😣 Terrible Medication Reaction πŸ’Š (7/13/17)

My first time taking my new nasal migraine abortive. So let’s see how this works, okay? [Jaquie](Strained voice) Okay, I don’t think that was supposed to happen Good Thursday morning everyone. I have a surprise for y’all, look who’s here my mom! [Jaquie’s mum] I’m back! [Jaquie] She stopped by late last night, and she’s just here for the day. It’s nice to have you Hey, I was making a quick stop in town. Which is nice also, Which is nice is I’m feeling better today than yesterday my lungs are still worse than usual But definitely not as bad as yesterday, so that’s good Today I have things to do around the house because tomorrow Judd, and I are going to Orlando for the weekend. So we’ve got to Get the house cleaned so when we come back it’s clean and I’m just doing some chores. Harlow’s helping me out- Putting her toys away, so we can run the Roomba. There you go grab Harlow, clean up. *laughing* Do you need directions Harlow? Go clean up Good girl. Come here. I think that’s the last one- Harlow here, clean up Good girl, Harlow, clean up Good girl! Alrighty. Ta-daa It is my first time out of the house since Monday when I took Harlow to the vet- well, yesterday I took a few steps out of the house trying to go out to dinner But my lungs hit the humidity and my asthma was like nope had to rush back inside to treat an asthma attack But my mom is inside Walgreens picking up my prescriptions and a few things we need which is really nice of her I’m doing better with my asthma today, but I don’t feel well enough to walk around a store like that I don’t think my lungs can take that, but we are out enjoying ourselves. Its nice to be out in the world. What do you think hippo? Oh you look happy to be out. *laughs* Har is feeling 100% better She’s no longer sick, but I just like her to take it easy for like sick days I guess because you know she works as a service dog when she gets sick she gets sick days. So she had a sick day Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays another take it easy day But she’s totally back to her Good old self so she can work if we need her to but I’ma let her take it easy today as well. We are back home and I’ve got all this laundry to fold. When my asthma’s acting up like today and yesterday Simple things like folding laundry can leave me really out of breath plus because of all the arm movements of folding laundry that Exacerbates the Chronic pain I have in my neck for my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome so folding laundry isn’t as simple as it may seem To people like me with chronic illnesses that make simple things more complicated but I’m really thankful my mom is here because she’s going to help me with it. I’m a little out of breath I’m really happy when she’s here because she’s so nice and helps me get some things done with her short visit. Thank you for helping me [Jaquies mom] Always baby. [Jaquie] Oh my God Harlow for Moral support. Got the laundry folded and put away I cleaned the upstairs bathroom, mirror, counter and toilet my mom is going to be awesome, and she’s going to clean the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom and I’m not feeling so great, so I am going to take a rest and possibly take a nap. My mom is leaving But we’re going to see her real soon again, so don’t worry. [Jaquie] Love you mom. [Jaquies Mom] Love you, baby. Well I hope you all enjoyed the surprise visit as much as I did, it was a lot of fun well I knew my mom was potentially coming in but it wasn’t really confirmed until last night so anyways it was really nice seeing her I’m home and tired. Had a long day Mostly learning about Florida traffic flow and tickets and crash reports and stuff like that But the ending was pretty interesting we learned about animal cruelty And all that fun stuff who goes into that. Jaq has a bit of a headache going on Fancy ice pack, yeah not a migraine, but pretty nasty headache, so i’m just resting and using ice. Hopefully that will help it stop from escalating into a migraine got to talk to tricare about getting my medications compounded into liquids so I can put them through my feeding Tube, so we Bypass my stomach with the Malabsorption issue because that’s why my oral pills aren’t working so well anymore because I don’t absorb them But if I can get them liquefied and put Them through my feeding tube it will work better So we’re going to get started on that process and now that I’m active on tri care Well, I was planning to cook I even thought out some chicken for us, but between my asthma still giving me issues and my head hurting now. It’s just not happening so- [Judd] and we’re trying to have leftovers before we go to Orlando [Jaquie] Yeah, that’s another good point. We don’t want leftovers before we leave for Orlando tomorrow, so we’ve decided on Boston market Judd’s going to go