20 Overlooked Mechanics in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro is tough even for souls fans, especially for souls fans Actually your muscle memory works against you in this game but instead of leaving an embarrassing review on metacritic stick with it because Honestly the combat could become your favorite of any fromsoftware game like it has for me this video contains tips for those that are struggling and also, Fascinating little details that I guarantee even the most seasoned player has missed First did you know sekiro actually comes with Difficulty settings? Finally right? After you defeat the chained ogre make a right at the samurai general and jump onto this branch past the small hut look for a grabbable ledge move into the cave with headless in it and Escape out the back to senpou temple ringing This Bell curses you with increased difficulty But it blesses you with increased item drops. Enemies actually don’t become much harder, but bosses do so remove it before you fight a boss. Yeah, my first tip for new players is make the game harder! But um hear me out because now that you have the Bell demon active for better crafting material drops we can talk about grinding It’s honestly something that I recommend every player does at least once because not only does it give you gold, experience, extra healing items, and crafting materials You’ll hone your combat skills in a predictable environment Which means that you’ll actually see yourself become more efficient at taking out all of these enemies. The best early game location for grinding is undoubtedly I think the first stretch of the Hirata estates where enemies give 34 experience, 23 gold, Pellets, and also rare crafting materials like scrap iron and even black gunpowder. Now There are two items you absolutely should use up while grinding green and gold Mibu Balloons Before you start killing enemies pop the green mibu balloon, which increases item drop rate however Don’t pick any of it up yet when you’ve finished killing your entire runs worth of enemies Then pop the gold mibu balloon which increases gold acquisition and it actually applies retroactively to all of the gold that you’ve left on the ground Which means you can run back through the area listen to the sweet sweet sound of gold Clinking and then start a new run killing a few more enemies for gold before that balloon buff disappears It’s very efficient This whole process should give you at least four experience points to spend and there are three skills I consider to be baseline for anybody first There’s mikiri in the shinobi art tree. There are tons of enemies that have devastating perilous thrust attacks and By dashing towards them Mikiri gives you what is actually a very very forgiving option to completely Nullify that damage and you also deal a bit of posture damage as well After this you can invest in suppressed presence which drastically improves your stealth next in the prosthetic art tree Chasing slice a skill that’s really really good with the shuriken arm And honestly, the shuriken is probably the best prosthetic for general combat. It’s cheap, It allows you to interrupt enemies, It allows you to finish off weak enemies, and you can chain together combos and enemies really Really Well use this if you have a ton of gold and you’re at a loss as to what to invest it in You should always have options. The best option is gold pouches These are consumable bags of your own money that prevent it being lost upon death They cost about 10 percent of the gold that you spend on them But you will always get value from these considering you’re gonna lose 50% of that gold if you die So buy them whenever you see them, seriously, if you have nothing else to invest in you can buy spirit emblems Which actually only cost 10 gold at the start of the game. When you do die you spread dragon rot. Which reduces your chance of receiving unseen aid. A lot of people ask me what type of death spreads dragon rot So here’s the answer only true death spreads dragon rot If you die and resurrect that death does not spread dragon rot If you ever feel that you might die because you’re out of gourd or something Just peace out instead every player now has a home wood Idol which unlike in previous games can be used to teleport you Back to a checkpoint for free this way. You won’t lose half your experience You can invest your gold and those around you won’t get dragon cancer if your quickselect bar ever starts to feel cluttered Remember holding down left or right on the d-pad will immediately skip you to the first item on your bar Which should always be your healing gourd. Honestly, I’d recommend you only ever keep gourd and pellets on your bar the rest are items that you can just use situationally in the pause menu and Pellets are really good. You get a ton of them throughout the game Of course, you may not like where your buttons are for heal, and I can’t blame you the controls are bit strange However, everyone can now rebind buttons at will and most players I think will prefer having triangle or Y as heal and Up on the d-pad to switch prosthetic weapons instead this lets you move around with the left thumbstick and heal at the same time Speaking of button presses. Have you ever wondered what happens if you don’t take the second R one deathblow offered on main bosses? This happens if you ever died an embarrassing amount to a boss Looking at you lady butterfly. Now you can show them what it’s like to die over and over again one button That I guarantee most of you haven’t pressed is Triangle or Y when you’re in the travel screen this opens up an antique map Which is this beautiful little piece of art that expands as you explore more areas But in order to explore that map You’re going to have to be good at combat and to follow here are 10 powerful underappreciated mechanics that exist in combat These are things that struggling players need to know and that even experienced players might be overlooking. First consider resetting stealth if you get spotted hop a few fences stay