๐Ÿ’‹LIP CARE ๐Ÿ’‹What Does Your Lip Color Say About Your Health + Favorite Lip Tints, Balms & More!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Beauty Within! It’s your favorite hosts, Ro and Felicia ๐Ÿ™‚ Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at our lip color and how it can tell and show us clues about our internal health because as we know, a lot of what we see on the outside really stems from what’s going on – inside – And this is gonna be fun because in this episode, we thought it would be really exciting to take you guys out of the studio and come with us to visit the Bite Beauty Lab here in New York City, where we create our own custom lipstick and lip color that’s catered to our own individual skin tone. All the different tones, textures, and shades can get really confusing because, just like skin care, it adapts and suits each person differently. And we’ll also go through some of the tips on how to maintain your lips so that they are oh so soft and healthy all year round, especially now that it’s getting colder and cooler. And our lips are probably one of the first areas on our FACE that are prone to dryness and irritation. If you’re wondering about what ingredients in our lip care products work best for you, you can check out our first video on our lip care series. And then of course, we’re gonna be sharing with you guys our own personal lip products, and we’re really into tints! (Ro: Yeaaah.) Like moisturizing lip tints that are kind of like a subtle glow but it isn’t in-your-face. Alright, so let’s look at the anatomy of our lips ~ Here’s a quick refresher of [the] pretty cool biological makeup and anatomy of our lips! So from the top we have the philtrum, which is like the Twin Towers here. They’re the two vertical peaks above your lip, and it kind of leads up to the nose. And this part doesn’t have any real purpose or function, but the quirky tidbit is that it helped our face MERGE together when we were still in the womb. And that was one of the fun things we found out in the first video. Then you have the cupid’s bow, which is the curve at the top of your lip. Once again, this part also doesn’t really have any real purpose, but it helps create the shape of your lip. And in makeup you often highlight this part to give the illusion that the lips are plump and full! And we also have the vermilion border, which is where the lip meets the rest of our face. Like a border. And it surrounds the lip all around the outside. Just like how our under eyes are made up of thin skin, our lips are also made up of very thin skin and soft tissue and also blood vessels, which is why, we’ll get into [that] later, that it’s red. What’s also interesting is that the vermilion border is split up into two sections: the wet and the dry. The wet vermillion is the section that’s closest to your mouth and naturally moistened due to your mouth salivary glands. It’s that like *lip pop* (Ro: in the inside) That’s what makes the noise. *lips continue popping* And then there’s the dry vermillion, which is the main part of our lips – what we kind of associate with our lips in the first place. And this is where you experience the dryness [and] the chapped feelings because there aren’t any oil, sweat, or salivary glands here like the rest of our face. So that means it can’t naturally nourish itself on its own. So it’s pretty much fending for itself in the cruel cruel world, which is why there’s so many lip care products! So that’s the skin on our lips. Now moving on to the color. (Fel: Color ~) To explain it simply, the natural color we’ve got on our lips does differ from person to person, but it comes down to two things. It’s the melanin that we talked about very recently, because it has to do with hyperpigmentation, and also the teeny tiny blood vessels that are residing right under the skin on our lips. And depending on these two things, as well as the health of our bodies, our lips can change color. We’re able to see the tiny blood vessels called capillaries easier. And [they] lie close to the surface of our thin skin, which gives us the natural reddish color. And this is pretty similar to the principle of our eye bags. Remember when we talked about if you have dark purple eye bags, it’s because you can see the widening or the constricting of your little blood vessels peeping through the skin. But obviously red eye bags is not what we want, so it’s a little bit different. So because we all have different kind of lip conditions: lip color, lip shape, lip TEXTURE. What’s yours? (Ro: Dryy!) Dry like the rest of your skin? (Ro: Yeah!) No, especially during winter like right now – it’s not even winter yet. We’re transitioning into fall slowly into winter (Fel: yes) – they’re already getting pretty dry. And then the lip color? Naturally, it’s more of a pale…pink? When my body’s high in heat, they turn bright red. I can feel it pulsing because I can feel the heat in my body. (Fel: Aaaaah.) Interesting! So mine’s kind of the opposite of yours. It’s waaay darker, and I also have this brown line that coats the top of the lip which I hated and concealed I get really cracked lips just between the dry and the wet vermillion. (Ro: Ohhh.) Do you get that? (Ro: Interesting.) It gets crusty! (Ro: All over.) Oh okay. I also have a really bad habit of biting my lips cuz they’re so dry and flaky. (Fel: Ohhh.) When I was little, I just walk around like *lippy noises* But the good thing is the skin on the lip is probably one of the fastest regenerating areas of the face. (Ro: Oh.) So you’ll find that if you do bite your lips – which is like a bad habit. You shouldn’t do it – it will very quickly recover. If you’re like, “Wait, but my lips aren’t even pink! Am I dysfunctional?! Am I dying?!” Well, no. Not all of us have perfectly pink lips, and that’s completely natural. And especially if you’re someone who has the darker skin tone, more tanned [with] more melanin, you’ll often notice that your upper lip especially is partially darker than the bottom one. And while those with lighter skin types or skin tones have lighter lip colors. It just kind of makes sense. Yeah. How it works is our skin normally produces melanin to give us the complexion that we have, but the amount it produces depends on the skin type. So you’ll see that darker skin tones produce more melanin while lighter skin tones produce less. But unlike our skin, the lips don’t produce as much melanin on their own, but you’ll find that some of the pigment from the rest of our face often shows up or merges with the upper lip or the lips in general, like freckles! And some people don’t even have a very distinctive lip border at all. It just kind of gradients into it. So that’s your lips on a normal day, but then there are times when your lip changes colors in a way you normally didn’t notice before. That’s when you need to take into mind that something might not be right with your health. Just a little disclaimer, this information is for – general – education purposes, and we’re not here to diagnose any health concerns. So if you think there is something like inherently wrong, just go to a doctor. So the first is like a bluish or purplish tinge. On a normal basis, your blood is bright red when there’s a rich amount of oxygen supplying it, but if you notice your lips taking on a bluish or more purplish color, it could be a sign that your body has poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation is also when we get really cold, purplish lips because it’s called vasoconstriction of the blood vessels, which means there’s less blood pumping through your body because it’s all going to the organs. (Ro: It’s trying to protect you.) So then all the limbs and stuff, they also constrict in terms of blood, which is also why we kind of cramp sometimes. So fascinating! And then it also happens to the lips. And when we did some research into the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach, we found that blue lips can also signal that you’re not eating enough or you’re not moving around and getting enough, you know, of that blood moving throughout your body. And you’re also feeling maybe extra fatigued. Because in addition to the shortage of oxygen in your system, Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the body is creating stagnation, or blockages, throughout your system, which results in your body not circulating blood very well. You might notice swelling, inflammation, and even bloating in other areas of your body, as well. That’s why it’s suggested that every day you should get at least 30 minutes of exercise or at least some sort of movement. It doesn’t have to be hardcore and strenuous. It’s just a walk or whatever. Some of the main causes for blue lips can also include anemia, which means that your blood has a really low level of iron, or if you’re out in the cold. Which actually leads to a condition called cyanosis, which is when you’re on the brink of hypothermia and literally about to perish. Like in that movie when he’s sitting out in the snow. He’s like, “Ngah.” That is hypothermia. (Ro: Like what movie?) That – What’s that movie? “Here’s Johnny!” The… The Shining. The