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SURIYA presents “Come, my precious princess” “With vigor, as a youngster
let’s rise to the occasion, dear” “Kick up your heels, no fear” “Go get them, tiger Venture and wager” “If the town wants to know about you” “Hey! Set up a mike and boldly roar
your name loudly into the speaker” “People will put you on a pedestal
Weigh you as 24 carat gold, girl” “Lock, stock and barrel
They will lock you up, girl” “Walk out of your prison, dear” “You be your own savior” “Walk out of your prison, dear” “With vigor, as a youngster
let’s rise to the occasion, dear” “Kick up your heels, no fear” “Go get them, tiger Venture and wager” How old are you? 36 (loud yawn) President’s convoy has
moved from Raj Bhavan We’ve got general details
about Vasanthi Tamil selvan She works as upper division
clerk in the revenue department Her husband Mr Tamil selvan… …is a program executive
in All India Radio, Chennai Collect all details about
Vasanthi Tamil selvan Within the next 24 hours
Personal and professional Sir, how can we do it
at such short notice? Use all possible sources If we do a parallel investigation with
Intelligence Bureau it’s no big deal We have enough time How many places will they divert – Who’s that?
– Vasanthi’s husband Honestly, I find this uncivilized! At such short notice we must
collect complete information We have no other go
but to use technology Madam, if you wave your hand
only auto will stop, not bus Sir, nothing to worry But the boy is a little
shaken up, that’s all We’ve informed the boy’s family, sir What happened, Tamil? A school boy fell on my car and got hurt But nothing serious It wasn’t sir’s mistake
That boy crossed suddenly His dad is a reporter- I know First information report
hasn’t been filed as yet Your insurance and license are in order? It isn’t a major case It will be filed under
sections 336 and 337 You can get away with a fine! Why are you hesitating? I may go to Ireland for a job After a 2 year struggle
I’ve finally got a placement My visa interview is this week I don’t want a police case
hindering my visa, Murthy That boy’s dad is a reporter I’m worried he may create problems I don’t know all that
Somehow help me, please Anyone else in your
family holds a license? My wife has Is she going with you to Ireland? She has attended the interview But it won’t work out I can’t take her now on a dependent visa Looks like I’ll be travelling alone Bro, he’s the man who hit our boy That boy’s dad, wrestler Ranganathan Your wife has a driving license? Did you get a ticket? Conductor, stop at Adyar Why are you digging into my ribs? I must get down at Jayanthi theatre Another 6 stops to go Get inside Move Still 6 more stops to Adyar Hahn? What ‘OH’? You made a mother of 7 get up
and you’re sitting here happily! – Okay, sit
– No need, you sit What happened to your ‘idli’ business? I don’t see your basket! Who eats all that now? Only ‘pissa’, bread and ‘burkur’! I’m working now as a maid in
a textile shop owner’s house As soon as I go to work
they give me ‘chandwich’! Turn off your engine What happened? President of India is visiting our state When did he come? Didn’t he call you? You should read the newspaper They even announced it on TV So that’s the reason for
traffic jam everywhere? Who was standing next to you in
the passport office yesterday? Was it your uncle? What audacity! He’s my husband If you want to attend an
interview apply for leave To mark attendance as you please
this isn’t the Govt Assembly! Traffic jam all over the place Roads were blocked, sir It’ll be like this until
the Metro project gets over Maybe you can take off for 2 years! What’s worse is… …you misspelt the
name in the certificate You’ve changed male to female And vice versa That guy came this morning
and brought the roof down You don’t focus on your work at all You pile up all the files on your
table and bury yourself into the heap One of your colleagues
has complained about you How can you be irresponsible
even in your mid 30s? If I get any more complaints against you You can leave now ‘Must be that she-demon Rani!’ ‘I know how to deal with her’ Vasanthi…? Don’t come to me asking ½
an hour, 1 hour permission Looks like I’ll get
suspended because of you The officer is a nice chap
So I had a narrow escape Or else he would’ve taken my insides out Okay, go After you signed and stepped out… …Rani sneaked in I knew right away… …she went in only
to get you into trouble Of course, she holds a degree in Honesty And a PhD in Sincerity! I must open an account
in Facebook just for her And post pictures of
her as Mrs Rip Van Winkle Don’t do all that Then she’ll retaliate Today will be awesome for
me Someone said so on TV What an awful day! I drowned in that disastrous interview And at work now I’m swimming in problems Mithila’s school closes ahead of time
She wanted me to pick her up today I promised her I would How can I go now? From the office peon to
the Indian President… …everyone is a problem for me! Madam, he’s been waiting to
see you since this morning Poor soul…old man Please attend to him It is a good day for you Problem has taken a new shape Look into his case and send him What can I do for you, sir? For my daughter’s wedding… …in the marriage scheme
called Moovalur Ramamridham amma- What? For my daughter’s wedding… …under the marriage aid scheme …I had applied for a loan It’s been a month And I haven’t got the amount as yet It’s still on the Tahsildar’s table I haven’t got it as yet You said exactly this last week too! I’m not saying any differently now You’ll get it in another 2 days Come on Wednesday Glad to hear this I’ll take leave What did you say your name was? Jayachandran Not the honest king
Harichandra I presume? Aren’t you new here? For 14 years I’ve been vegetating here This enquiry is related
to the department Sir, I’m calling from the Revenue Dept Regarding Vasanthi’s case, I’ve
collected all the official details I’ll get the personal
details in another 2 hours Why did you ask me to come here? I’ll explain later Otherwise you’ll be thrilled too soon Come Take a look at this, mom From now on kohl to
your eyes alone won’t do You need glasses too Shut up Let’s go sit in the last table Who’s that uncle bun? He’s calling me aunty! My classmate All those who are in the 35+
age group is aunty to us, mom Do you address 35+ men as uncle? If any man is 35+ we
won’t even greet him! I was kidding What’s this brochure about? Hearing about our Ireland trip
Shanthi ma’am got it for me The place we’ll be living in
has 2 leading schools it seems These are tuck shops Like our school canteen Students run it once a month The profits are given
back to the students So I won’t be needing any pocket money Whatever you spend on
me I’ll save up and repay You know what Even at High school level
they are offering 3 streams And most important- I don’t know if we will be
going together to Ireland! It will be feasible only if
I get another job opportunity I don’t know when that will be Because I was 1 year older
they rejected me today Mithi…Mithi…? Please pack this for me I forgot to wish you at work Oh! Today is her birthday Those born on the 16th
will be lazy bums, sir – Really?
