2019-20 EMU Campus Tour

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, and welcome to
Eastern Michigan University. Our tour guides are
super excited to share their favorite parts of
campus with you today, and mine is right here
in the student center. Recently rated number one in
the nation by CollegeRank.net, our student center has it all. Not only is it a great
place to hang out, it’s where you can find a lot
of resources such as the LGBT resource center, study abroad
office, vision community service center, office
of multicultural affairs, Greek life office, and
the campus life office. EMU has over 200
student organizations, and it is so easy
to start your own. The students that you
will meet on campus are from many
different backgrounds. Because of the true
EMU global reach, students from all over
the country and the globe enter EMU without paying any
out-of-state or long-distance fees. Eastern is home to 21,000
students from 46 states and over 40 different countries. As one of the most diverse
campuses in Michigan, EMU takes pride in celebrating
each individual student and the experiences they bring. There are always tons of
events happening on campus, and the student
center is the hub. We have two art galleries, an
auditorium with free Friday night movies, a ballroom
that holds large events, such as career fairs, and a
temporary ice skating rink. This building also holds the
annual undergraduate research symposium, where
hundreds of EMU students get the show off their academic
and creative excellence at a public forum every year. Here at Eastern, we want to
put you in the environment that you’ll be working in. We have over 200 majors and
minors within five colleges. The most popular
major, undecided. You could be doing
fieldwork at Fish Lake, performing in one of
our mini theaters, developing practical
skills in the lab, or working hands on
in our community, all in your first
year on campus. The eateries are my favorite
spot to grab a meal, and it’s only a three-minute
walk from the student center. It’s right in the middle
of four residence halls, and it has so many incredible
food options and cool places to meet up with friends. Here’s Wise, one of our
nine residence halls. I like living on
campus because it’s so convenient for
getting to work, going to downtown
Ypsilanti, or taking a quick nap in between classes. It encourages me to get involved
on campus, study at the library more often, and meet
new, lifelong friends. There’s also Wi-Fi,
kitchenette, and student lounges to study
and hang out in. My favorite place on
campus is the REC/IM, home to our Olympic-sized pool,
jacuzzi, dry sauna, and five floors of recreational
facilities, like an overhanging track and
exercise rooms like this one. EMU is home to 18 division I
teams, and all of the games are free to attend for students. At the library, we
have many resources that would be helpful to you
as a student here at EMU. We have study rooms,
multiple computer labs, a writing center, a research
center, and much more. The library is huge,
four floors in fact, and has so many options
to accommodate however you like to study. Eastern was founded in 1849 as
the first normal school outside of the original 13 colonies. To this day, Eastern has
the stellar reputation for making well-rounded
educators that are prepared to excel
in their fields. Our programs are focused on
teaching practical skills and putting students
into classroom settings. This is Owen, our College
of Business located in downtown Ypsilanti,
right in the hub of all of the local businesses. Owen has been ranked
best in the Midwest for 15 consecutive years
by the Princeton Review. Our program has
globalized with partners from all across the world. We even have a free shuttle
that runs from main campus into downtown to make the
commute very convenient. If you’re looking for an
enhanced academic experience, join us here at the
EMU Honors College. We offer exclusive advising,
priority registration for classes, scholarships,
access to the honors residence halls, and classes capped
at 25 students taught by professors who are
the best in their field. Eastern is in the
heart of Ypsilanti. Ypsi has a depot town and a
downtown with great places to eat, a vibrant
arts community, and plenty of stores. Not only is it a great place
to explore with friends, our vision office is dedicated
to connecting students with volunteer
service opportunities, and making Eagles an impactful
part of the Ypsilanti community. Eastern is home to me, because
it has created an environment where thousands of
different people unite in the goal
to serve each other. It’s a place of learning,
personal growth, and the professional
development that prepares for the day we leave,
but provides the friendships and lessons that stay
with us for a lifetime. Are you a future Eagle? Apply today. [MUSIC PLAYING]