3 Ways Bipolar Medications Help Me

What’s up, y’all? It’s Hannah. I’m trying to rock the Carrie Fisher,
Princess Leia look. Except I don’t know whether I look like a desperate 28-year old trying to be 19. Carrie Fisher, by the way,
lived with bipolar disorder and was a huge advocate. Just the fun fact. A couple of weeks ago, I did a video about
finding the right psychiatrist. So please subscribe to my
YouTube channel and check that out because that is definitely
the biggest first step. Now when it comes to me
taking my bipolar medication, I am very routine with it. I have you by my bedside
with a glass of water. That cup is from St. Paddy’s Day. That’s why it says “get lucky”. Anyway, three ways my
bipolar medication helps me. One way my bipolar medication
has helped me is it allows me to just live as an individual with bipolar disorder. And not be completely
consumed by the disorder. Prior to me getting on the right
routine of bipolar medications, my world was centered around
me not feeling good. and these extreme, intense
ups and downs that were just uncontrollable. You can’t do anything with your life. You can’t truly live when you’re
consumed by a mental health condition. Another way is the intensity
of my depression is nowhere near as bad
as it used to be. Prior to getting on the right
routine of bipolar medications, my depression wasn’t just depression. It was being at rock bottom. Extremely negative thoughts and feeling hopeless
about life in general. It allows me to finally
create and focus. And a lot of people say that the medications they’re on actually completely takes away from them being able to create or have this sense of creativity that they had prior to medication. In my opinion, that just means you’re not on the right medication. With me, I lived in a dream-world where I wander off. And all it was, was thoughts and ideas and things I wanted to do trapped inside of my head. Which made me angry and frustrated. And I felt worthless. When I finally got on the right
routine of bipolar medication, I was able to put the workings
of my mind on paper and be an active part of society in the way that I wanted to be. This is the biggest way
that it has helped me. Disclaimer: I am NOT the
ideal mental health patient. I do not have it all together, okay. I’m not the Mother Teresa
of bipolar disorder. Trust me. But I have found a routine of medications that has helped me thrive as an individual … which is what I want for everybody. How you define happiness
is up to you. And I want you to get there. And share your experience, so we can talk about these things and work together. I am doing a follow-up
video next week about the side-effects
of bipolar medication. Weight gain. All of that. Past and present. So please, please definitely tune in and share your experience at that time as well. Thanks for tuning in. And I will see next week. Bye.