Shining! Yes. *ding ding* So those are very extreme scenarios that hopefully none of us will have to face. Ok, another color that we might come across is white or pale looking lips. You know, there’s moments when something is wrong with your body, and people see that your face is pale and ask if you’re okay. It happens. (Ro: It happens.) And actually that reminds me back in college, I think nude lips were a thing. (Ro: Oh yeaah!) And people would wear concealer as lipstick! (Ro: Yes!) Or just the completely wrong shade of nude. They were like, “Oh NUDE!” You know, go to Maybelline [or] go to the drugstore. (Ro: Like any nude!) Yeah! And then you look literally like you’re gonna – like you haven’t drank water in weeks! Similar to the blue lips, white or pale lips can indicate that your circulatory system isn’t functioning properly and your red blood cell count is low. On the surface, pale lips are usually associated with an equally pale looking face and perhaps even cold hands and feet. But for your body, pale lips can signal that your body is reacting from anemia, blood loss from heavy menstrual periods, low blood sugar, frostbite, a medication, or vitamin deficiencies like, iron and vitamin b12. And with pale lips, there’s also conditions affecting the rest of your body like, dry or really dehydrated, parched looking skin, as well as dizziness. And it really affects sleep, so insomnia. Blood has got to do so much with acne and inflammation and all that, as well. Because that’s what carries so much of your nutrients! Next is windburned lips. Now, this doesn’t lead the lips to change color, but it’s worth putting in since we’re approaching colder months, and many of us are sensitive people and might be suffering from this. And when you see irritated [or] inflamed skin around your lips, it creates this dry ring. No matter how much you slather on your lip balm, it never goes away. And it’s quite painful to the point where you can’t even move it! If this is the case, then you might have something called perioral dermatitis or otherwise known as windburn. Epic chapped lips! Have you had this? All the time in the winter. The first time I think I had it was when I went skiing. Because you’re exposed to the epic UV rays, AND you’re licking your lips. And then it just creates this epic dehydration and moisture evaporation on the lips. That’s why lip balms have SPF. (Ro: Yeah.) And I don’t think people really think too much about the lips and SPF. I’m starting to get freckles on my lips. So I’m like, “I need to SPF my lips!” (Fel: Mmm yeaaah!) Keep in mind most changes are temporary and will eventually revert to their normal color and health once you figure out what your body is trying to signal and tell you and you work at it to treat it. Mainly the good thing is – is just water, hydration and nutrients. Yeah. *Fel agrees* And now that we understand a little more about the color and the texture and how this can be a good sign for our health, let’s go into the fun part! So we went to Bite Beauty lab in Soho and Manhattan to create our own custom lipsticks. And it’s interesting because each person has very different skin tones and undertones: cooler or warmer So here’s our adventure! *theme song* Hi! My name is Christina! And today we are at the Soho Lip Lab by Bite, and we’re gonna be creating a Bespoke lipstick shade. We’re gonna be blending their colors completely from scratch and making it right in front for you to see! Felicia, what kind of color are we looking to do today? Okay, so I think the warmer [color]. Perfect. Yeah, you have [a] warmer undertone so definitely [a] warmer shade will look great on you. If we’re doing a “my lip but better” do you want to go full color or have a little bit more of a sheerness to the shade? A little sheer. A little bit sheer? Cool. So we have four different finish options. So we have satin, matte, luminous, and sheer. So these are gonna be those finishes that we’re choosing from, and they’re gonna control the opacity and the texture of the actual color. And then we are going to use our shade to actually blend. So since we want it a warmer [color]. (Ro: oooh it’s like art class!) Yes exactly! It’s the movement. It’s oddly satisfying. *Everyone is loving this* It’s also how they make – (Christina: rolled ice cream?) (Ro: Yeah!) We get that a lot. So for people with warmer, olive skin tones, what should they stick to? What are the tips? I would go with something a little bit warmer that almost has a corally-ness to it or a terracotta tone to it. It’ll give you a little bit of a glow. Especially