💉 New IV Anti-Nausea Medication: Puking All Night Long 🤢 (3/24/18)

– I am gonna go ahead and
push the new medicine. (upbeat music) Good Saturday morning, everyone. I felt the need to say that ’cause I’m starting the vlog, but it is not Saturday yet,
it is late Friday night. Kind of weird to start
Saturday’s vlog on Friday, but I had something I
wanted to show y’all. Hey, Harlow. So this is how my night has gone so far. I waited up for my delivery. Got it right here, and I’ve already gotten sick once, but thankfully, some Zofran
is helping me with that. Generally, I don’t
start feeling really ill until midnight, 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM, so we’ll see how tonight goes, but anyways, if y’all remember, I
talked about my doctor writing me a script for another
IV anti-nausea medication. I right now have Zofran. I also have Benadryl, which can help with nausea and vomiting, but even with the Zofran
and Benadryl combination, it’s not really cutting it at night. It helps keep me
manageable during the day, but my symptoms get so
much worse at night. Anyways, I unfortunately have allergies to some pretty good options
for nausea and vomiting. I’m allergic to Reglan. Phenergan, I used to take,
and it used to work great for my nausea, but then I
developed a pretty severe allergy to it, so can’t take that anymore. We have tried several options to help me with my GI symptoms, and if y’all remember, I
took a week off of vlogging when I got back home from the hospital, and during that week, my team
and I were really modifying my treatment to find what
works for me and what doesn’t. I know a lot of y’all give me suggestions, which comes from a good
place and good intentions. I just can’t respond to
each and every one of y’all, but know I’ve probably tried it or if I haven’t tried
it, it’s ’cause it’s just not a good option for me, but my team, they know the intricate
details of my health and I trust them to make
the best choices for me. And what my doctor has prescribed
me now is IV Compazine. I have been on IV Compazine before. I don’t like to be on it because it makes my vision extremely blurry and it gives me really bad brain fog, brain fog times 10. Cognitive fuzziness, but we’ve kind of gotten to the point where I need to choose between
those side effects or the relentless vomiting and dry heaving night after night and losing sleep and kind of my hope in this would be to use the IV Compazine only at night so I can sleep through those side effects, and then still manage during the day with the Zofran and just vomit less, dry heave less, sleep more. That is what I’m hoping for, and maybe I won’t have those side
effects this time, who knows. It’s been almost a year
since I’ve had Compazine. What we’re really hoping
for is the medical marijuana to help me and I have been approved for medical marijuana
use by the doctor here in Florida for it, but it takes a while to get into the system
before I can actually go and purchase the products. It takes 30 days, so my doctors prescribed the Compazine to hopefully hold me over until then. ’cause we’ll all really hopeful the medical marijuana will help. I have no idea if it will help or not, but I’m optimistic. Anyways, this is my delivery. Gonna pull out the medicines. All right, so this is the Compazine. I can do a five milligram
or a ten milligram dose. And I just draw it out with the needle, dilute it in a saline
flush, push it slowly. I’m only planning to use this if I cannot control my symptoms, which is my typical night, so hopefully this will help if I need it. I have also been switched
to low dose Heparin. Y’all may remember, let
me see if I can find one. Yep, all right, here we
go, so this is the Heparin I’m used to using, it’s yellow. This is 100 unit, and this is my new one. It is blue, this is 10 unit, so think high dose
Heparin, low dose Heparin. I am using my port so frequently now that my doctor thought it would be better for me to use the low dose Heparin instead of continuously
pushing 100 unit Heparin multiple times a day, so. Now I’ll be using blue. And we’ve got port stuff. Like the needles for
my port and everything. And a lot of saline flushes. Hi y’all, my night’s not going great. I managed to sleep for a bit, but it’s around 1:00, maybe it’s 2:00 AM. Typically my time to be sick. I’m past the point of