grab it for us, so Y’all are going to go take a trip with Judd. Jaq gave me the camera because she’s feeling sick so the vlog needs some material right now and she’s left it up to me to fill the empty spaces Which Jaq if your editing this, i’ma leave like 20, 20 videos- short clips for you to edit through. *Evil laugh* Anyway one thing I think about with Jaq being chronically ill is I don’t really think about it that much. I don’t really think of Jaq as Being sick, really Yeah, I literally thought about this on the way home today From work. I was like huh, I don’t really ever stop and think about- Oh my wife is sick. I never never think about that I just say- oh, that’s always just been Jaq That’s just the way she is. As you can see in my pick them up truck. Got all my patches at the top of the truck one from my college days, didn’t do very much of that and all that fun stuff We have some delicious food Thanks for getting this babe, and we’re watching Shark Tank. Mm-hmm. [Judd] Put on a different face change your face. [Jaquie] It’s my headache face. so anyways, I got a call and I have a home health nurse coming tomorrow because I started experiencing some New pain around my feeding tube. I might be developing something called granulation tissue. Which is basically raw skin That’s just really irritated so anyway I have a nurse who is going to come look at my feeding Tube and evaluate it for me. Which is super nice So that’s happening tomorrow. Uh, my headache is Definitely turning into a migraine. It’s pretty bad and I’m getting nauseous from it’s the type of nausea That feels specific to my migraines So we’re going to push an IV zofran. And, it’s going to be my first time taking my new nasal migraine abortive so let’s see how this works. First the saline, pull back to check for blood return, beautiful. Now the zofran Push the Zofran, another Saline Heprin which is a blood thinner to prevent clots from forming in my port Then a swab cap which has alcohol on the inside to keep the end of the port clean and sterile And clamp. So, that’s the nausea taken care of. Now for this- Shake it Remove this Alright, It was Jaquie proof, I figured it out. This is my first time doing this. They said to prime it which means make sue it squirts. Oh yeah. [Judd] you got it all over the bed No, I’m not supposed to inhale like you would like a nasal spray you take for a cold so I just Angle my face down hold my breath and spray Oh my God, that burns No, oh my God that burns so much, ah Okay, I don’t think I’m supposed to happen ah, ah can you turn the camera off? Well Jaq’s reaction to the meds is actually quite normal That was not okay in my opinion, that burned We were reading some reviews online and found out that, uh the burning sensation is like a thousand suns But everyone from online reviews has said they got immediate relief after about 5-10 minutes. It’s been that long and My headaches just gotten worse. It’s not the worst migraine I’ve ever had but I take the abortive to prevent it from getting bad, and it made my headache worse and it just burned I didn’t even do the other nostril and I took it correctly I just I’m The first patient my doctor was able to get this medication approved for so she didn’t really know how it was going to be. This isn’t worth it. We discussed doing IV Toradol- this is toradol-my abortive. It’s a non steroid, anti-inflammatory drug in the nasal spray because if I take it, orally My stomach can’t absorb it because of my malabsorption and gastroparesis, so it wasn’t working to abort my migraines Which is why we went with the nasal spray That’s not worth it, we discussed that if this didn’t work We would do the IV toradol through my port, and I’m just going to ask her for that ’cause this is- That hurt so much, and it’s made my head pain worse But please, if you’re going to try Spritz, this is what it’s called Please don’t let my reaction discourage you because everybody reacts differently to medication, but I mean Sometimes the treatment will work sometimes it doesn’t. I know this is not for me now, but At least I can say I tried it. But, my goodness that was- Not, it’s just not for me Now I’ve got to deal with the this head pain. Harlow was concerned the whole time while I was here with my burning Nose, thank you for your Moral support [Judd] Well with that we’re gonna go to bed. [Jaquie] With that fiasco. I need- Yeah, I’m going to call my doctor tomorrow and tell her that did not go well At all but again if you’re trying that medicine, please don’t be discouraged- everyone reacts differently, it just- I mean, it’s still- it’s not as bad as when I first sprayed it, but it’s still burning and I’m not getting the relief I’m- It just hurts- my head pain. So- Hopefully, I can wake up without a migraine, but we’ll see anyways That is it for today today. Thank you so much for joining us on our adventure