with reds! Reds are so hard to find one that works! The cool thing is you can be light or fair or all the way to dark, and you can have cool or warm undertones. So then she was saying the orange, terracottas, [and] the warmer shades will suit – Yeah, a olive, warmer [skin tone]. Whereas for fairer [skin tones] – and you’re kind of in the middle. You’re not like green olive. (Ro: Yeah.) You’re like warm. If you are looking for a red, [you should go for] blue-toned reds. (Ro: Cooler tones.) Okay, so this is for you dear. I liiiiike. (Fel: BING!) That was me! So I have warmer undertones. Now that we’ve chosen your shades, I have two more steps for you to think about. I have nine different flavors over here that you can open up and smell, and you can add any one flavor to your lipstick. And then I also need you to think of a name up to seven letters, and we’re going to engrave that into your cap for you. And one thing that’s worth noting is that because our lip color and our skin tone is so different – I remember one time an influencer was saying like, “Oh my god! Mac is discontinuing my favorite nude lipstick!” (Fel: Yeah.) And I got it. I put it on and it was like this purplish nude that looked beautiful on her. (Fel: Yeah.) But to me, I looked like I was sick and – (Fel like a zombie.) Yeah XD Alright, so Ro what kind of color are we looking to do today? Do you also want to go more natural? Similar [to] “my lips but better”. Maybe… a little darker. A little bit darker and cooler than what we did, right? Do we also want to go a little bit more in the sheer side or do you like full color? So for people with cooler undertones, what are good colors that’ll complement their skin? Like more of a softer pink or more towards a mauve. Alright, cool. We are gonna mix this guy up for you. Alright perfect. I’m gonna have you blot your lips for me. We’re gonna try this on. It’s funny ’cause like on a lighter skin tone and then on a different skin tone, it looks so drastically different! Does it feel too pink? I like it, but I was thinking more of… I don’t know. (Fel: Browny?) A little more brown. So this is one layer of the luminous. If you were to layer it again, it would look darker. If you want to see that first? So this is one swipe and then… Layer ~ (Fel: Perf!) (Ro: Nice!) Okay, so I’ve gone with wildberry! We melted this down and mixed it up. We’re gonna pour this into the lipstick mold. And then we’ll do the same. For Bite, all of our lipsticks are actually hand-pulled. So we’re gonna let this sit and cool for a few minutes. And you really start understanding why there’s FIFTY shades of nude. If I wore her lipsticks, I would look dead. If you wore mine, they would look very cranberry. Very dark. (Ro: Yeah.) And that’s for you! (Ro & Fel: Thank You!) No problem! There you go guys! That’s how lipstick can be made at Bite Beauty Lab! BING! So personalization and knowing what color matches your skin tone is very important. It’s EXACTLY like skin care. Okay, so we just put our personal favorite lip care products and lip color products here. So what do you look for when you, I don’t know, go shopping for lip products. Moisturization! And as long as it looks natural. *100% agree* So really like “my lips but better” type products. It’s very sheer lip tints mostly. Or just very heavy duty “save my lips from the winter! (Fel: Mmmm.) [For] dry lips, I feel like you should stay away from matte textures. But did you ever get into that? I like it after I exfoliate my lips. But if I don’t, it just like – it sticks onto the flakes, and you just see every single flake. Yeah! It’s like *flakes fluttering in the wind* They’re all fluttering. So the colors that I tend to gravitate towards are more peachy [and] light pink. The undertone of my lip’s already quite pink. I just want to accentuate it a little, and I find that it actually does make a really big difference. (Fel: Yeaaah.) It’s like taking photos without I was like, “Oh it doesn’t look bad.” But when you take photos wearing some sort of tint, you’re just like, “I look alive!” You look put together. (Ro: Yeah!) I think peach is a really great universal tone whether you’re tan, you’re darker, [or] you’re fair. It’s very girly because pink’s, I feel like, a little bit harder to find. And I have a pink here so it’d be interesting to see you try it. So when you’re younger you try to conceal the darker – like the “darkness”, not darkness, but darker lip color? (Fel: Oh yeah.) The Darkness Within! Nooo! No Darkness Within! Do you still do that or what do you do now? What do you look for? Yeah, I