फंगल इन्फेक्शन का पूरा इलाज || Complete Treatment of Fungal Infections

Hi friends, today I will be talking about fungal infections in the body their causes, and their treatment The fungal infection which occurs in the body is called Tinea Cruris or Ringworm because it looks like a swollen red ring on the surface of the skin This is a transmittable skin disease which can be transmitted by close contact between people it is also caused by – Improper hygiene by wearing dirty, unwashed clothes, by exchanging towels and clothes with each other It is also caused by wearing tight, synthetic under garments and underwear It can also spread via infected gym equipment and mats, saunas and also through public pools which are not clean. The treatment of fungal infections is very simple and can be done by simply using creams, lotions and by practicing basic hygiene 80% of people don’t even need to take oral medication Only those people need to take oral medicines who have chronic infections or those who have very extensive infections Or else people who are suffering from diabetes or other autoimmune disorders may also need to take oral tablets Nowadays people think that every problem can be cured only by taking oral medicines And sometimes people consume oral medication for several months, without even consulting a doctor I would like to tell you all that these anti-fungal medicines are extremely strong and they can cause damage to your liver when taken in excess quantities Many people suffer from fungal infections for many years and the biggest cause of this is Incomplete Treatment meaning half baked treatment Today i will tell you the easiest and simplest method to get rid of a fungal infections which if followed correctly will certainly cure the infection and will also prevent a reoccurrence of the infection. The first is that once you begin applying anti-fungal creams you must always begin with 2 kinds of creams because because fungal infections can often be caused by 2-3 different kinds of fungus that is why when you use 2 different kinds of creams it is effective in covering different kinds of fungal infections The second point is that out of these two creams one cream must be a pure anti-fungal cream and the other cream should be of a mixed type meaning it should contain an anti-fungal agent an anti-bacterial and also an anti-inflammatory agent So this cream should contain all 3 kinds of agents this mixed type of cream should be applied at night because there is more itching at night and so the anti-inflammatory component reduces itching and swelling Often there is an accompanying bacterial infection along with the fungal infection so the anti-bacterial component of the cream kills bacteria and the anti-fungal component of the cream destroys fungus then when you apply a pure anti-fungal cream in the morning then it is more effective in combating the infection When you begin applying both these creams then you must atleast apply them for 20 days at the minimum Even if the infection looks like it has healed you must not stop applying the creams for atleast 2 weeks Now the third and most important step You can easily see the big infected patches on your skin and you can easily apply medicine on these patches but fungus is a disease that spreads easily and that is why when you touch the infected skin or use towels and wear the same clothes, the infection spreads to different parts of the body and you do not even realize this. The big infected patches of skin which are easily seen can be treated, but there are also several smaller patches of fungus which cannot be seen easily that is why you must always use an antifungal soap or lotion which can can be applied all over the body and thus get rid of the fungus which has spread to other parts of the skin also. The medicines for treatment of the fungus which affects the body, face, neck and groin area are going to be listed now – These medicines are quite effective, in my professional experience During day time, you should apply Miconazole Gel or cream, TWICE. At night, before going to sleep and without washing the affected area you should apply Quadriderm RF cream (by Fulfort), or you can also apply Dermitop Cream by Cadila Pharma Both these creams should be applied for atleast 20 days non-stop For having a bath, you should use Nizral 2% Lotion this lotion should be applied all over the body, face and neck like a liquid soap and then you should allow it to sit for 3 minutes Next, rinse it off thoroughly by bathing with lukewarm water And never use any kind of soap or dettol on the fungal infection patches Nizral lotion should be applied for a minimum of 4 weeks. And if the infection is severe, then it should be used for 2 months. The treatment which I have explained here is also effective for Tinea Versicolor infection in which small white and black spots develop on the body, face and neck The treatment of only the fungal infection of the face is also the same the previously mentioned 2 creams have to be applied for 15 days and also 2% Nizral lotion is to be used to wash the face Those people whose infection is very severe or is chronic should first seek a doctor’s advice and then start a course of Terbinafine Tablets or Itraconazole Tablets But like I have told you the course of tablets is from 20 days to a month at the maximum and when you consume these anti-fungal medicines, you must also consume multi vitamin tablets Those people who have an infection in their groin area should NOT wear underwear until their infection is gone they should instead wear a loose cotton pajama kurta In order to protect yourself from this disease keep your towel absolutely separate and wear clean clothes daily. Also, make sure to iron your clothes with a hot clothes iron before wearing them Once you are cured of your infection you must always bathe with a neem soap Neem is a very good natural disinfectant and it protects our skin from several bacterial and fungal infections Bathing with a neem soap during summers also protects one against Prickly Heat Rashes Friends, I hope that the information about fungal infections which I have given to you today will prove useful in combating any fungal infections which you may have Thank you.