12 Cooking Herbs every Cook should know about !

Hey guys, salut, this is Alex, and today I’m sharing with you 12 aromatic herbs that every cook should know about. Fragrant, fresh, flavourful, they are one of the best allies of your cooking journey. So who are they, how to identify them, and what to cook with them? Also why am I sitting at the table? And did I already order something? The answers, now. Or most of them, because obviously this is not a restaurant. (punch) Mint Mint is one of the most famous herbs used in cooking. It’s fresh, it’s lemony, and sometimes it’s a bit peppery as well (ah-CHOO) But every time, it gives a cool aftertaste. There are so many subspecies of mint, but the most common has tough stems, and bright green, oval and pointy, slightly dented leaves. Just keep in mind that mint is *very* powerful so use it with utmost care. So in my head, mint is screaming Mediterranean cuisine and Middle Eastern cuisine as well. There are many voices screaming in my head. (cricket) And now some food matching perfectly with mint, lamb, coucous, zucchini, feta cheese, garden peas, yogurt, or even chocolate. Next. (punch) Coriander or cilantro. So coriander is a very fragrant herb. In fact, it’s so fragrant that some people are even disturbed (booooooo) by the smell of it. They find it smells a bit soapy. (bubbling noises) So personally, I love its citrus accent, and I think it reminds me of lemongrass sometimes. (ding)