❄ Winter Morning Routine ❄

Hey Guys!! AAAH! I can’t believe it! Do- do
do It’s the holidays! And after waiting for an eternity we have finally brought to you-
What took you so long? You know, I just don’t know! I’m not a morning person. But I am more
than you. It’s my morning routine! Yay! Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy these
kinds of videos. I feel like we don’t do them enough. So, you know what? We’ll start doing
them again. Yep. We’re gonna have a super amazing holiday giveaway at the end of this
video. So you are not going to want to miss that! There is amazing tech and makeup and
fashion stuff. Get excited! It’s the holidays! There’s prizes and gifts and giving. And we’re
giving it away to you. Here’s Tracy’s morning routine. Go! I wake up every morning feeling
great and ready for the day. I like to start off with a selfie sesh. #IWokeUpLikeThis. Just kidding! It looks more like this when I wake up every day. Then I realize that I
kinda wanna lay in bed and look at instagram for a little bit so I have to go get my phone. Thumbs up if you love checking instagram in the morning. After I’m all caught up checking
instagram, I gotta say Hi to Mohawk! What up, buddy? How stinking cute are my bear slippers?
I got them at Target and I love them and they’re my bear foot slippers. Let’s be honest – I
don’t make my bed every single day but I do like the way it makes my room look when it’s
all done. See how excited I am that I just made my bed? Makin’ my way into the kitchen
to make some breakfast. And sometimes I dance a little bit. Nobody likes doin’ dishes but somebody’s
gotta do ’em. And today that’s me! You guys, this is like my favorite part of the day! I get my bagel, I get my coffee. Oh my gosh! Check out my fishing mug! How cute is it? I take my breakfast over to the table and sit down and check some more social media
’cause “Can’t stop! Won’t stop!” Next, I park it on the couch and do some emails and do
some YouTube watching. You know.. just delay getting ready. After putting it off as long
as possible, it’s finally time to go get a shower… and wash my..self. No, no, no! Singing in the shower!
La, di, la, da, la, da!! Singing in the shower! Oh yeah! It’s time for the shower scene! Just
kidding. You guys didn’t really think we were gonna film in the shower?! What?! So I’m just
doing my everyday makeup look and I’m using the Naked 3 palette ’cause it’s one of the
prizes! Yay! And for my hair I’m just doing an everyday hair look. I’m going to blow dry
it and add some curls using a 32mm curling wand. So, for my outfit today I went super
cozy with a sweater and some pants and some boots and everything’s actually from Target
except for my pants. Also, everything I used in this video will be listed in the down under
bar. Get excited for the giveaway! Alright, guys! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting
for! It’s the giveaway! We’re gonna have three winners! That’s three – youtube, twitter,
instagram! We’re gonna have all the rules down below on how to enter. And the easiest
way to know that you are gonna be eligible is make sure you’re subscribed here – make
sure that you are following us on twitter and on instagram so that you are eligible.
And then there will be comments and tweets and instagrams to be had to enter the contest
and we’ll have easy super easy ways to do that down there. Do you wanna know what you’re
gonna get? Cause I wanna show you. I think they wanna know. I think they wanna know.
They’re ready. Let’s go! Alright so for some of these you’ll be getting the same things
and then the grand prizes are a little bit different depending on which area. So it’s
cold outside. It’s wintery. You got matching cute gloves and a matching grey hat! All three
of you will be getting these. We’re giving away makeup brushes! Oh my gosh! Alright,
so, two of you guys are gonna be getting this set. It comes with a bag and some brushes.
And this one I believe is for the youtube winner. You will be getting this brush set.
All of you guys are getting some of these jewelry flash tattoos. Oooooo! I have these.
I love them. They’re fancy. Oh my god! You’re getting fuzzy socks! They’re so cozy! And
they’re shea infused so they’ll make your feet extra soft too. You can rub them up against
your own feet. Talking about things that are super soft – oooo! You get some First Aid
Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. All of you guys! Talking about other things that are soft – you
guys are all getting the Nivea Kissable Lip Care collection. Oooooo! Alright this is a
new mascara from COVERGIRL. It’s the Full Lash Bloom. We have a first impressions video
on it. We like it. You’re getting it. Candles, candles, and more candles. You’re all getting
a candle from Bath & Body Works. Twisted Peppermint, Frosted Cranberry, and Vanilla Bean Noel.
So festive! Yaaas! We asked you guys on instagram what types of things you wanted and tons of
you guys said Bite lippies! So, yay! We’re obsessed with the Revlon Ultra Hd lipstick
so we got each of you one in Primrose which is one of our favorite colors! So we couldn’t
have this amazing holiday giveaway without giving you guys some makeup palettes! So we
got some of our favorites! We got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, we got the Naked 3. And
the Naked on the Run. And if you guys are confused about which, you know, product is
for each package we’ll have it all listed down there so you can see each prize package
that you’ll win and what’s in each one of them. And now drumroll please – The tech prizes
for each category! Yay! What should we talk about first? YouTube! YouTube? So make sure
you’re subscribed to us on YouTube! And leave us a comment down below telling us – What
are some of your must have items on your Christmas wish list? Yaaas! You guys are gonna be getting
a MacBook Air! Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh! What? What? What? It’s a MacBook Air! Get excited
if you win for the YouTube portion. For instagram just grab a quick screenshot edit of this
video. Make up something fun. Do whatever you want. And we’ll have a hashtag for you
to include in that so we can find it. You will be winning and iPad Mini! Oh my gosh!
Yaaas! Ok, so, get excited for that. Maybe you can get some of those faces. I don’t know.
And something we’ve never given away before – Yeah it’s new! These are the Beats Solo
2 in pink! For twitter you could win these bad boys. So make sure you’re following us
on twitter. And you’re gonna want to go down below and click the click to tweet link which
will say something like, “I’m entering eleventhgorgeous’ amazing holiday giveaway!” What was that?
I don’t know. It just came out of me. Things happen. You can’t control them. Alright, guys!
That’s our holiday giveaway! We’ll have all the rules and regulations on how to enter
down below. As well as a list of everything in each of the prize packages so you know
exactly what you’re entering to win. Make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you
enjoyed it! Don’t forget to subscribe and check out all of the rest of the videos around
here. And we’re gonna talk to you guys in another video so very soon you won’t even
believe it because it’ll be there before you know it. We sure will! Happy Holidays! Bye