Hi everyone, in today’s video, I’m going to show you some different ways to remove nail polish Now Obviously nail polish remover is on the top of the list but there are lots of other household items you can use to remove nail polish as well so if you ever find yourself without a bottle of nail polish remover, hopefully this video will be of some help to you so let’s get started The most conventional way of removing nail polish is with a bottle of nail polish remover Nowadays you can get them with or without Acetone. I prefer to use the non acetone removers because it is less harmful to the nail Just soak a sheet of nail wipe in the remover and rub away the nail polish from the surface of the nail Easy peasy right? we all know how to do this so let’s move on Nail Polish remover also comes in portable packaging like this little tub here Inside it has lots of sheets of nail wipes soaked in acetone free nail polish remover Each sheet can be used to remove all 10 fingers if it’s just a basic manicure If you have lots of layers of nail polish after doing nail art, you might need 2 sheets to go through all 10 fingers it does get a bit oily after so dry off using a sheet of tissue and presto If you don’t have any nail wipes, a cotton ball will do the job just as well Soak it in nail polish remover and place it on the nail let that soak for a minute to loosen up the nail polish and gently wipe away For glitter nail polishes which is the hardest to remove, we can use the same cotton ball method, but using acetone remover instead placed the soaked cotton on the nail and wrap it in aluminium foil or as you Americans would say aluminum foil This is to help the acetone from evaporating too quickly, keeping the moisture
staying longer on the nail to dissolve the glitter nail polish leave that on for about 3-5min, unwrap the foil and the glitter polish should come off with just a gentle rub While we’re on the topic of using removers, I’m just gonna quickly add an insert about Removing nail polish from the cuticles often when applying nail polish or doing nail art, nail polish can get onto the cuticles It happends, we’re all human If you have seen any of my other videos, you’ll know that I like to soak a flat brush in nail polish remover and brush away the excess nail polish from the cuticles because the shape of the brush can easily reach the curves and grooves around the nail Alternatively you can also use a cotton bud soaked in remover to get around the nail this is especially handy if you don’t want to be in contact with the nail polish remover to prevent ruining the manicure on your other hand What if you don’t have any nail polish removers? Maybe you ran out? What else can you use? Well, try applying a fresh coat of nail polish or Top Coat on top of your manicure wet polish will help soften the old polish underneath Leave that on the nail for about 20-30 seconds and wipe away before it dries If you missed a spot, reapply, wait a few seconds and wipe again until it’s fully cleaned off Nail thinner is usually used to revive your old nail polishes that have started to dry up. A few drop of this does miracles And it can also be used to remove nail polish It doesn’t work as well as removers but it will get the job done non the less Rubbing alcohol is another thing you can use to remove nail polish It is antibacterial and usually used to sanitise wounds Squeeze a few drops onto a nail wipe and let that sit on the nail for a few seconds then try really hard to rub if off It might take a few goes but if you’re persistent, it will all come off eventually Maybe this is not something you can easily find around the house unless you have a first aid kit So the next best thing is to look for things that contains alcohol Did you know that Hairspray, body mist, spray deodorant even perfumes can be used to remove nail polish? the main ingredient in all of these is alcohol If you do use these, be sure to check the ingredient to make sure you’re not allergic to anything also don’t spray too close to the nail to prevent freeze burn Leave that on for 30sec or so for the active ingredient to do its work then wipe off with a nail wipe This particular design has about 3-4 layers of nail polish so I had to spray a couple more times before it removed all the layers I tried the body mist and hairspray and both worked Other than sprays, you can also try hand sanitizers The main ingredient in this is also alcohol If you’re wondering, rubbing alcohol is different to the alcohol you drink from. So don’t go pouring vodka on your nails or anything Squeeze out some hand sanitizers from the tube and apply that onto the nail let that sit for a few seconds and rub off with a nail wipe The last resort. If you don’t have any of the things mentioned previously. I really don’t recommend this but I will include it anyway Soaking your nails in warm water for about 10-15min will help soften the nail polish after about 10min or so, I managed to peel off the top coat from the tip of the nail, once you find a section that starts to lift, you can peel if off like so Then soak another 5min in the water, and you can try to scratch off the polish from the bottom of the nail As you can see, scratching can remove some or all of the nail polish but not very effectively and definitely not good for your nails if you really have 30min to spare I suggest go buy yourself a bottle of nail polish remover from the shops Save you the trouble of deciding which method you should use instead There you have it 10 ways to remove nail polish with or without remover Next time you wanna take off your manicure, you’ll have options and be equipped to handle the situation in any condition If you know of any other ways of removing nail polish which I did not mention feel free to Leave them in the comments below I’m sure people would be interested to know