ये लक्षण नजर आए तो समझो हार्ट अटैक आने वाला है || sign of heart attack in hindi || how to avoid

Consider then they showed signs of heart attack
is going to come sudden heart attack can never permitted, but
there are some symptoms that are visible for 1 month of a heart attack. signs you also be careful if it appears, because
you may be the victim of a heart attack. Still Know these signs, so as to avoid a heart
attack enhance the 1. Chest discomfort – it’s one of the symptoms
is responsible for heart attacks. The chest discomfort of any kind, you can
succumb to heart attacks. Especially chest pressure or burning. Also even if you change something in the chest
or uncomfortable, then seek medical advice immediately
2 fatigue – without any hard work or the clatter of a heart attack may also be fatigue. When heart arteries are narrowed or blocked
due to cholesterol, Requiring the heart to work harder, which
soon begins to feel tired. In such cases often substantial sleep at night
even after you experience lethargy and fatigue, And you feel the need to rest or sleep during
the day. 3 swelling – when the heart to deliver blood
to the internal organs of the body have to work harder,
Swells the veins of which are expected to increase inflammation. The impact especially toe, ankle and swelling
in other parts of the eye seems to come. Sometimes be blue on the surface of the lips
is included. 4, the survival of winter – prolonged winter,
the survival of or related symptoms are also indicative of a heart attack. When the heart, blood circulation in the body’s
internal organs to work harder, the blood is more likely to be secreted in the lungs. Winter cuff with white or pink mucus, blood
in the lungs may cause secreted. 5 dizziness – when your heart becomes weak,
his blood caused by the limits. The brain does not meet the requirement of
oxygen, which continued to be mild problems like dizziness or headaches begin. Responsible for the heart attack is a serious
symptom, which should focus on immediately. 6 In addition, any change or lack of breath
you would realize, So it can also be a symptom of heart attack. When the heart fails to work properly, not
reach the lungs as much oxygen is required. Because of difficulty in breathing. If something similar happens to you, you must
show a doctor without delay. Note the appearance of these symptoms or feel
any of the symptoms 6 immediately when possible or consult your doctor must show ……