– Yes, sir Today is my birthday too I wish today wasn’t even my birthday Today is the worst day of my life! In today’s interview you said… …you didn’t answer
some question properly Yes…so what? Rani claims it’s a lie You got rejected because you are old She’s busy spreading this rumor She’ll slip in her bathroom And may both her front teeth break It seems her cousin is
in the interview board I believe he said you’re above 40 So you can never go to Ireland! She’s telling this to the whole world She’s the one who is 40 40 plus, she’s 47! Visiting beauty parlors often
she looks 10 years younger Even though not visible openly
you have plenty of silver hair How did your hair grey
at so young an age? That’s what I don’t know either Food, tension etc are
some of the reasons If you color your hair plus facial… …10 years will disappear “Come, my precious princess” “With vigor as a youngster
let’s rise to the occasion, dear” “Kick up your heels, no fear” “Go get them, tiger” Kumar, give me change for Rs 500 Buying ½ kilo carrot and ½ kilo tomato? I grow them on my terrace Give me coins You can grow tomato and
eggplant in your terrace Beans and carrots can be got
only in Ooty and Kodaikanal Price of silver has declined And gold has gone to your head Money can disappear
Jewelry can be stolen But for you, sis,
many years are missing! Looking so young “People will put you on a pedestal
Weigh you as 24 carat gold, girl” “Lock, stock and barrel
They will lock you up, girl” “You be your own protector” Why are you late? Got delayed at work What happened to your Ireland trip? It’s being processed Risky only if Scotland had separated But now there’s no problem What happened? These mosquitoes are a pest If it is so crammed up, naturally
mosquitoes will bite you alive Why is everything so dried up? Aren’t you watering the plants? No time, sir Mithila will water if
she’s in a good mood But she has also stopped If you make time, you
won’t have to buy vegetables It has to be attended to I know someone in the
agricultural office Shall I send him? (popular TV show) Okay, we can chat later ‘She’s my daughter’ ‘I swear Trust me’ ‘To our neighbor Kavitha, I was
-‘ He found out the kid is his? Did Lakshmi tell him? He overheard Lakshmi talking to Padmini Then? But he pretends he doesn’t know Can you reduce the volume? Why should the whole
world hear this melodrama? Can’t even study in this house She tossed her bag when
she got back from school She kicked her shoes to this side I asked her ‘what happened’?
She said ‘mind your business’! If you don’t pull her up, people
will only blame you for spoiling her What’s this? Let me talk to her I’ve completed 36 But it isn’t my fault There is something
called ‘wheel of time’ But I’m not the one turning it! Just because you sulk,
my age won’t reduce I was 23 when you were born I am curious You and your dad are gungho
about Ireland only now If you had discovered
Ireland last year… …these problems wouldn’t have risen You won’t understand Stop lamenting, ma Why are you screaming now? Then…? Only if you have a dream
will you know the pain… …of someone else’s
dream being shattered At 13 what can you dream about? In our days, few kids
will act beyond their age But now internet is
grooming smart Alecs! Look at my college autograph book Do you know who wrote this? Susan David, my best friend She’s still on top of the rung I’ve collected more medals and
certificates than you ever did Want to see them? You’ve shown them at least 500 times Just dust them out in October as
thanksgiving to Goddess Saraswathi I forfeited my dreams For you to realize your dreams! Oh! What a tremendous sacrifice! You stand apart from all mothers Those who want to achieve
will do so come what may You were laid back then And now blaming it on me coolly I’m not blaming you To follow all your dreams… …I’ve given you enough freedom But my mom didn’t raise me that way! Girls were brought up protectively
with lots of do’s and don’ts It was a different time altogether If I had argued to my mom like you… …a whole broomstick
would have landed on me! Mom, please If I talk to you, I’ll become old I must finish this project now Ignore her She must have yelled in a fit of anger Then…? She’s your daughter Your genes, right? She behaves more
like my mother-in-law! This is really yummy Why don’t you also taste it? What’s this new habit? I had the yummiest cake ever What you are eating is
from our terrace garden! 20000 bucks for this salad? You haven’t commented
about my hair, dear What happened to your hair? Didn’t you notice? – Looks good
– Simply don’t flatter! Really, it is good – Violet?
– No…red gold You are looking good now In case you don’t like it I
got a remover from the parlor Thanks, I’m happy now Parent’s day celebration
at Mithila’s school tomorrow I’ll go there and make heads turn Give them a royal sprain! Hope you aren’t mad with me for not
getting selected in the interview Oprah Winfrey who earns
340 million today… …failed her first 5 interviews too Good gracious! 340 million? Who is that? A lady from Kattankulathur! I’m so glad, she’s from down south I don’t think I can go to Ireland Why…what happened? This morning I met with a minor accident A school kid fell on my car Hope the kid is safe No worries I rushed him to the hospital at once Then what? Worried if they will file a case Then it may affect our visa process Waited all these years for the visa And just when I’m about to get it- Do you mean an arrest warrant? Nothing like that, I hope No…it is covered by insurance Shouldn’t be any problem Just tensed about the visa If my dad had a driver’s license… …I can claim he was driving I struggled all these years
for us to have a better future Luck seems to play hide and seek with us What if I say I was driving? No way Let my license be of use at least now It hasn’t been of any use whatsoever I just want you to be happy Take care of your visa
without any hassles Let me make a call Hello Murthy…Tamil Let us proceed as planned Vasanthi doesn’t have a problem But make sure she doesn’t
have any other problems Okay Why are you here? Nothing…who was on the phone? My colleague Called to wish me for my birthday! Happ- Come, let’s eat ‘All India Radio, Chennai’ ‘You just listened to our
Prime Minister’s address…’ ‘…on a campaign to Clean
India, creating an awareness’ ‘…among the people
for the Chennai Marathon’ ‘This will be followed
by the regional news’ Sir, I got a call from
T.Nagar traffic police station They’ve given me a number
asking you to contact them ‘Good afternoon All India Radio’ ‘Yes, sir?’ Hello, this is Tamil selvan here Someone from the station
asked me to call this number Yes, sir Okay Clear the traffic jam at once from
South Usman road up to Boag road President is arriving at Raj
Bhavan at 4 p.m sharp, over Finished writing? Just need your signature Mr Stephen? He is over there – Sir?