out of line of sight for a little while and Sometimes with enemies like the chained Ogre, for example, they’ll actually turn their back on you as they return to their standing point Which puts them in a position where a stealth kill is possible where usually they weren’t even possible before this strategy works pretty well Against mini bosses like the Shinobi hunter or Juzou Bosses that have a ton of smaller enemies that you’re going to want to stealth kill one at a time before engaging them Now while stealth can get pretty cheesy combat is anything but these first few days have been full of souls fans Realizing that they can’t get away with dodge r1 anymore. I do want to confirm though. Yes, I frames do exist they exist on jumps and they exist on Dodges, but enemies now have far far better tracking Because you’re supposed to be deflecting these attacks in a way most attacks are supposed to track you and hit you so Don’t dodge through them. This is a game about clashing swords And the only time you should be spacing enemies is when they do perilous attacks Or if you’re facing multiple enemies standing face-to-face With an enemy is no longer a dangerous position to be in and a mountain of positive effects are baked into blocking Let me show you them what you’re seeing here is attack cancelling Enabling a block as long as the actual swing isn’t in motion This is why it’s important not to spam r1 attacks. Like you can in Souls games. This will queue your attacks You’ll do more than you intend to and it’ll make it harder to block cancel instead Consciously tap r1 once every time you attack so that you’re always fully in control this way Your enemy will eventually power through your assault and you will be ready to start blocking at a moment’s notice Few new players understand just how powerful a tool blocking is it prevents all damage It can be used to inflict posture damage It comes out at a moment’s notice and you can also recover posture twice as fast while blocking. Look at this So if you don’t need to move out of the way of anything, and you’re just waiting block should be your standard position and a super OP technique that few people are utilizing is Repeatedly tapping block as fast as you can while being attacked it repeats so fast that it’s actually impossible To get hit through it and it also gives you a decent chance at deflecting a blow Don’t do this all the time Obviously you still have to think but if you have a feeling overwhelmed by a flurry of attacks You can just spam that block and try to keep up with them at best You deflect some attacks at worst your posture gets overwhelmed and bear in mind Most enemies can’t even necessarily capitalize on breaking your posture So you might not even take damage if you roll fast enough Another reason spam tapping is important is because of another mechanic called consecutive Deflect which increases the posture damage you do for deflecting multiple hits in a row Many enemies have flurry attacks. These are attacks that are a huge opportunity for you You want to see flurry attacks seeing the pacing in your head For example, this enemy is one two, three, four. One, two, three, four, five one And now I’m actually happy to see this attack coming my way Sekiro is in no small way a rhythm game If you do take an unblocked hit you’ll actually notice your character falling off balance This stumble can be resolved by blocking or dodging and as you can probably guess Blocking is better Your recovery is actually immediate if you turn it into a deflect enemies can get perfect deflects as well And while they don’t reduce your posture They do affect the flow of your attacks giving you a brief pause and putting you back to the first attack in your sequence Enemies can use this pause to launch a combo of their own So if you notice them starting their own combo just let it happen go on the defensive combat is now about trading offense and defense and defense is just as big an opportunity as Offense is another opportunity. You’re probably not making use of is your jump kick So basically any enemy can be double jumped on enabling a tiny bit of damage with a double r1 but something that most players overlook is that you actually deal a ton of posture damage if you jump kick a Perilous sweep attack look at this So next time you intuitively jump away from an enemy jump on them instead Finally posture is linked to your health when a posture bar is glowing red It means health is low and posture will regenerate slowly to kill most of the later bosses in the game You actually have to be very aware of opportunities That allow you to deal health damage because posture damage at the beginning of the fight is going to be worthless One such example of this is against lady butterfly who suffers greatly against repeated dodge attacks and Shuriken throws when she’s jumping between wires if you’re appreciative of any of these tips Or maybe you’re running low on t-shirts or hoodies then consider checking out the merch section down below the video a lot of you guys mentioned last time that you wanted a light version of the last design we made and My artists and I have obliged demon vaatividya now looks good and dark t-shirts and hoodies with a sort of Miami sunset behind him rather than the Eclipse I priced it as cheap as I could make it all of the weapons should look familiar to you if you’re a Souls fan So hopefully that you feel like is sort of wrapping the things that you’re passionate about You know, that’s what I would want to wear in a shirt. So that’s what I made I’ll see you in the next one or on Twitch as we continue my blind playthrough of sekiro link below follow the stream if you’re wondering what I think of the game I Don’t want to jump to conclusions But if it continues at this pace on this track, I think it’s gonna be my favourite from software game to date The only thing I’m worried about is replayability and I really want to know what you guys think of the game down below Do you think it’s too hard too easy? Let me know and I’ll see you next time.