What’s up everyone! Welcome
back to my channel. First of all, Happy Fucking New Year! Now, this weekend I am going to upload
my favorite beauty products and my least favorite beauty
products of 2016. But I thought, you know what, let’s start
the new year off with a bang and try out some crazy ass shit. So, today I’m going to be trying
a $12 primer against a $140 primer. Yes, some brand thought they were slick enough
to price a motherfucking primer that much. So, I’m like, I think we should just dive
right into it and if you want to see what the hell these make-up brands are
fucking up to, then keep on watching. One of my favorite beauty sites is beautylish.com.
Now they are one of my official retailers. They ship worldwide and they have
a bunch of amazing brands like Anastasia, Sugarpill, Charlotte Tilbury,
Natasha Denona. They have a bunch of brands and
I love shopping on their website. I know that sounds like a shameless plug
but I just, you know, I mean, come on, if there’s a website with good ass skincare and crazy
make-up, you know my bitch ass is gonna be there. So, I was scrolling through the website the other day
and one of these brands, it’s called BY TERRY, they have a lot of expensive skincare and concealers
and foundations so, I just bought a bunch of stuff, but while I was browsing they have
a new limited edition $140 primer. I’m like, girl, what in the hell is in here
to make it that price point? So, you know my bougie bitch ass,
had to pick this up. So, I’m going to do a little
battle of the primers today. I’m going to do one half of my face in the
$140 and the other side, a $12 primer. So, I went on Twitter, literally
just a few minutes ago, and I tweeted, “What’s everyone’s
favorite drugstore primer?” And I was literally on the way to Rite Aid.
And if you don’t know what Rite Aid is, it is like a Walgreens, a CVS, type of
drugstore here on the West Coast. Do they have Rite Aid on the East Coast?
I don’t even know. So, I asked everybody what I should get and you
guys sent me so many recommendations, like, oh my God, it was thousands
and thousands of tweets. And I picked up a few and one that you guys kept sending
me was the L’Or?al Magic Perfecting Base. I’m like, ooh, okay, a little pink black carton.
By the way, you guys should know by now that the Bobby Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base
is one of my tried and true for a long time. And it reminded me of this because it looked
like a mini version but by another brand. So, I was definitely attracted to it. You guys were
like going off, like you’ve got to go get that one. So, I am going to put
these to the test. Now, I’ve never opened either of these before.
I’ve never even tried them. So, my skin right now is bare. But, if you do notice along my lash line and
maybe on my forehead and hairline I still have bits of glitter from my full
face using only glitter challenge, which, I’m actually not mad at, because
I’m looking in the viewfinder, I’m like, oh, hi, lid, like, it’s in my lashes.
This shit is not coming out. So, probably another month or two,
maybe they’ll float away. But, yes, for everyone wondering,
there’s still glitter everywhere. In my beauty room,
the whole floor, help me. Now, I am going to go over the L’Or?al one first.
Now, this one was $12.99. Now, this Magic Perfecting Base is supposed to,
obviously, be a make-up primer. It says, you can put under your
eyes to smooth fine lines. Okay. It says that, it’s going to hide pores.
It’s going to vanish imperfections. I’m like, okay girl, grrr. It is silky, lightweight, it glides onto your skin leaving
a velvety smooth to the touch feeling. It is suitable for all skin types. It is demagogically
tested and, okay, great. It’s time to open this up and
see what she looks like. So, the L’Or?al one comes
in a little glass pot like this. It feels glass. Is that plastic? Maybe it’s
hard plastic. Feels kinda…. So, it says, put this to use
under any foundation. I also forgot to mention that after
I do both sides of my face, I am going to use one foundation with
a beauty blender and do my entire face so we can tell, or see,
if there’s a difference. Alright, so, back to the primer.
This one has 0.5 fluid ounces in it. The other one has 1.01 fluid ounces. So, it is basically double the size.
We’ll unbox this in a second. I am going to see if there’s a fragrance. Huh, not really, I’m going to touch it
with my nail real quickly, like, I’m just going to put it
on the back of my hand. Oh wow, it’s like, very tacky.
Holy, okay, ooh, that feels cool. I’m like, oh my God. If feels very velvety.
Okay packaging, you weren’t lying. Well, we’ll see in a minute on my face. Alright, I just used a little Burt’s Bees make-up
wipe to wipe that primer off my hands. And now we’re going to inbox… inbox…
we’re going to embalm… we’re unbox the BY TERRY primer. Now,
this, why is it a (inaudible) you guys like, expensive packaging, like draws me in, I’m like, hi, hi, hi. Alright, so, this is called
the Elixir De Perle. It says a premier illuminating concentrate. Alright, so, besides being limited edition
this is a youthful radiance elixir. This true premium concentrate luminosity,
infused with precious fresh water pearls and multi-reflection pigments reveals a perfecting
ultra-smoothing rosy peaked pearlescent glow. Fuck, that was a mouthful. I’m like
I need to come up for some air. Okay, so this is supposed to be used
underneath your make-up. So, let’s take her out. The packaging’s gorgeous,
I just have to keep saying that. I’m like, hi. Ooh, okay, so this is what she looks like.
