2007 Honda CR-V/ Quick Drive

hi I’m Dave Thomas with cars com we’re here with the 2007 honda crv not
only is it one of the most popular compact SUVs on the road it’s one of cars.coms most searched the
vehicle so we spend some time with it today and show you the ins and outs of
the most important parts of any SUV is how easily it is to reconfigure the
cargo area for maximum utility the honda crv that’s one of its weak points it
takes a number of steps to move the seats forward to expand the cargo area
and I will shit will walk you through it right here there’s one latch on top of the seat
they have to pull first put the seat down once you have to reach in and pull
another strap to move it forward now you think that would be it but you
have to do one more maneuver and this is this little hook here and latch to the
side of the the car itself so it stays in place and it’s secure as you can see once the seats are in
position there is a large cargo area revealed the see also comes with what
they call a cargo shelf instead of a standard cargo cover that a lot of other
suvs have it’s an interesting you know way to go
it has a two different sides a hard plastic side and a soft carpet side only
soft carpet side can be done in the Shelf mode and then can lie flat against
the ground with either the plastic or the carpet showing only problem is and
as a shelf it can only hold 20 pounds so don’t think you can put a ton of
groceries or anything else on it I understand a great job with the cabin
of the new cr-v there’s lots of upscale touches especially around the steering
wheel and a high mounted the shift lever which it can be a little of disquieting
to some when they first see it but it becomes very easy to use after a few
days steering wheels tilt and telescoping so
it can move up down in and out so drivers of any height can get very
comfortable with that there’s also lots of cargo area and in
the crv the hidden compartment right here now you can store whatever you like in
it but it’s not lockable and of course the standard lockable glove compartment underneath that as you
also have a center console here in some models it’s a it’s a permanent center console
this is actually one that moves it flips down and gives you space in between the
seats I have no idea why you need space
between this front seats here because you really don’t want anyone walking you
know in this small area but I’m otherwise it has two cup holders here
some nice cargo trays and this also your mp3 jack and auxiliary power are for additional information on this car
or any other go to cars.com and our blog kicking tires