce the temperature,
provide relief in the case of nasal congestion and eliminate
myalgia, headache, for example: “Fervex” or
“Theraflu”. Nasal the nose will help to eliminate:
drops “Nazivin” or spray “Rinofluimutsil”. And the pain
throat Tablets “Septolete” and Sprays “Ingalipt” or
“Geksoral”. It is difficult to predict how
behaves our immune met with the system
unfamiliar plants, animals and unusual
Food. Therefore, to eliminate possible
allergy please be inexpensive, but perfectly reputable
themselves “suprastin” or “Diazolin”. And this hormone
preparation as “prednisolone” not interfere put in
a first aid kit in case of traveling in tropical countries. He will help
to cope with even the most severe allergic
reactions occur after bites marine reptiles.
For beach lovers recreation should worry
about several medications. Firstly, put in a first-aid kit
boric alcohol, good help remove fallen into during
swimming in the water ears that evaporates to join him
chemical reaction. FROM For this purpose, in the ear is dug
few drops of alcohol, and the head is fixed in
stationary 30 seconds. Secondly, ranked
eyes water can be cause their inflammation.
In order to eliminate the primary symptoms please be drops
“Sodium Sulfatsil”. Thirdly, long stay under the sun
rays can cause thermal or solar
blow with the loss of consciousness. So it does not hurt when
such as a holiday, have hand a vial of ammonia
alcohol, which is wetted cotton wool and allowed to breathe the victim,
brush making smooth movements from side to side. Fourth,
the combination of heat, alcohol and a sharp temperature drop
while diving in a pond, can trigger the development of
heart attack. FROM the purpose of its use relief
tablet “Nitroglycerin” which is placed under the tongue.
Therefore, this preparation must be
every road kit. And fifth, almost every
appeared on the beach, facing with solar skin burns.
To cope with that will help It is a wonderful tool,
as “Panthenol”. And of course, idle tourists
thoroughly should be reserved “Product №2» or condom.
This is a basic list of vital essential drugs and medicines,
which is filled our road first aid kit.
When choosing a medication, carefully read the contraindications
and shelf life. not more than will consult
with your doctor. If you regularly
are taking any medicines means, do not forget
they put in the medicine cabinet. Before traveling abroad, it is advisable
learn about the medicines list prohibited from being imported into the
the country where you are going. Perhaps to some
drugs taken You need to stock up
recipe or an extract from the history.
And at the end of our release some useful and simple
tips to help avoid most of the problems
emerging health on a rest. Being in the open
air, drink as much as possible more fluids, preferably
bottled. Head hat and sunglasses
You must become your indispensable attributes when leaving a
direct sunlight. And be sure to wash your hands
before any food intake. If still with
any health occurred troubles, and self
treatment does not bring positive results for two
– Three days, contact qualified medical
help. It is better to be prepared for any
unexpected, yet However, even if all of the above
above drugs will remain dusty road in the medicine cabinet,
of which I do not wish you remember for
just relax. Do not be ill! Put huskies!
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Health to you!