gave up on that because it’s all about embracing. (Ro: I think it’s beautiful.) Yeah no. I have friends who have that growing up and I was like, “Wooow.” My favorite of all time are these Laneige Water Drop Lip Tints. I have a number one and number two. Number one – It’s more of a very sheer – (Fel: Is there even color to that?) There actually is. It makes a big difference. (Fel: Interesting.) You can’t really see, but it – it makes a big difference on your natural lip color. *Fel is mindblown* And then number two is more of a darker berry tones. It’d be interesting – In the footage, we should both try it and see how you can tell how different it looks. ‘Cause if you have a darker lip tone – ‘Cause even on our fingers. Oh my god, yeah. You can see on her it does stuff. But on me it just looks like gloss. For one, I think it smells like peaches. And the other one smells like berries. So this is my favorite, and I feel like this is an amazing dupe for this: Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink. So this is – It’s very similar. It’s a little more peachy. (Fel: Yeah.) Pricing wise, I think this is [the one]. (Laneige) And they’re both SUPER hydrating. Oh yeah. And the Dior one’s a little darker, as you can see. (Fel: Mmmm.) Those are great everyday “In the handbag. In the bag. Don’t even need a mirror. It just looks like you have life.” ‘Cause I grew up using just chapstick or a Burt’s Bees, and those are great and I think they still are great. (Fel: But they rub off.) They do. You have to constantly [reapply] hourly, if not every 30 minutes. But now I think with these it’s you – It’s like two in one. Well actually you have one here that I have but in a different shade. Yours is – (Ro: Delight.) Yes. So this is the Pony Effect Lip Tint. Liah gifted it to me. (Fel: Oh really?) Yeaah. I fell in love. I bought every other shade. (Fel: Yes!) But this is my favorite one. (Fel: Because…) The texture and how velvety it is and how it stains your lip and stays for the whole day. It’s more velvet than matte. Well the thing is I feel like it just doesn’t have as much moisturizing qualities as that. It’s just more pigment. (Ro: I would coat it with this.) Yeah. And it smells like watermelon! (Ro: It’s so good!) It’s really good. And I like using these you know the doe foot applicators and dabbing it on the inner portions of the lip and then kind of dabbing it outwards. So then you kind of get that lollipop effect. I don’t know where mine is! The thing with these lip products [is] they just scatter everywhere over different bags! And then you get the bag one day and you’re like, “Okay!” (Ro: “Oh my!”) “This – This long-lost friend who I’ve loved!” You can use the same application method for lipsticks. Instead of just going like that, which I think is too pigmented, you can dab a little bit and then push it in and then keep layering it on and push it in. Like skincare! 7-step lip care! Another one is this YSL that I’ve had for infinity and beyond. (Ro: Woooow!) They have so many shades. I thought it was gonna be like bright fuchsia, but it’s more like – No! It’s exactly like the Laneige or the Dior. It’s actually quite pigmented. Pinky. But this is when I want a little bit more pop of color. It looks so different! (Fel: Right??) Wow! So this one’s really good, and I really love the YSL scent. I don’t know what it is. They all have this – (Ro: Ooo, it’s like bubblegum.) Kinda. Like a fruity – Yeah, like the Fruity Tutti Bubblegum. The TEXTURE is really good. So if you’re into moisturizing, this is very moisturizing. Another tint is from Glossier, and this is their Cloud Paint. (Ro: Always wanted to try.) Oh yeah? I’ve never tried anything from Glossier. Okay. So they have pretty nice neutral shades, and it looks really pigmented. (Ro: Wooah!) Oh my gosh! It looks so much more berry on you. It kind of just looks not so berry on me. Great description Fel. *LOLS* It’s quite – (Ro: sheer.) Sheer! Yeah yeah yeah. It just depends on how pigmented you want. Oh, and you can put this on your face. Yes! You put it on your cheeks. It has to be able to fit the cheek color. That’s why I love the 3CE. Yes! Okay so you have a few of these too. I have I think all of them XD Yeah, they’re so good! But the thing is this is definitely not moisturizing. (Ro: No!) It is matte as anything. So make sure you put a balm. Before and I like doing it after too. But in terms of pigmentation, wooow so good! A little goes a long way! (Fel: Yeah) [For] the lips, it’s [3CE] a little too drying for me. But all their shades are so pretty! My favorite