भगवान सजा नहीं करते। (God Never Punishes) – Aniruddha Bapu Hindi Discourse 17 Apr 2014

When you do not intend to sin but it just
happens, what does it mean? We often say, a slipping moment, or when someone says something
inadvertently, it is called a slip of the tongue. Let it be ‘S L E E P’– the sleep
of the tongue. Yes, literally, it is sleeping of the brain at that moment. Every mistake
that a person makes, every sin that he commits, is the result of sleeping. Then why whine
about it? He has repeatedly assured us that if you have faith in him, he is ready to bear
our entire burden. However, you cry and blame yourself and say “I am a sinner, hapless
and ill-fated,” God gets angry when you stand helpless before
him. Today, many fathers who are present here. Tell me, “Would you like if your child begs
at your door helplessly?” Regardless of how grave his mistake is, would you not embrace
him? Yes, as a human you certainly will. He is God, the Almighty. Do you think He would
not do that? Would God push him out of the door and ask him to beg, just because his
child has made mistakes? Never! Rather, God feels sad when this happens. He is unhappy
when you, his children, keep begging at his door. Do not beg, but ask rightfully. Instead
tell him, “Oh God, you are my biggest well-wisher. You know all my doings. I have firm faith
in you that no matter how great my sin is, but merely by your darshan all my sins “have
been” destroyed. Do not talk about becoming; try to be (no future tense).Your sins have
been destroyed. Yes, be sure of that. It is indeed the truth, the only one. Never keep
blaming yourself; it ruins your journey (of life). The source of all mistakes made by
humans is Vrutrasura, the son of Niyati and Indra is competent to kill him. Why should
you worry? Suppose, a person does make a big mistake, in the first place be sure that your
God is aware of the fact that the mistake was committed because you were in the captivity
of Vrutrasura. Will he leave you to rot there? No. Undoubtedly, he wants you to escape the
kingdom of Vrutrasura and come out of it. Then, why will God punish you? We all talk
about punishments. I have been punished for a particular act of mine and so on. No, this
is not the case. It is Satan, who imparts punishment. God does not intend to punish,
and he will never punish, not at all.