1. Round Up Those Medications! (Medication Management BASICS Video Series) (English)

(Music) If your family member or friend’s medications
are all over the place and in places they shouldn’t be, then you need
to manage the situation. But where do you begin?
First, in your family member or friend’s home,
check cabinets, drawers, and tables in every
room to find all the medicines you can.
And look for over-the-counter medications, including herbal medications or herbal remedies
as well.
Now sort all these meds by type; bottles,
boxes, or tubes.
And look for duplicates; your family member or friend may have lost a
medication and then refilled it.
It’s one sign the meds aren’t being taken
Next, sort the medications by the date they
were filled.
Check for the number of pills in each bottle to
see if they were used appropriately since they
were prescribed. Are the pills in each bottle the same?
If so, then you can assume that what’s on the
label is what’s in the bottle.
But if they’re not, then it’s time to take the next
step and visit a doctor or pharmacist to have these medications sorted out.