one’s the pink one. I forgot what it’s called, but it’ll pop up. And then that one I feel like is the most universal color ‘Cause they have a darker red, a darker berry (Fel: they have so many), And maybe a few more. But what to keep in mind is that this is very dry. Even if you don’t use it for a while, you have to warm it up with your hands. Yeah. And if you put it on your cheeks, I like to just pat it here and then go in. Canmake! You can get it on Amazon, but this is from Japan. This is the creamier version of this (3CE). Is this more hydrating? Yeah, it makes your lip look sooo nice and pouty! *Ro is amazed* At the beginning, I was like, “Yo this is RED.” And then when you put it on, it’s so natural! It’s like that healthy glow. [I] feel like sometimes rocking a bold red lip takes courage, you know? (Fel: Yeah.) So if you want to work your way up to it, trying a sheer tint would be a great fore. So moisturizing ones. Paula’s Choice Lip and Body Treatment Balm. This is like a BALM. It’s like a full-on – like you need to work to get the bomb out. I just put it on every night. And I think that’s a great tip: putting on something very moisturizing every night before you go to bed. (Fel: Yes.) My aunt was like, “Oh I leave this under my pillow. So whenever I go to sleep, I know – I remember to put it on.” And then the Savex Original. This is what I grew up using. And for winter, it is a lifesaver! Especially you know how you get very sniffily and then around your nose it gets really dry? And then when your throat gets really dry and you feel like you can’t breathe? I put it around my nose or like even on airplane flights. Wait, is it that methol-ly minty thing? Yeah. Slightly methol-ly and slightly minty, and I think the menthol helps you breathe. These are very nostalgic. (Ro: They are.) Like this pot and the smell and the menthol has been around for years. Yeah. So this is like emergency. And then the last one would be the lip oil from Clarins. Dude, Clarins’ lip oils are in a league of their own! THAT is what I would go to Clarins for. Oh my goodness, the tangerine is so beautiful! The ASTOUNDING thing is that although it’s a lip oil, it’s still the perfect pigment. (Ro: Yeah!) It almost looks like a gloss. And then it stains the lip when it dries so it’s like the BEST of everything! Yes, highly recommend the Clarins. There’s also a bunch of shades from berries to pinks to light. So for my moisturizing, I also wear it just before bed. That’s probably the only time I’ll ever go towards these things. So I have the Go-To A Super Balm for lips and the two from Laneige. This is the pear and this is the grapefruit. So you can smell it. They smell phenomenal! So but first, this is the Go-To one, and it’s got ultra medical grade lanolin. So for the lips and the face, lanolin can be a comedogenic ingredient. But for me, I find that it’s sooo soothing [and] sooo nourishing. But if you know that you’re irritated by lanolin, obviously you can skip that. But it’s also got a lot of great oils like, evening primrose [and] vitamin E. It’s also got apricot kernel oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, [and] avocado oil. And it just smells – All the Go-Tos (Ro: smell sooo amazing!) Yeah! And it’s all naturally scented from these oils, which I really love. This isn’t hydrating enough for me. Really? Oh my god. These are the Lip Glowy Balms, and there’s four different scents, yeah flavors, whatever it is. And it’s just very glowy! So it goes really nicely on top of lipstick [or] by itself. So at the end of the day, I feel like it’s really important to just hydrate yourself. I can tell NOW that I’m more conscious about when I do drink water and when I don’t. If I go for half a day without drinking water, I’m just like *parched wheeze* And I keep – my lips are even more dry ’cause I keep licking it. It’s like EVERYTHING is *P – PARCHED* So hydration is very important. Eating enough good foods, like whole foods, as well as sleep. I think sleep is also so important! So let us know if you have maybe any DIY methods. I’ve made my own lip balm before. Oh my gosh I did! Let’s try [to] find – (Ro: footage?) Yes! Footage of that. It’s quite easy. It worked wonders. I actually ended up using it for about a month and I was like, “Okay, I don’t feel safe.” This is TOO natural. So yeah! If you’re in NYC, let us know if you’ve ever made your own lipstick. We love customizing things and we thought it was really fun. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode, and we’ll see you in the next one! Bye!!! Thanks for watching! ๐Ÿ™‚