puking, now it’s just dry heaving and I’m gonna go ahead and push the new medicine. (acoustic guitar music) I already pushed a saline. I’m just gonna push half a dose. I’m just gonna push five milligrams, see how that goes, if I need more, then I can do another five milligrams for a total of ten. Just gonna push it slowly. Well, now I can say good Saturday morning. I can’t, it’s the afternoon. Last night was another rough night with the nausea and vomiting. I was still up for a good
part of the night being sick. But I am happy to report
that the IV Compazine did help me more than the Zofran and the other medicines I’ve had. And I don’t recall getting
any blurred vision. I didn’t have my glasses
or contacts in, though. It did make me a little
spacey, as I mentioned, but even though I was still sick, I think what happened
is the past few days, few nights, have just been worse than my typical night with
more vomiting and nausea than I typically do, so
that’s why last night was still pretty rough, but I really do feel like
the Compazine did help. It worked for me better
than the Zofran, and I can manage during the day with Zofran, and at night, if I take the Compazine, I don’t mind if it makes me spacey ’cause I’m trying to sleep anyways. So I’m hoping I’ll have better nights now with the IV Compazine,
and I did end up taking the full 10 milligrams, and I have Harlow on the couch. She’s been very snuggle-y today, so I’m not up to vlogging much, so what I’m gonna do, because apparently, yesterday was National
Puppy Day, I did not know. Sorry Harlow, happy National Puppy Day even though she’s gonna be three in June, so she’s not technically
a puppy anymore, but you’ll always be my puppy. I’m gonna tell y’all three
random facts about Harlow to finish off the vlog, so one is that when I got her as
a puppy at eight weeks old, I had no idea if she would
be a successful service dog because no matter the
breed or their lineage or no matter what, you cannot
guarantee that a dog, when it starts its
training, no matter its age, there’s no way to guarantee that they will become a successful service dog. And the training, I mean,
service dogs are always training, but it took really two
years to get her past the training phase,
and now we just keep up with her established
skills, and even though I didn’t know if you would make it, you’ve turned out to be the
best-est service dog ever. Random fact number two, oh my gosh. I could tell y’all she’s
needy and loves attention, but I think that’s pretty obvious, okay. Harlow’s alerting abilities,
where she tells me before I pass out, that
is a natural alert. That is not something you can train. The dog must be able to
pick up on it naturally and then you can build off of that, and I noticed when she was very young, she would start to whine and pester me and lick me incessantly
and then I would faint, and it started off with just a few seconds before I would pass out,
and then it grew in time. Now she gives me about 10 to 15 minutes and her natural alert cue would
be to lick me incessantly, and I personally do not like that, so I took her licking and I encouraged her to continue alerting, but
then I shaped the alert into what she does now,
which is a nose bump, or she presses her head
against me very persistently with a lot of pressure, and some of y’all ask, how
do I know when she’s learning and when she wants attention, well, I know my dog, I know her body language. I can definitely tell when she’s alerting. She’s very deliberate
and persistent about it. You good girl. And a random fact number three. So this has nothing to
do with her service work. Harlow is mischievous and her bad habit is she steals things. We were at Paul and Janice’s house, and she would come out with
their dirty laundry that she had to have dug
through the hamper to get. Or if Judd leaves his socks in his shoes, she will steal his socks and we took all of the blankets and pillows out of her crate the other day. We found so much clothes, my clothes, some of Judd’s clothes,
some of my mom’s clothes. Harlow steals things. She doesn’t tear it up or anything, but she likes to carry
it around and hide it, so that is her mischievous sign and y’all know Harlow’s a little
mischievous and goofy, but I like her personality. Just because she’s a working dog doesn’t mean we stifle
her personality at all and she loves her work. And right now, she knows
that I had a rough night. She stays with me in the bathroom while I deal with my symptoms, and she’s a great sport, I love you, Hippo. So with that, I’m gonna sign off. I know it’s daytime, but
I’m gonna say goodnight. And thanks for joining on our adventure. (upbeat music)