๐Ÿ˜ซ What Is Acne and How To Treat Acne with Skincare Products ๐ŸŒด Liah Yoo

Acne, acne, acne! It’s easier to treat it
once you know what is causing your Acne? and what is Acne? where’s your notepad and pen? Write it down – Oh! Okay, so here we go There’re no […] factors that can actually contribute in forming Acne, such as hormonal imbalance vitamin deficiency, bacteria Infection, insulin supply and Wait, wait! Can you just slow it down a little bit and then simplify it for us, possibly? Your pores are basically screamed, they’re clogged but how? These tiny little holes that you see on top of your skin, those are called “Pores”, right? Now, these’re the little tiny holes that can actually communicate the outside world & the inside of the skin So, basically we naturally produce sebum and then push it through our little tiny holes, called pores to lubricate our skin, to moisturize our skin and also we shed dead skin cells through that little hole and then push it to the outside world now the problem happens
when you excessively produce oil and the dead skin cells tend to build up on your skin
and when they clump together, it blocks the pathway so it’s basically closing the door, shutting down the gate Now, even when the door is shut our little kids inside, called “Sebum”
they still want to go out to the outside world and play So what happens? they’re built up inside, I guess Correct that’s why A that’s why our little kids form a union together they grab hands together, they collaborate to push that door which is blocked pores so that’s why in the very top layer of the skin, we see those tiny little bumps, okay now if it stops here, it’s non-inflammatory state yet
and then we call that Comedone So, those’re called Blackheads and Whiteheads, right? Right! But the reason why you came in today is because of those little nasty and zits
that you have on your face, right? Those’re like bright red one, so those are called
Inflamed Acnes Now if you look at the oil gland of 2 different skin types I would say, so one is my clear radiant normal skin and one is yours, which is acne-prone skin So my sebum, as you can see, is super fluid and clear it does have bacteria living in, but still you know, manageable low, I would say Whereas your sebum is very gloopy, and sticky,
and kind of nasty It’s more like a gel meaning that it has less Oxygen inside and on top of that,
if you have clogged and blocked pores that’s creating another (kind of) shield to have an Oxygen-free house So basically, bacterias obviously flourish in
Oxygen-free environment and what do they do? they throw a massive Bacteria House Party they invite more bacteria friends, and more and more to the House, because it’s safe, because it’s Oxygen-free Now if there’s an underage House Party happening
what does your neighbors do? They call the Police, now the Police comes in now, the Police inside our skin is called
White Blood Cells now the Police and the Bacteria kids
fight against each other, okay? they create this Epic Battle inside our skin,
heating up the room and that causes Boom ACNE Now based on everything that Dr. Yoo has educated us I think now we have a pretty clear understanding and how to approach to combat these problems So basically now, we know that
we have to look for something that’s unclogging the pore, anti-inflammatory
and antibacterial and et cetera, etc. So I’m going to walk you through each Treatment
that you can find in topical skincare items Now, first when it comes to unclogging the pores Vitamin A family is super duper effective in doing that Vitamin A includes
Retinol, Retinoid, Azelaic Acid, Tretinoin at the same time, you might want to avoid the ingredients that can possibly clog your pores which we called, Comedogenic or
highly Comedogenic ingredients I’ll list some of the highly Comedogenic ingredients down below, in the info box so make sure to check it out
because you might be surprised because we often see these ingredients
in our skincare products Now I’m not saying all the highly Comedogenic ingredients are harmful These ingredients tend to build up more on
oily skin types and acne-prone skin types, so including some sort of AHA into routine also really help because it lifts up all the dead skin cells,
very very gently, in a very very effective way that we’re built up around our pores
blocking the pathway out and a lot of Dermatologist actually
do not recommend to use a physical Exfoliant especially if you have acne-prone skin because it can aggravate your angry skin
to even more angrier state and also it can infect the Bacteria
to other areas in your face too so it’s actually triggering more Acne now Benzoyl Peroxide and BHA
which is Salicylic Acid are basically, commonly used ingredients
when it comes to acne treatments They’re very very effective Because they have
Anti-inflammatory property and also Benzoyl Peroxide especially has a very effective Anti-bacterial property so meaning that, it will kill that really angry
inflamed, active, cystic acne These active ingredients that I just mentioned they’re proven to be really highly effective in treating your acne but the thing is, they can be often very very drying so I think it’s super important to
compensate the risk in skincare routine by including a heavy duty moisturizers that
ensures to lock in all the moisture back Into your skin so you don’t wake up with a flaky skin another thing to kind of watch out is that Especially if your skin is completely aversion towards these kind of acne treatment you might have a high chance to get a little bit irritated, you might experience kind of a tingling sensation or redness, or kind of a burning sensation at first
which is not fun, you know It’s very important to incorporate
Soothing & Calming ingredients into your skincare routine I think my favorite Soothing ingredients are
something like Aloe Vera – very very good Green Tea, Allantoin Centella Asiatica I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing it right but yeah, those ingredients
I’ll list it down below as well In the next video, I’m going to show you guys
my acne emergency, like, SOS routine that actually works in flattening and calming down your acne like the next day, in 3 days I’ve struggled with acne-prone skin for more than 5 years so I think I have a pretty solid routine Look forward to that Today we only talked about a very topical level approach, in terms of treating acne when it actually happen in the nearest future, I want to really talk about, like,
what really really causes the acne Hormonal Imbalance, Vitamin Deficiency,
Nutrition Deficiencies, Insulin… those kind of scientific stuff if you have any topics that you want me to cover,
let me know down below in the Comment Box and I will speak to you soon, bye!