It comes in a glass jar as well. Of course, as I mentioned, it is double
the size as the L’Or?al one. Now, it also comes with a little spatula, as a lot
of high-end expensive skincare stuff does. It basically is like for sanitary reasons, you kind of scoop it
out with this instead of touching with your nails or fingers. Okay, so this one has a little plastic, I like to call it, the like, sanitary screen
that you remove to get into there. Ooh, okay, this one smells really fresh.
It’s kind of like, it just smells fresh. Is that such a weird thing to say? It smells
like floral sunscreen, kind of mixture. Alright, let’s get this hair back, let’s get
these curls fucking out of my way. Okay, so, my right, which will be over here, I’m going to do the L’Oreal drugstore
primer. So, let’s start. And I’m going to stop right here. I’m literally going to
go all the way up like the face and only do this side. Okay, so already, I can tell that my face
looks kind of blended, it really does. Not going to lie. I’m like, okay, right. Now, a little went a long way. I used two
little nail scoops and she’s laid. Alright, now for the left side of my face
I’m going to use the spatula. Is this enough? We will see in a second. I’m only going to use my left hand because the right side
is tainted and I’m just going to dip this one around. Now, don’t try to say that I’m using more
on this side because I’m definitely not. I’m just spreading it with this because
that’s what it told me to do. Alright, that side is on. Bam!
Is there a difference? Let’s zoom in and take a look. Okay, this side, you can see, is kind
of like, definitely luminous. It feels a little tacky as well, but in
a different, almost like, not sticky. I hate that word, because
that sounds like, negative. But it feels a little, like,
come on foundation, work. And then this one feels a little,
oh, this feels nice, okay. Now, only difference I’m noticing
is that the BY TERRY one, it’s not a blurring one, it didn’t claim to be,
so it definitely did not blur. I see a little shimmer over my skin, kind of living for
that, because you guys know I’m a glowy ass bitch. Alright, I guess, let’s put these to the test and see
which one makes our foundation look sickening. So, I’m going to go in with one of my favorite foundations
of all time. The Armani Luminous Silk, oh my God, I mean, how many years have I been wearing this by now
you all should know, this is one of the motherfucking best! So, we are going to put her to the test,
since I always use this, I will definitely be able to tell
a difference right away. So, I’m going to use a damp beauty
blender and just do a few pumps and coat my entire face.
So, let’s see what happens. Okay guys, let’s bounce. Alright, so I think it’s only fair that we zoom in
a little bit and see what the hell is going on. Alright, so, let me zoom in on myself. Let me zoom in with a mirror and let’s
see if there is any differences. No, I’m not shocked but the mattifying
side looks a little drier and I don’t want to say patchy, but like a little, just
not like as amazing, I guess, as this side. This side looks really, oh my God,
looks stunning. This side’s not awful actually at all. In the area that I really don’t like my pores
around here, if definitely minimized them. Under the eyes looks pretty. But yes, my fine lines are a little bit there.
And on this side, the L’Or?al side, there is zero fine lines so, hey, yes God. Yeah, this side actually looks a little more hydrating
though, which, I mean, give or take, right? So, I’m going to do a little turn. A little
side to side. Here is the $12 primer and here is the $140 primer side. Now I definitely think that the more luxurious
primer, I look a little more hydrated. A little more, like, I don’t know, a little more cunt,
a little more summery, a little more fresh. The other side is definitely very
matte and I actually like it. And I think, honestly, for the price point,
this one is awesome because all you have to do is really add a little bit
more moisturizer before you put this on. Or even mix, like, I kind of want to do
for a next video, just on a tutorial, is to put this first and then this and see what
happens. I’m kind of curious to do that. So, I guess, let’s give our final
thoughts and our final review. Okay, so I did not expect this
to happen, you guys. I am torn. Like, oh, I’m like, I’m kind of mad, I’m like, okay,
is the BY TERRY Primer Jeffree Star approved or is the L’Or?al Magic Perfecting
Base Jeffree Star approved. I’m going to shock you all. Drum roll. They’re both Jeffree Star approved primers.
There was not a lot of cons really for either. They both looked great. I’m just
looking back and forth. I don’t know, I mean, maybe because it’s the first time
I’ve used both of them, I’m not, like, in love dying. I think they definitely need a few more tests
under other foundations and in tutorials to see how they are going to, you know, of course,
wear and tear throughout the day, you guys. But yeah, I’m like shocked here. I’m a little
confused. I don’t hate either one of them. I’m like, sorry guys, today
they’re kind of both approved. So, hey. I wish there was more excitement. I wish one
of them flopped really hard, because I am shocked. But, shout out to both brands. I think these are definitely fun. Now, of course, you guys all know, this one, I know
a lot of you are going to roll your eyes, like, Bitch, that was not good
enough for $140 and I’m not actually mad at you because
I kind of agree with you. But it was fun to try and I’m definitely going
to be wearing it under future tutorials and future looks and see how it compares to
my favorite gold primer and everything else. Alright, I think that is it. Fuck, I don’t
want to leave you guys. If there are any more new products or
anything that you guys want me to try, of course, leave some feedback
in the comments down below. And let me know what you guys think. Like, did you
see a difference between the right or the left side? Give me your honest, real thoughts, because
you guys always see it better than I do. But, alright, mwah, I love you guys and
I will see you on the next one. Bye guys.