10 Annoying Things About Medication | Autism ADHD OCD Bipolar Disorder

I take abilify and anafranil
for my ocd and such and I guess they can be helpful but there are some
things when you are on medication that are really annoying whenever you have an
emotional moment like if you cry or bust out laughing or something
everyone wants to be like did you take your meds today I’m like yes it’s so
embarrassing they make you feel like you’re some sort
of crazy just for having feelings I’m like hello I’m a human person I’m not
gonna be the same all the time which leads me to number two medication could
make you feel boring it slows down all your fun thoughts and ideas so all those
fun ideas that naturally fly through your brain they kind of get buried I
feel like I have to sift through my brain extra hard just to find those fun
ideas like for this YouTube channel I’m not trying to be a downer
I’m just saying medication can be a bit of a fun wrecker number 3 side effects oh
the side effects you know them dry mouth appetite changes tremors weird eye jerks
it’s all part of the deal man and my doctor never seems to listen he’s like
oh but you’re doing so well and I’m like man my eyes are jumping every time I
try to focus them on something and he says well I haven’t seen that this whole
appointment and I’m like man I’m not trying to focus my eyes on your weird
doctor Hawaiian shirt ha lols my doctor was the funniest shirt swhat was I
talking about again number 4 ADHD I don’t have it but when I was younger
they put me on medication for it anyways man this stuff makes you feel like hurry
up and stop hurry up and stop it’s horrible I don’t know how you do it kids
I’m actually a super focused person too much sometimes to the point where I will
do one particular thing for hours and forget about everything else I’m
supposed to be doing but you can count on me to get her done
I even had a doctor try to put me on medication for mood swings before mood
swings I’m like hello it’s called emotions
now some people legit have a mood disorder I understand that but not me
I’m just emotional I’m like the first page of emojis on your phone mood meds
number five swallowing the pills don’t you hate that feeling when you can
feel the pills sliding down your throat I do it’s like you can feel them on the
way to your stomach like they’re taking the scenic route
sometimes it even feels like they get stuck halfway down and then
finally when they digested you’ve got to do it all over again a few hours later
the neverending cycle of swallowing pills number 6 appetite sometimes meds
can make you feel like not eating at all and other times it make you feel like you
want to eat the world like literally eat everything in sight I’ve been on those
meds before depakote oh my goodness I would eat
anything I could find and once the food was gone
I would eat like those little jelly packets and stuff it was bad I gained so
much weight I finally got off of it if I hadnt I
would definitely be living a 600 pound life right about now and that’s not good
that’s dangerous I don’t even have a joke to number 6 so on to number 7 when
you stop taking your medication suddenly either by choice or because you ran out
oh man this feels awful sometimes I stopped taking my meds like cuz I’m mad
or something and I shake really bad I feel like even my organs are shaking on
the inside and also I can’t sleep however I do get a rush of really great
ideas but then my doctor is like never do this you will surely die so
apparently it’s frowned upon but I’ll do it again number 8 stigma sometimes when
someone finds out you take medication they might kind of be afraid of you like
think you’re unstable or something it’s also embarrassing I hate it when I make
a new friend and I’m going out with them for the first time and my people are
like don’t forget to take your medication
oh so embarrassing number 9 dealing with psychiatrists they’re the weird ones
whether it’s Hawaii shirts or dumb jokes they always manage to be weird and I’m
like who do you see for your meds cuz you’re crazy doc and number 10 blood
tests when you’re on medication you have to
get your blood checked every couple of months to make sure it’s not totally
messing you up on the inside even though we all know it is and this can be easy
or really hard depending on how afraid you are of
needles me I really don’t care I’ve been through a lot worse Judge Rotenberg
Center but it’s still never fun I hate when the nurse can’t find your veins and
they keep poking you like a dartboard it’s like hello I’m a human person that
hurts and they’re like oh so sorry honey the vein is just playing hide and seek
and then they finally go and get the other lady who gets it on the first try
medication this is Jen Adventures TV
thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you another day with another video okay bye