๐Ÿ˜ฏReviewing Overhyped Skincare Products โ€ข Worth The Hype?

Today I brought a lot of overhyped skincare products to review it for you guys because a lot of you guys have asked for my specific opinion For dates products and I found it really really Flattering to know that a lot of people actually do care about my opinion But please note that these are my personal experiences with these products everyone has different skin type different thickness of the skin and Different kind of toleration towards individual ingredients keep those in mind and let’s get started. First product is summer. Fridays dead lag mask I’m, pretty sure you guys have seen this all across instagram I’ve seen a lot of people loving it liking this product raving about this product. This does come in a very beautiful Cushiony formula that just hugs and wraps your skin and it does provide a very intense nourishment and moisturizing property and the ingredient in general looked Okay The only thing that I had problem with is probably the mint oil so it does smell really really refreshing in return It does smell very Kind of menthol like I guess but it does hurt my skin and I’m pretty sure my skin is Probably more sensitive than a lot of other people out there, but I don’t think my skin tolerates Well with anything that has mint oil in it. That was a major drawback for me. I would highly recommend glossier moon mask the moisturizing moon mask or cos Iraq’s rise to sleeping mask because I think those are Gentler dupes that you can reach for if you think $48 is a little bit too steep to spend I think those are wonderful moisturizing mask options. Next product comes from drunk elephant This is the baby facial and this is basically an at-home Chemical peel so it’s a skin exfoliating resurfacing treatment and I have to say this is a very potent powerful product because it contains up to 25% of an 8 a and a bj plant so uses glycolic acid tartaric acid lactic acid Citric acid and for DHA it contains salicylic acid. So while it resurfaces the entire surface Of the skin. It also goes into the port and clear out the gunk of in the poor lighting I like the idea of exfoliating but at the same time I’m not really sure if we need to go up to a very high percentage Especially doing at home I know if you go to an aesthetician They would do like 20% 30% or even up to like 50% of chemical peel But those are licensed esthetician so they know what they’re doing. I think a lot of people tend to overdo with Exfoliating I completely burned my skin After using this, so I do have to agree that you know, use everything in moderation. You don’t need to bind to the hype That’s because it is hyped up. I do like the ingredient is because it has Chickpea flour, which can be very helpful in removing excessive oil and also pumpkin firming extract which does aid in exfoliation and also a very botanical sourced Antioxidants. So next we have doctors are seek a peri serum. I also have seen this everywhere on Instagram I’m not really sure if this is notably different than any other Sica products out there I mean, there are probably a million different Sica products nowadays. You guys don’t know what Sica product is It’s basically a product that’s made with centella as the article extract which is the tiger grass So it’s a plant that makes the active compound called mad a cast aside Which is found in a lot of skin healing ointment So it has a great skin soothing property a lot of skin regenerating zin healing property That’s why I think it’s become so much popular because a lot of people have sensitive skin nowadays, so, dr Deraad has their own sea curry and and I really wanted to like it, but there is really nothing Special about it. It is a little bit pricey. I’m not sure if it is worth it but also at the same time it’s not a bad product and I would Probably not recommend or repurchase its product speaking of Sica products. We have another one here This is Emma. Straight beta sea Kabam. This is really popular among a lot of Koreans who have Acne-prone skin the beach’ line from Innisfree is supposed to target oily skin and also acne prone skin So they do use bejust seed oil which is another great ingredient for having. It’s anti-inflammatory Property and soothing pufferty and this product also does come with centella asiatica extract and they say it’s highly purified Medicus acai and it comes with other active compounds that accompanies medical side So no doubt. This is a great product. But at the same time, I’m not sure if it’s like significantly different from other Sica products out there I don’t know how I feel about I think of products now because there’s just a little bit too much I don’t really like seeing a lot of Korean brands jumping into one trend if it is a trend don’t expect us to Clear up your skin to be honest on the areas that you just pop the pimple which you probably shouldn’t This might help soothing down the area and also helping the area to heal so that it doesn’t leave any scar I think at dude house does better in terms of alleviating the redness and also thematic pesticides Sica bond from up you Seems to be a little bit better when it comes to skin healing property and it’s much cheaper, too Next product is some by me H a PHA PHA 30 days miracle toner And I have never really come across this brand until you guys brought it up to me I think this is probably one of those brands that are way more popular in Southeast Asian region Than it is in Korea or anywhere else. First of all, I have to say while reading the description It just made me really really mad because I just hate when skincare brands are Teaching their customers to apply H a PHA and everything and expect a miracle