11 Tips Wajib di Pelajari Sebelum Main Ragnarok Eternal Love & Penjelasan Status ( RO MOBILE )

hello friends, back with me again in this video I will give a tips about ragnarok eternal love and I’m sure this will be very helpful for those of you who have never played Ragnarok server CN or never played in cbt this video will provide an overview of what needs to be prepared and also for the first time playing Ragnarok I think this video will be very helpful for playing ragnarok eternal love ok lets start there are several important points which new ragnarok players must know first stamina system so there is stamina system in ragnarok and i think stamina is very helpfull stamina allows us to get a high drop rate and high exp when the stamina is green and friends can see that we are given 300 minutes stamina and I have used 257 minutes and when it exceeds the quota, the drop rate and exp. will decrease this will be reset every day 5AM for SEA server tips for utilizing stamina in my opinion is if your char is level 1 my advice is do some red quest until level 20 and change job at level 10 you can change job after 20 i spent the stamina first until the stamina runs out after stamina runs out, then i did the quest so spend the stamina first and then do the quest friends can see information about stamina from here well, the second is status forr status we can be creative because we can choose which one to go up first we get the points from rising base level and there is no need to be afraid of being wrong because the status can be reset first status reset is given when changing first job ( other methods for get free reset stat can be checked in the description) so no need to worry about raising status well for each status function, I will explain at the end of the video okay we continue the third there is symbol of camera this for selfie lol, and for adventure handbook with that photo will increase the experience of the adventure book so my advice is always look map if there is a camera symbol then there is a spot for photo for get exp of adventure handbook i personally always take pictures when on a new map or meet new monsters near the camera symbol there is a red exclamation symbol the fourth always kill all monster in all map minimal 1 for each type of monster so if we kill the monster, we can get the colection (and exp for adventure handbook) there is chonchon, yoyo, willow.. i will kill minimal 1 for chonchon, yoyo, willow.. okay now the fifth there is a chain lightning 1 chain lightning will increase drop rate and exp for 60minutes and if you remember about stamina stamina will runs out after 300 minutes 300 minutes=5 hours if you use chain lightning it will take 2,5 hours only to runs out the 300 stamina but the drop and exp is equal with 300 minutes we can get chain lightning from quest in prontera there is board quest usually the reward for complete the quest (board quest) is chain lightning sixth in prontera west gate there will be a npc quest that looks like a cat wait, i set my char grinding first if you finish the quest from npc quest look like cat You will be moved to another place and there is a cat named Lulu and lulu will ask 3 questions the answer is: 1 3 1 so the order is:1 3 1 for finish the quest seventh there is npc quest name ambrost, and he will ask you question the answer is: dark blue , swordman clothes,poring the location is prontera south gate so in prontera south gate there will be a quest from npc ambrose (thanks for subscribe n like this video guys) eight finish all the quest in each city finish all early quests in early cities for unlock emoji and handbook colection, and open all fitur and the pose the next is about status there is str agi, vit, int dex, luk there is the info about each status in 10:15 tenth is about gacha gacha location in prontera.. at the bottom of the map free ticket will give to you and use that for equipment… eleventh on 12:40 how to switch chanel now i am on chanel 4 its very easy to switch chanel you must go to izlude island i ll give you example, i ll go to izlude island the location of npc for switch chanel is here there is npc name teleporter dunia just enter what chanel you want to move dont forget to subscribe, like, and feel free to ask in comment.. thanks friends