2018-12-30 Living Buddha Lian-sheng Discourses Year of the Pig 2019 Wealth God Invitation Method

Welcome back to ‘Inviting Spring and Good Fortune’ live set At this time, we would like to continue to consult Grandmaster Lu Customarily, during Chinese New Year, people replace the old with the new Clean the house thoroughly to welcome the new Spring with A new atmosphere and new look So, may we ask Grandmaster Lu to explain, How, after cleansing the home, we should decorate it So as to quickly usher in good fortune? Generally, the most important area of a “yang” house is the treasure corner Treasure corner This is the Year of the Pig Let me tell everyone Generally speaking, just as it is written here It’s Golden Pig Actually, it is not always a “golden” pig What do you mean by not a “golden” pig? Concerning the pig The meaning is: The Center is earth In which case, it would be a yellow pig The West is metal In which case, it will be a golden pig The East is wood In which case, the pig is green The North is water In which case, the pig is black The South is fire In which case, the pig is red This year, the wealth god is situated in the south [south-red pig-fire] The time frame [of performing the ritual] is the same as previous years The time frame is the same On the 1st, 2nd, 15th, or 16th day of Lunar January In the morning Between 7 – 9 AM Exit the front door Walk eight steps toward the South Many people have asked if there is a wall blocking the south direction How does one take eight steps forward? One can just take the eight steps on the same spot While still facing south Take the eight steps this way While holding a red piggy bank in one’s hands Remember it must be a red piggy bank. The wealth god is in the south so the piggy bank must be red There are white, black, green, and golden “Zhu Bajie” [Pigsy, from Journey to the West] [Laughter] The red Zhu Bajie [red piggy bank] should be filled half-way up with money Filled half-way up with coins. Facing south, pray to the wealth god to enter one’s home Say “May the Wealth God enter my home! May the Wealth God enter my home!” As one keeps making this wish One returns home and places the piggy bank in the highest spot of the treasure corner Is the home treasure corner always in the south? Not necessarily So one places the piggy bank wherever the treasure corner is located in one’s home? Correct! This is a little method that can help promote wealth Oh…everyone should remember it [Applause]