– What? I am Tamil selvan, sir Go fast Why keep staring at his mouth? Is anyone frying fritters there? I’m Tamil selvan That accident case? Who is that? My wife Who is this? That’s me, sir Do you recognize yourself? This photo was taken
when you were a teenager! 2 years since it expired! Where was he when the accident happened? I was in the car, sir Who cooks at home? Me, sir Housewife? work in the revenue department So you work, drive and also cook? Then what does he do? Sir, I work for All India Radio I’m inspector Ramamurthy’s- Friend? That reporter is known to everybody here Madam, this is recorded
as a case, RTI crime According to our law, the offender
can be put behind bars for 3 years Press, media, court
will hound you from now On your part, you can
announce this as news Traffic is blocked on
Venkat Narayana road 2 cars have been parked
in the ‘No Parking’ area Recovery van has been sent Attend to that first, Stephen I didn’t know about the expiry! What do you know? I referred your name But he didn’t respond That isn’t the problem now, Murthy My wife’s license expired 2 years ago Yes, I realize It is a problem I think it’s better to have
a lawyer move it in court! Birth date? Who knows? Madam’s horoscope has one date Another date in her school records A different date in
her school certificate She herself doesn’t
know when she was born! Now she has colored her
hair to join 12th grade! Until this case gets over… …I can’t even travel
as a tourist anywhere I’ve given up my Ireland idea Trying to take revenge on me because
I’m going to Ireland without you? Oh no! Don’t tell me you didn’t know? I swear I didn’t know After I got my license,
I haven’t even touched it Didn’t you verify it when
you gave the license to me? I swear I didn’t know
a license can expire! Repeating the phrase ‘I
don’t know’ so often… …you’re the only person in this
world I know who leads a cushy life I shouldn’t go abroad I should just eat whatever you serve And keep staring at your face And stagnate Are you happy now? All these years, have
I ever said ‘no’ to you? Or refused to do anything for you? When you told me about the Ireland trip… …I said it won’t be nice to
leave your aged parents here alone Didn’t I suggest you should go alone? How can you say this? Don’t I want us to lead a happy life? Of course…! You should buy a more
expensive sari than Rani After office hours, you must
eat ‘pav bhaji’ with Girija When you ramble all this to me… …I must listen with a fake smile! I have a long list of grievances You don’t like me, right? Because of you, I don’t like myself Leading a good life means
something else to me! Gobble breakfast at
7:00 a.m in a hurry-burry Cook lunch in the morning
and stuff it into a box At night eat 4 ‘rotis’ and
end of routine for the day Looking forward to 1 Sunday… …should I die a lifetime? I want a nice house in a good area I’d like our child to grow
up in a good atmosphere We should have good neighbors All other wives tell
their spouses how to dress If the announcement
or voice modulation… …isn’t up to the mark,
they give tips to improve They discuss about their future together I don’t have any of that No politics, sports or literature I must get back home on time If I get delayed… …I get 4 messages and 7 phone calls And for what joy? To talk of onion price that has shot up Or slump in the price of tomato Or to pay the school fees And this sums up my life! You are telling me all this
after 14 years of being married Did I do all this for my happiness? I feel it is my duty to take
good care of my parents-in-law What I cooked yesterday… …what I’ll cook tomorrow
or today is a big deal for me! For families on a shoestring budget… …price of vegetables
will matter big time If I add 1 extra chilli… or 1 extra spoon of salt… …your plate flies like a frisbee, no? You want me to appoint a cook now? No need…let us order from a hotel Hereafter you need not cook Are you being reasonable? I have desires and dreams too Dreams? And what is your dream? Not the dream people get if
they close their eyes and sleep It’s the vision of the future
you feel when you shut your eyes If you want such dreams… …you must have minimum qualifications Such feelings can’t happen to this face For God’s sake, pick it up Hello…? Yes What? When? Okay Someone spoke from the
Commissioner’s office They want me to come
at 10:00 a.m tomorrow You go by yourself I can’t come I have some other work Why are you late? What happened? Everything is solved No problem! My wife has gone to bed
with a splitting headache She has made ‘rotis’ for you both Earlier you eat easier to digest Okay If they question me… …I won’t even know what to say I’m so scared already Come with me, please Haven’t you eaten as yet? What are you doing here? Any problem, son? I must go to the Commissioner’s office
tomorrow regarding the accident case But I’m very scared to go by myself Why should you go alone? Where is sir going? Is she a kid for me to hold her hand? She can handle it Dad, you go to bed She isn’t attending a wedding She’s going to the police station You committed the crime I’ll go with you, dear As if I don’t know! Dad, please go How can you talk without any conscience? Her parents aren’t alive That’s the problem Not having parents is her problem My problem is I have parents! Dad, this is my personal life Don’t interfere Please go I have an appointment
with the commissioner You are…? Wait over there What’s your program day after tomorrow? It’s a working day, sir I’ll attend office Other than that…? Nothing else, sir You don’t have to attend
office on that day! We’ll ensure you are not marked absent Is Mithila your daughter? Yes, sir 2 days ago in a school function… …Mithila asked a question to
one of the VIP chief guests Instead of answering her question… …he asked Mithila who
taught her this question She replied ‘my mom’! Wanting to honor you… …he has invited you as his special guest Day after tomorrow at 8:00 a.m… …President is meeting you at
the Taj hotel for breakfast! (sigh of relief) You’ll be invited formally Official vehicles will come to
your house tomorrow at 4:00 p.m For security reasons you may have
to stay at the Taj tomorrow night You can ask a family member
to be with you if you like But the President will meet only you Sir, regarding an accident case
Inspector at T.Nagar police station… …has asked me to come
at 5:00 p.m tomorrow We know about that case In another few hours that case
will be settled down completely We’ll handle it If there’s anything else,
you should let us know Did you hear what he said properly? He isn’t the local president, right? Will the commissioner call her
to meet the village president? Dumbwit of the first order! So you didn’t teach her
what she asked the President? I didn’t even know he
was visiting her school! Or you might have taught
Mithila some riddle And she would’ve asked
the same riddle to him He must have been stumped Who…the President of India? You are- Anyway this matter
will leak out very soon This street will be
swarming with the Press Can I also be with you
during the interview? For what? I’ve been watching TV
for the past 40 years When will I come on TV? Commissioner has told me
not to give any interviews Even if I did, I don’t
know what Mithila asked him Correct Mithila will be back
from school anytime now This is Rashtrapati Bhavan,
President’s residence Wow…! His own house or is it rented? It is given by the Govt How’s that possible? A nominal sum has to be paid as rent
even if it’s Govt’s quarters, right? I feel like drinking tea made by you Please oblige Go When I was at school,
during our school tour… …I’ve seen Rashtrapati
Bhavan from a distance But they refused to let us in President himself is
now coming to see you By the way, who’s going with you? I’m not going He just has to eat breakfast by himself! If you don’t go, he’ll send
the Black cat security here Should I send you also
inside to make tea? Adding fuel to the fire! Among the total Indian population,
only 10 will get this opportunity Please don’t miss this, dear But that question? That- What question did you ask the
President of India, my dear? Tell me, Mithi President wants to see me in person Hey Mithi! First pack up your anger And tell me what you asked him Okay, let’s both not talk to each other But just tell me what you asked him Otherwise I’ll tell the President
I never asked such a question And Mithila was the one who asked Then what will you do? I never lied I can prove it is my mom’s question Okay, truce I’ll talk to the President and make
arrangements for you go to Ireland! Tell me what you asked him You’re 13 years old Don’t know how to plait your hair Or how to iron your uniform Next time when you come to me,
I’ll iron your face, just watch! Why you were born to me is my question? Didn’t you ask the President
the question I told you? School rejected it Where did I keep that? Can’t remember! Take a look at this Remember the saree worn by Vani
in that ‘Vani Rani’ Tamil serial! How are you? – Teacher, how are you?
– I’m on top of the world Saw you on TV Very happy! My throat went hoarse, telling
everyone you’re my student! Are you also tired now? No one will believe
me if I say I met you Shall we take a snap together? Can you please click a snap of us? My
daughter-in-law! Aren’t you Vasanthi ma’am? Yes Can we also take a photo with you? Okay Deepa, come Go stand there My
daughter-in-law! What was your question? Show me the picture That’s suspense for security reasons Who is that? Past 1 hour she has emptied
the shelf of all the sarees And is busy taking photos! Tulasi’ma, call the shop boy Sir, I know her Our President has
invited her to meet him It came in the papers and on TV – Is that right?
– Yes, sir This is way above my league Anyway it’s just a photo No problem Hey Vasanthi! Girija, where are you? I am on the way to the canteen! You got a day off and
you’re living it up Where’s Mrs Pickle face? Who…Rani? She went to the canteen Go there right now Why? Go fast and talk about me meeting
the President within her earshot Vasanthi, what’s the sari color? Idiot! Talk about the President Did the President himself talk to you? Oh my god! He’s invited you for
lunch with your family? You’re one hell of a lucky woman She’ll die a million deaths Excellent! Keep raving Lucky devil! You are meeting the President,
seeing the Governor on the same day I think you’ll be promoted as
Junior superintendent this year! Please keep me in mind too If you do such a good job… …looks like I’ll myself
die a million deaths! By now she must have become
tear jerker ‘Love story’ part 2! How I wish I could see her now What…cops are all around your house? You’re too too good I’ll gift you at least a
pair of ear studs, Girija Governor’s meeting is only on Friday Because after meeting the President
on Thursday, a dinner will be hosted There’s a half page write
up in the Tamil paper Didn’t you read it? I’m simple as always! Even now I’m travelling only by bus – Ma’am, you can sit
– That’s okay No, please sit down Girija, I haven’t met
the President as yet And I’m the center of attention After my meeting, papers and
TV will give me full coverage Only Black cats security
for me after that Sir, it’s getting late Please check Everyone is waiting outside for you Come fast I’m begging you one last time I’m very tensed Tell me at least now Only in my womb, you were my daughter After that you’ve grown
as a son to your dad Continue to be like this forever Good morning, sister Call me after you reach – See you
– Take care What kind of hotel is this! Normally they keep
only milk in the fridge But feels like we are in a fridge too I’m shivering from head to toe It seems tender mango
pickle and homemade toffee… …are the President’s favorites
I read it in the newspaper Tell him I made it specially for him Block that area completely We don’t know the President’s mindset Be crisp and short in what you speak This is…? Homemade candy My mother-in-law
made for the President Homemade toffee No…no It’s okay ‘Namasthe’ ‘All India Radio, Chennai
News read by Tamil selvan’ ‘Mrs Vasanthi Tamil selvan who met the
President at the Taj hotel yesterday…’ ‘…fainted due to high blood pressure’ his must be 1st time after your wedding… …you are bowing your head Keep quiet! Covering up like this
will only shield your face But your news is all over the place Don’t snatch my dignity away How else can I have a dig at you?! You have to get down
only in the next stop I want to go to the Collector’s office It’s right here Will take you 2 minutes by walk I’ve hurt my foot Please drop me there Okay, get in But tell me this, if you faint
only your head will be hurt! How did you hurt your foot?
00:04:30:0 00:04:31:10 (snigger) Here What are you doing here? Is everyone there
waiting to make fun of me? I won’t say ‘no’ Oh God! I feel so ashamed Tell me what happened Don’t ask me the torture
I had to go through As if they were arresting a murderer… …they took me the previous day itself There isn’t any limit to
my mother-in-law’s antics Will anyone insist on packing
‘kamarkat’ for the President? They checked me like I was a terrorist And the toffee as if it was a bomb! Then 4 demons landed ‘Sit, stand, don’t turn, don’t breathe’ They tortured me with
such clipped commands Pindrop silence Suddenly a man announced
the President’s arrival …in a thundering voice And pushed me to and
fro like a road roller Alibaba’s door opens Some more demons joined
the burly men around me My eyes closed slightly But poor President! Don’t know what happened to him But when I saw him last,
he seemed hazy to me I open my eyes I’m in hospital Anyone will faint if
this is what happened In Indian history this is the first time So Mithila told me Let’s go I’m feeling self conscious No one pays you to be
self-conscious or shy Keep feeling shy and work Look! Even you’re making fun Okay, I’ll handle them Are you on Facebook? No, I am not Then your life isn’t in any danger Sign and come in Then 174/18 Where is that? This land document is under
a different survey number Check this record properly We have received a circular
from our higher office All offices should make
provisions from now on… …for a First aid box
and emergency kit it seems Why? Orders from the President! It has been uploaded even on Youtube It seems those who are weak should
wear a helmet without feeling shy He is our President Elderly gentleman Falling at his feet to take
his blessings isn’t wrong But not getting up is wrong! (jeering laughter) Prime minister Vajpayee fell at the feet of
Mrs Chinnapillai 00:07:55:2 00:07:56:15 Why? Watch it on Youtube Share it in Facebook 50% of you just sit and doze
after lunch in a half-coma stage Why do we need a First aid kit? I’ll call 108 for the ambulance! Mithi, if you don’t tell me
what’s wrong how can I help you? What happened? Not saying a word she
has been crying nonstop Why, my dear? Only if we know we can help This is how in that serial- Will you keep quiet? Forever harping on TV serials and soaps Let me ask Seshma No need to ask anyone I won’t go to school That’s all Shouldn’t talk to your mom like this When my friends see me,
they pretend to faint I feel terrible Okay, don’t cry I’ll come and complain to your Principal Please don’t bother ‘Vasanthi’s dizzy spell’ is
the most visited page in Fb Whom will you complain to about it? Record number of ‘likes’ Log in and see for yourself Everyone wants to know… …if I’m going to
Ireland by train or bus! Everyone is so proud of their mom You are the only one humiliating me If she is so sensitive
about a Facebook page… …how will she face
real problems in life? Looks like Facebook will decide
how people must lead their lives My darling mom! What is it? I’m taking you out for dinner Get dressed – What is this flavor?
– Death by chocolate Death? Violence has crept even into ice creams! When I was in school… …we had only popsicles
and vanilla ice pops And eat secretly without
telling our parents If they knew, our backs
got bruised black and blue I can’t finish this Will you share some? Oh no! I don’t want Eat what you can, the rest
I’ll lick to the last spoonful I’ll go and take a look
at the fish tank over there Watch your step Were you also teased in
your office because of me? We are going to Ireland ‘We’ means? Mithila and I She has to write a test She’ll clear it with ease Since her school
records are impressive… …she won’t have
hassles about admission I have found a 2 bedroom
apartment close to school Computer programmers
aren’t in demand over there I might have to struggle
a bit in the beginning But doesn’t matter Besides, we can’t leave
my parents alone here Let’s wait for a while If I get a better placement
or if you can get a job… …I’ll take you with me When will that be? One year? 2 years? Till I don’t know when… …I should simply go
to work and come back And then? Your parents are healthy enough My world revolves around
you and my daughter I’m not standing in the
way of anyone’s dream Without Mithi in my life… …I can’t even imagine being here She’s too young to understand As her mom, she needs me I need her too You isn’t as dependent
as you think she is She’ll manage everything She spoke to me in a mature manner Anyway she’ll be staying with me Such a golden opportunity shouldn’t be- For a 13 year old,
more than opportunity… …there are many more
necessities as priority She may not understand what I need
to tell or do for her as a mother But don’t you understand either? You may be a good father But you can never step
into a mother’s shoes Vasanthi, move with the times
Not stick to old sentiments Be practical ‘Family’ means parents
and child being together When did that become old sentiment? If life is only about
International school and syllabus… …my daughter doesn’t need that My daughter should be with me I knew you will stick to your
viewpoint and not budge an inch She is dying to study there As her dad I should
make her dream come true If I leave her behind now… …what if something happens to her? I will ensure nothing untoward happens I’m not sure of that Trapped within 4 walls, I don’t
want her becoming another ‘Vasanthi’ hat’s why I’m taking her with me Not stagnate watching the same old faces r be a slave to tradition Let her have exposure See and live in a different world Let go of her Study well Do your work yourself
instead of troubling dad It will be an unfamiliar place New schoolmates, neighbors
you’ll meet and befriend Irrespective of what anyone tells you… …always check with your dad first Confide in your dad
however trivial it may be Listen only to him No one else on earth will
want the best for you… …other than your parents No one else Don’t worry, mom I’ve downloaded Viber, Vonage 10 different apps on your phone I’ll call you everyday
after I get home from school It will be 10:30 p.m here You’ll be in bed I’ll talk to you till you fall asleep Whatever it is I’ll ask only you Wherever I may live
I’m your daughter, mom That can never change I’ll call as soon as we land Come Don’t worry about us We will manage But don’t leave Vasanthi
alone here for too long Shall I tell you that question now, ma? No, it’s okay She has special class today Please pick her up on
your way back from work I must go to Ireland I don’t know how But I have to go for my daughter’s sake I’ve lived for my husband
and daughter for 14 long years By telling everyone my husband
and daughter are abroad… …I can’t stay here by myself
even for a single day, Girija Parents generally ask
‘where did you go?’ Friends usually say ‘long time no see’ But you ask the wife ‘He got up only at 10:00 a.m,
and didn’t even have breakfast’ ‘He said he’ll be back home
for lunch after 2:00 p.m’ She’ll narrate by the hour! Every wife is a witness to her husband I also wanted to be that kind of a wife And bear testimony to my husband’s life Even if he didn’t like it! Mithila feels ashamed to call me her mom He’s embarrassed to
introduce me as his wife! I don’t know what I
have done with my life But I’ve always been true to everyone My daughter shouldn’t be like me She shouldn’t become another ‘Vasanthi’ He said this and took her away I should’ve fallen dead
when he said those words Vasanthi…? Then what was Vasanthi to him? What is she in that house today? I feel ashamed, Girija I lost myself only because I
thought my family was there for me But now I have no one I must find myself! Everyone told me Even Mithila told me To check out Facebook I want to see it now Why do you want to rake that now? Just leave it How can it get any worse? Show me the comments ‘Vasanthi, are you a
servant or a Govt servant?’ ‘How terrible’ ‘This is the real ritual
of falling at one’s feet’ ‘Welcome, Tamilian lady’ ‘Vasanthi, the President is on TV’ ‘Switch it off’ ’10 million people in Tamil Nadu
drink and are steady on their feet’ ‘But why did you faint, Vasanthi?’ Is this Vasanthi Chellamuthu
of 1998 Economics batch?’ ‘I don’t think so’ ‘It can’t be our Vasanthi’ Collector wants to see you He came only 10 minutes ago There’s a lady officer inside his cabin We’ve never seen her in
the department before! Maybe it’s an enquiry Or will they ask her to
demonstrate how she fainted? Collector is in there So pipe down Susan…?! She’s my college mate Luckily, she’s my friend too Dress code in our
college was a big issue 20 of us were suspended
for 15 days during exams One who fought with the Principal
and made us go back to our class… …was this Vasanthi! Only after this episode,
I became her friend In fact, she was my inspiration I must catch up with
14 years of our lives I have lots to ask
and even more to share Who is that? What are you doing here? Leave this place at once Should we leave at once? Outsiders are not allowed inside Leave the premises now Or
I’ll complain to the Principal Okay, go and complain Susan, why get into trouble? He might actually complain ‘We’ll fight…we’ll protest’ ‘Dress code is our wish’ We’ll fight…we’ll protest Dress code is our wish Dress code is our right In our college none of us
dress in a vulgar manner Nor do we pass hurtful comments We take everything sportively If their sister or mother’s sari
slips or slides unexpectedly… …or if their dress is transparent
how will they react, sir? They should be the ones to learn
to behave without differentiating Dress won’t make someone
a celebrity or a nonentity We cannot accept this dress code, sir Where is that Vasanthi? I don’t know I must search for her I thought this is
life and bent backwards Now I’m completely broken, Susan Is this Vasanthi talking? I can’t think of any student
who didn’t glorify you then I didn’t possess half your caliber But I watched you and wanted
to study and behave like you! I took you as my inspiration And I’m the Chief Marketing Officer
in a multinational corporation now What happened to you? I can’t- Don’t tell me clichés like ‘I
lived for my family and kids’ Even a mother who feeds her kids
selflessly and goes to bed hungry… …is sent to an Old age
home by the very same kids It’s a selfish society we live in There are 5 do’s a girl can do And 50 don’ts she should not do We can do the 5 which everyone likes But can’t do the 50 we dream about! That’s how simple a life of a woman is Since we are the
answers for everything… …they thrive being the questions If we become the question… …nobody will have an answer! It’s okay if you are
the Vasanthi no one knows But how did you turn into a Vasanthi
who’s being mocked by everyone? Instead of just living… …isn’t it more important
to live with self-respect? Don’t spend your lifetime being… …this Vasanthi who daily
signs the attendance register It’s natural for women
to live for others But also set aside
some time just for you You need an identity of your own! If you lose yourself… …your dreams will also
be lost right before you You aren’t like that Your dream is your signature! You can do it You definitely can In the way these girls dress
and their carefree smiles… …a ‘Vasanthi’ is hidden I need to see that Vasanthi From now on I want to
see only that Vasanthi Good morning, madam Madam, I read it Super! You truly rock Fantastic, madam What’s up? Everybody is praising you sky high! With good reason I’ll tell you Madam, my son showed it to me I felt so proud What is it? I’ll show you in Facebook Dear Facebook friends
A big and warm hello I’m Vasanthi 36 years old This is my true identity Dear boys and girls in Facebook
who hide their true identity… …using Suriya and Nayantara’s
photos as their profile pics I’m the one who fainted when
I met the Indian President I disgraced all of you and our
nation to bow your heads in shame Due to other priorities
in my personal life… …and because daily like all of you
I couldn’t afford to be in Facebook …let me 1st apologize for
this delay in E-meeting you Even though comments and cartoons
about me were remarkably funny… …if I share with you the actual event …it will help your creative
juices to flow even better! Please focus your attention 100% I was waiting in the hall Surrounding me were 7 Black Cats 4 White Cats Only one was a female Messages kept beeping
through wireless nonstop That the President was on his way Not a whisper Trust me! I was the only one breathing Tup! Door opens And in walks the President of India The most important second
in the history of the world The President stood right in
front of me, clasped both his hands And said, ‘Namaste’ Giving up all your spare
time as offering to Facebook Exhibiting without inhibitions …your love and personal space …to Tom, Dick and Jane
in the most willing manner Friends who render such social service This dizzy spell isn’t new to me 1st time I had this dizzy
spell when I met a man I became his wife The 2nd time I fainted I became a mother By fainting in front of the President
I became a ‘sister’ to every one of you ‘Fainting’ has always
placed me on a pedestal There’s a lot of time left My dear kith and kin Wait and see Hats off, no one will
open their mouths again There is 1 more mouth to zip! Good Lord! Please come I’m just looking for the
kind of design you’ll like want to meet Tulasi’ma She fell sick yesterday The boy in our shop
took her to the doctor Do you want her address? Yes Please wait for 5 minutes I’ll get it for you My inbox is overflowing Do you know how many of
my friends praised you? From where did you pick up this courage? One day I just thought
I’m Mithila’s mother That’s all You should have seen dad’s reaction, ma He saw the video 2-3 times He inserted his ID card in the ATM He took the milk packet into the loo! His system is corrupt Needs to be reset – Where is dad?
– Not yet back from work Do you water our plants daily, ma? This will be cleared
within the next 2 days I’ve asked for help to dismantle Why, mom? Flowering season is over To plant fresh vegetables
I must start all over again Who is here to help me do all this? Food is my main problem here The food we eat once a year in India… …we eat 365 days here
and that’s terrible, ma Just make some yummy food and
send it to me through whatsApp Very soon I’ll be in Ireland Don’t worry Show me your cheek Love you, muah I came to see you Welcome me with open arms I heard you aren’t well Old age is catching up on me Really…you came only to see me? Of course This is for you Why did you go to all this trouble? All grown on my terrace Sit down I’ll get you coffee No, not now I have 4 sons None of them visit me
to find out how I am Believe it or not Just this morning I was
thinking, if I had a daughter… …would she have
neglected me like this? And you are here now Then what…am I not your daughter? I’m of no use to anyone And just to see me you came all this way Come inside If you need to go to the hospital… …let me know, I’ll take you That isn’t a problem I’m quite mobile What we need is the confidence
someone is there for us There should be That’s enough assurance
to live a 100 years Who has that kind of time nowadays? In spite of your busy schedule… …you took the trouble
of visiting me at home I won’t forget this till my dying day I’ll take leave This is extremely clean This is eggplant from the market If you find an insect inside
then it is devoid of chemicals! If the vegetable was
sprayed with insecticide… …how will the insect thrive inside? Take a look Nowadays like cheap dyes in textiles… …they also inject dyes into fruits Look at this duplicate How mouth watering it is
with its ripe red color Are people eating this crap? Do they have a choice? Even the winner of ‘Masterchef’… …can’t get the right flavor using this This generation is oblivious
to a tasty gourmet meal This is the bitter truth If you give me vegetables
that are so fresh and organic… …our wedding feast will
be the talk of the town I take full responsibility for it Why did you bring me here? Don’t say a word Just nod your head I’ll handle it It is only for your benefit Come with me I have made a list of vegetables Sir…? Come in Good afternoon Oh! I know you She was the one who visited my shop This is chef Selur Pichai Good afternoon Please take a seat The vegetables you gave
Tulasi’ma were delicious She gave us some Without fertilizers clean and also tasty I want you to supply the same quality I’ll buy it for whatever price you quote No rush, you can deliver in September You have 5 months to grow fresh supplies Then no problem, sir Whoever cooks with your vegetables… …will definitely dish out a tasty meal This is a list for 2000 guests How many? 2000 If we need more? My 2000 can easily accommodate 200 more This is for my daughter’s
wedding reception All credit goes to Tulasi’ma Is that so? Let’s go Tulasi’ma told me about your 5 acre farm Don’t supply to anyone else I’ll buy the whole lot from you But don’t use pesticides I’m not prepared to poison my guests! Tick whatever items you
can supply from this list Rest I’ll outsource If you tell me within a
week, that’s okay by me Thank you – I’ll take leave
– Please do I’ll deal with you outside He has given a list like Hanuman’s tail! With this header ‘Lord Muruga’s support’ Onion 40 Kg Tomato 35 Kg Carrot 25 Kg Potato 20 Kg Green peas 5 Kg This is a list for a whole market Are you mad or what? I thought he needed
vegetables for his house I had no clue it was
a wedding order, dear You said I own a farm of 5 acres I thought it would add to your image Tell him my huge farm split
into 2 in an earthquake I’ll lose my job, dear Give a convincing reason Why ask me? You must only pay for your mistakes You said you are like my own daughter Okay, I have an idea He asked me to tick what I can supply And he’ll outsource the rest, right? I’ll tick the header with God’s support Ask him to buy the rest outside What’s the matter, sis? This is my problem What is this? Onion, tomato…! You call this an order? Bro, don’t forget my commission Go and fetch the party Come inside, sis We must deliver separately to the hotel Bro, this is the lady who ordered Mani, help with the delivery Okay, bro Madam, don’t lose the list Send it a week before the function I’ll bill you according
to that day’s rate If it’s bought a week before… …won’t the vegetables rot? Will be fresh even for 10 days 1 day for plucking 1 day for packing 2 days in the lorry 2 days with me 3 days in the retail outlet 4 days in your fridge It will altogether add up to 15 days Growing vegetables in our back yard… …is a thing of the past We spray all this pesticide… …to only increase shelf life Onion over there is from Pakistan If vegetables shouldn’t ripe …and if fruits should be ripe …we have to resort to some gimmicks But they want organic vegetables No problem at all At that point of time,
dip them in mud like this They’ll be as good as new For flies to squat on it… …all you got to do is spray this It will become organic Don’t you have real, organic vegetables? Such vegetables don’t
exist in our country Promptly in the seed
stage must mix chemicals And spray fertilizers
4-5 times till they grow What happens to the consumer
who eats all this poison? Poison won’t scare him away Only price will make him run a mile! It isn’t as if tomatoes
are for the rich… …and eggplants for the poor It is one and the same for all You need any of the items here… …let me know, I’ll have them delivered Spray carbide all over It has to ripen at the same time Did you hear me? Okay, bro Is Mithila there? Ask her to call me when she gets back Talk to Vasanthi, she is here Go ahead, dear I’m at work I’ll call after 5 minutes Okay I’m expecting a call from my husband I’ll call you later Sir, I’m Vasanthi speaking Tell me I’ll take up your order I’ll pay you an advance
whenever you want Where is this place, Vasanthi? Netherland Many countries have succeeded
in this greenhouse concept Is this feasible in our city? Most farmers are having a tough time And that too how will you succeed here? Terrace is ideal for boozing And playing cards will
be a roaring success How’s this possible? What is the budget for this greenhouse? Up to Rs 20,000 If we grow vegetables in 10 terraces… …we’ll get enough produce
for 2000 people to eat Enough to supply a wedding at one go This is the estimate Plus we will be eating organic food Mutton is even more healthy Goat is organic! Only if you read the newspaper daily… …will you realize the
truth behind that lady’s words Baseless arguments and pointless digs… …are reasons why India is vegetating! Shall we do this? Definitely we will, Vasanthi I need some time to mobilize funds Even if we have to pledge our jewelry… …it’s okay, we’ll do it See you, Vasanthi You want to grow vegetables on a terrace And supply for a wedding Do you have any brains? You’ll never change It’s my bloody fate No, all of us intend to join- Don’t do anything We’ve got very little respect left Please don’t tarnish even that From fainting to wedding… …will you keep humiliating me? Whatever you do won’t take off You have a Govt job till you retire Attend to it, enough What did my son say? Don’t trouble yourself Go to work Take adequate rest I want to take a loan in my name Sugar level is okay Liver function okay Your cholesterol is high You must run Out of this city? What happened to your terrace antics? As usual, problem for men
is their male chauvinism! All the ladies are fine with my idea But they don’t have the money If I can take a loan- If we can walk 4 kms a day? If cholesterol is reduced? In 2 weeks, I’ll sign
guarantee for your loan Sounds good to hear If it’s a loan on your insurance… …only if you’re above 40 …you need to show a
medical fitness report Then what’s the hitch? Whole world knows of
your fainting spell! So you are implying the
media will support me I don’t regret being an only child I’m born with pain Suffering is not new to me Childbirth is the pinnacle of pain If there is any pain worse than that… …it is when her husband humiliates her I have gone through that too Suffering is not new to me I will walk Even if I can’t… …I’ll surely run Vasanthi…? I’ve been a teacher for 40 years But about organic food… …or a hygienic life style …not even once have
I taught any student Thinking that reviewing is knowledge… …my entire generation
has crumbled to fall But as a form of atonement
I intend going door to door I’ll explain your concept
to everyone in this area Don’t worry your pretty little head Go ahead boldly We are all here for you “With wings flapping fit
freedom on my wish list” “I fly into horizons expanding” “Into yonder blue skies ascending” “To sounds of the universe
new music to traverse” “I walk on shores extending
to meet my goal pending” “A wish list of my very own” “A dream where men don’t wear the crown” “A journey seeking new responsibility” “My sandals will be my
new wings of identity” “I walk baby steps enlightening” “I revel in a fresh re-awakening” “With grit I venture
into this green adventure” “With great gusto my dream I follow” “I run with faith and hope
Hurdles I intend to cope” “In a square world I thought we lived” “4 walls they were I realized later” “I am setting foot on a journey
to the rim of the earth bravely” “I detached myself from ‘me’
I drifted about aimlessly” “I seize the day ‘carpe diem’ My
‘live life to the fullest’ anthem” “Darkness in my mind eclipsing
light as a trailblazer I’m clasping” “To the sun’s rays of radiance I
want to add my little luminance” “I gain ground with steps bold
to empower women in our world” “Entering exciting territory
to gather many a trophy” “With wings flapping fit
Liberty on my wish list” “With sunshine and success mine
I sprint to the finishing line” “In our world with sounds varied
echoing with applause rallied” “I race towards victory” “To etch my foot prints in history” Top Indian architects, ministers… …many celebrities are gathered here A request Don’t forget to wash your hands These vegetables are from our market Endosulfan, Ecolex, chlordane, fungicide Some other chemicals might have
also rubbed off on to your hands Liver, kidney dysfunction… …depression and cancer ‘Food is medicine, medicine is food’ …is what our forefathers have said They have set a timetable
in diet and lifestyle… …which is our treasured legacy Without being selfish… …they planted palm
trees in their backyards They thought of the needs
of the future generation All this has become folklore now Carrot with Vitamin
A is good for the eyes Tomato with Vitamin C gives immunity String beans is a source of B complex Eggplant provides calcium Besides this, Endosulphan and Furidon …and many other toxic stuff
abound in these vegetables The skin of the apple
used to be nutritious Now it only contains wax Even if poisoned
vegetables are expensive… …poison is sold cheapest in India Our grandmothers had a dozen children The kids were raised
not only by the mother Anyway that’s quite impossible Nature lent a hand too Now with 1 or 2 kids… …we rush to pediatricians so often The previous generation
suffered only from old age Now even the unborn
baby has a heart problem At a tender age of 5 kids wear glasses 10 year olds are diagnosed
with diabetes, asthma or cancer Many more diseases Rather than being healthy… …we give importance to beauty Children should study
in a reputable school A cushy job in a corporate firm We think of buying a house Or saving our funds Why don’t we think of being healthy? We destroy fields And build concrete jungles Time should not reaffirm
‘men are living graveyards’ This is the right moment We should spring into action We should trust our motherland In future, when we build houses… …reserve at least 1 cent space
to grow trees and a vegetable garden On terraces as greenhouse Just like water
harvesting was feasible… …greenhouse is possible
on each and every terrace Friends, my fainting spell
was the talk of the town In another week’s time… …we’ll be supplying organic vegetables
for a wedding with a 2000 guest list …grown on neighboring
terraces only by ladies We should carry out 2 good deeds at once Each individual in
his or her lifetime… …should plant a seed
for at least 1 tree For our children to
lead a healthy life… …in every garden or terrace
we should grow vegetables We should go back to respecting
the soil as our mother And merge with nature
like our forefathers did I thank all of you from
the bottom of my heart I came here today like
just another meeting In fact to prevent food
from being adulterated… …Govt is taking many steps But beyond that, your ‘need of the hour’
talk should reach the public for sure I’ll inform all the members
of the Legislative assembly This should change into a movement Volunteers like you should take the lead Definitely I’m glad I’ll take leave Meeting was a huge success Minister himself- Go inside, my dear You’ve changed a lot?! Past 2 days, you didn’t even
show your face on Skype to us! Where is Mithila? She has her exams now Our neighbors are Tamilians Their daughter and
Mithila are classmates Nothing to worry Are you happy now? We leave on the 2nd You’ve got just enough time to pack How can I suddenly…office? Take 1 year off We’ll think about it later Not just that I have some commitments here Did you see our terrace? Yes, I did I saw the neighbors’ terraces also I’ve also spoken to dad He’ll take care of it Loan isn’t a big deal Food and climate are
major problems in Ireland Mithila is having a tough time I don’t know how to take care of her I feel bad about all this Thought of employing a housekeeper But that would cost easily 50 to 60,000 And that too part time What? For being so frank If you had found a good housekeeper… …would you have applied for my visa? Oh! Madam has learnt to retort! If wives keep cooking thrice a day… …husbands will get bored So wives now are forced
to think differently! Before taking this decision… …you could have discussed it with me Okay, what are you saying now? I’ve joined hands with many people… …boosting everyone’s confidence
I’ve taken up a big project If I leave half way it
won’t be right for sure I need some time Mithila, your mom isn’t keen on coming I don’t know Ask her yourself You’ve got lot of commitments here You find it tough to come over now Tell her yourself Mithila…? First stop crying Okay, I’ll be with you I know, I’ll come I’ll come Is this your 5 acre farm? Your speech has been
published in The Hindu Through the Food Safety department… …our Govt is raiding
the district markets This self help group with
only women really rocks! Congratulations Only 6 more days for the wedding This is like a wedding
in your own family Distribute these invitations please All of you should definitely attend We will, sir Everyone will come for sure But I doubt if I can make it! I’m going to Ireland
with my husband on 2nd But vegetables will be delivered
to the wedding hall on the 5th I’ll arrange everything before I go Oh…! Is that so? I’d have been glad if you had attended It’s okay Have a safe trip I’ll take leave Why all of a sudden, Vasanthi? I must go for Mithila’s sake! I’ve applied for a year’s leave Only after I go there I
can decide anything else Girija will really miss you You’re both like twins I bought you a gift But I forgot to bring it! I have a gift for madam Book…right? Must be a Tamil book But you won’t understand a word Am I right? No, you’re wrong Don’t be alarmed The question Mithila asked the President Mithila’s friend Vani is my neighbor She told me Vasanthi…Vasanthi What are you doing here
without packing your bags? Don’t worry All the vegetables
in Ireland are organic You know what Mithila
asked the President? She did tell me One day when we fought… …you said a girl’s dream
will expire after marriage! It seems her question was… …triggered by our fight Hats off to that question! Indira Gandhi was the only lady among
the 14 Prime ministers to hold office Among our 15 Presidents
Pratiba Patil was the only lady Why? In this nation are there no
intelligent, capable women? Or has someone hacked their dreams? Who decides the expiry
date of a woman’s dream? Today in many states
women are the leaders Many of them who fight
for a cause are women None of them have lost their dreams Nor melted in their own tears! I’m not coming to Ireland My daughter asked me such a question I’ll make her understand! Call her now 1st time I’m acting against your wishes I’m your wife Respect that bond and understand me ‘Not only in Tamil Nadu
but all over India…’ ‘…she popularized
this Greenhouse scheme’ ‘Though an ordinary clerk
taking a loan in her name…’ ‘…she created awareness
in the entire neighborhood’ ‘Legislative council
appreciates Mrs Vasanthi’ ‘Today is my mom’s birthday’ ‘2 years ago, on this day I
looked at this same page…’ ‘…I’ve cried nonstop reading
the sarcastic digs at my mom’ ‘Today in the same page…’ ‘…I’m being respected as her daughter’ ‘For every house serving
poison-free food…’ ‘…my mother is the main reason’ ‘People praise me too!’ ‘If someone asks me what I
want to become in future…’ ‘…my answer will only be’ ‘…like Vasanthi!’ ‘Thank you Vasanthi
for being my mother!’ ‘It is a year since I’ve
been away from my mom’ ‘When I cried, my mom said…’ ‘…the present generation of girls
should cry only for a valid reason’ ‘Let wimpy women who cried
at the drop of a hat…’ ‘…be wiped out completely
with our generation’ ‘You should stand as example for all
the tears shed by women world over’ ‘Sure, mom’ ‘I am suddenly struck
by an unexplainable fear’ ‘Today is an important
day in my mom’s life’ ‘Namaste’ ‘Today my mom is here’ ‘Not for the question I asked’ ‘But as an answer for that question!’ 2 years ago, I wanted
to meet an ordinary woman …who asked me an extraordinary question I was disappointed Today, I’m meeting the
same woman to discuss… …how to implement her
vision on a national level? You fainted But you woke up Young man, you should be
very proud of your wife! You introduced ‘me’ to myself
and made me understand… …Delhi and Chennai
are only 3 hours apart Susan, thanks, I owe this journey to you I’m going to Ireland for a month Then my husband, Mithila and
I are planning a trip to Europe Must see the world, right? I’ll also be in Europe at that time We should meet up too Definitely Before I forget, happy birthday Today is a day I can never
forget in my whole life! I have found my husband and
daughter with respect intact, Susan This is Vasanthi How old are you? It doesn’t matter ‘Your dream is your signature!’ “In your mid 30s or 40s if you are
is your life a watch under repair?” “Only if respected, should you be happy?
If self respect intact, you’ll be royalty” “Chitragupta, the record keeper,
Brahma’s son is my neighbor” “I looked up Brahma’s register
your name wasn’t listed there” “Time is available Your
worries please bundle” “Loads plenty and profuse
Put donkeys to good use” “Happy…happy Always be happy” “Happy…happy In all ways be happy” “Every moment in time daily
a hen lays an egg diligently” “A pan underneath is waiting
for the egg that’s worrying” “To live life (truth)fully
today has dawned specially” “Try smiling daily Ear to ear happy” “Happy…happy In all ways be happy” “Happy…happy Always be happy” “Life isn’t a kitten furry
to run away in a flurry” “Dogs neither are we
to chase it mindlessly” “Life isn’t a straight or bent road
to gauge how much farther to go” “If you cross only half a well
dive in, you might as well” “Happy…happy We might as well be” “Happy…happy In all ways be happy” “In your mid 30s or 40s if you are
is your life a watch under repair?” “Only if respected, should you be happy?
If self respect intact, you’ll be royalty” “Happy…happy Always carefree” “Happy…happy Forever
on a joyous spree”