at the end of 30 days I just really don’t like the entire marketing gimmicks of it and you can really destroy your skin barrier if you Use this every single day in that sense I don’t like this brand and I really don’t think there should be more skincare brands that just Makes products to sell more products rather than really considering to take care of their customers skins health There is no miracle in this do it It’s just simply a chain PHA If you exfoliate your skin every single day, of course you are going to somewhat cure or someone It’ll mask the symptom of acne. It does have nice and a my 2% of it It also comes with witch hazel tea tree extract and also peppermint oil Which also that I’m not a big fan of you guys know that so for me this just felt a little bit too Drying and to acne product like I think there are far more Gentler options to go when it comes to treating acne. It doesn’t need to be this aggressive. So We have a very interesting product here This is it fully fully already me Xia balanced essence and this is basically made out of a hundred percent Mugford essence or mugwort extract with no other ingredients and that kind of reminded me of a more Pacific vintage Single extract essence that is made out of 100% green tea extract. No preservatives No filling ingredients and I got to meet the formulator who made that amore Pacific vintage single extract essence and it was really mind blowing the entire process and the research the innovation process that they had to put in in order to Stabilize that green tea extract to be potent in antioxidant properties without having to compromise By using it with other preservatives or other ingredients So it was really really groundbreaking and I was like mind blown I don’t think believably tells you enough about the story how they formulated and why they have to have one single ingredient in it but all in all this is supposed to be one of the best-selling skincare products in Korea at the It does smell like straight-up muck word, which I really really really like I don’t think this is a hydrating essence I think they’re trying to market and position this product to be great for someone who has Constant redness I myself don’t really have severe redness so I don’t have anything to test with but overall it just seems to be are really relaxing and really calming a sense that I Really thoroughly enjoyed every single time I really didn’t like any other products from the same brand but I think the Artemisia balanced essence is something that’s worth trying another greatly hyped up product from Korea is This little guy called goo doll green tangerine vitae see dark spots serum It comes in a really really cute yellow packaging and to be honest. I’ve been seeing this Everywhere in Korea a lot of my Korean youtuber friends seem to love it They seem to worship this they seem to repurchase this over and over again I’m not normally a vitamin C serum type of girl because it could be a thing it could be a little bit irritating to sensitive skin like mine good old positions this as a Gentler option than vitamin C product with the same benefit So they use 70% of green Tangerine extract and it’s supposed to be more potent in in vitamin C content than the orange or the normal tangerines apparently first I was really really intimidated because also It is a citrus and it’s gonna burn or his thing or you it has that kind of Tang eNOS to it I used this on my sensitive skin. I had no reaction at all. It just felt really nice and hydrating I’m not gonna say this is gonna be a really great product for hyperpigmentation or sunspots or freckles, but if you are someone who wants to Brighten up your complexion overall kind of even out the complexion a little bit This might be a great option actually, but if you’re someone who wants to really target the pigmented spot I think nothing really beats tamaño oil. So I’m a huge believer of Taman oil here I think the best for the last this is the mom owned Ceramide cream in light so they have an intense version and they have a light version as soon as I tried it I was literally blown away by the entire formulation and I texted AmorePacific formulators right away to kind of hunt town like who on earth Created this beautiful product It has a really perfect balance of water and oil and as soon as you apply it It’s very very plush and it just melts into your skin right away and it kind of leaves a really beautiful barrier that is not suffocating where that is not to pore clogging and It just leaves your skin super supple and bouncy and firm And since it does contain ceramide as a main ingredient, it is great for overall Skin health and I really really enjoyed this it actually exceeded my expectation But mine that I had really low expectation of this product, even though this product is a light cream It is definitely not like as light as I don’t cream I have normal to combination skin now and this breaks perfectly and if you feel like you need a little bit more moisture to see layer it up and they also Came up with a very new Ceramide ingredient that is exclusive to them. So they use a very extraordinary Technology, I believe it’s just made my skin so much bouncier. It’s so much healthier So I have to really really recommend this I mean this doesn’t come with a cleanest ingredient but at the end of the day We are all chemicals. The air is chemical the water is chemical So yeah, let me know if I should keep this as a series. Is it worth the hype series? I don’t know Also, let me know if there are any other products out there that I should be trying. I love product testing I hope you guys really take care and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye