4 HERBS for stress & anxiety. Natural stress relief tips

Stress kills and sometimes we don’t even know
we’re stressed. In this video i’m going to tell you the
tale tale signs you’re stressed and 4 herbs to help you fight stress So if you’re ready, Let’s go First of all, not all stress is bad, there is
good stress also known Eustress. Eustress is usually a product of nerves, which can
be brought on when faced with a new or exciting challenge. eustress can result in feelings
of inspiration, motivation, resilience, or physically via certain types of bodybuilding. And there bad stress…this is where the problem
lies Stress affects us all at some level, and this is due to the amount of
brain activity, overwork, and group living conditions of modern life almost three quarters of adults have at some point over the past year felt so stressed they felt overwhelmed
or unable to cope. Stress can affect how you behave such as being unable to concentrate, biting your nails, short tempered or it can affect you physically,
tense, loss of libido, tired, headaches, or chronic pain. Everything I’ve listed so far can be key symptoms of stress, But what causes stress Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body can reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional or social responses. These changes are referred to as stressors and they disturb the body’s homeostasis .You guys with me so far, if you’re with me so far, drop a comment or drop a like, this is really important information But is this always bad, I want you to imagine this, and im going to get in close so you can really hear me. Imagine you’re walking in
the forest, up in the distance you spot the most juicy ripe mango, you walk to towards that mango You pluck it, you feel the skin, it’s soft and you can smell the sweet smell of the mango just radiating up your nose, you go into bite the mango, as you bite it, all the juices start seeping into your mouth, you taste it and it’s one of the most amazing mangos you’ve ever tried and then as you open your eyes, you see a big lion in the corner,
at this point, stress is good, it will illicit your flight or flight
response, allowing you to get away., this flight or flight is good because it allows you to get away, it speeds up your heart rate, it allows more blood to flow and your muscles but the problem is, then, these stresses would be rare but now this same response is
happening at an unusual scale, leading to stress that is either prolonged, severe or
frequent stress and therein lies the problem. So let’s get into it, the 4 herbs for fighting
stress. The first herb is ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo biloba has been shown to help fight the most common type of stress, this is called
acute stress. Acute stress is experienced as an immediate perceived threat, either physical,
emotional or psychological, for example getting pulled by the police, taking a test or exam,
or just getting into an argument. During an acute stress response, the autonomic nervous
system is activated and the body experiences increased levels of cortisol, adrenaline and
other hormones that produce an increased heart rate, quickened breathing rate, and higher
blood pressure. Allowing you to be more alert and more sharp. This tends to happen a little too often and repeated acute stress or several acute stress responses in a row
can lead to the symptoms of chronic stress. and chronic stress is what a lot of people go through and we don’t realise that we’re under chronic stress we’re chronically stress and we’re chronically inflammed Ginkgo is an herb with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
properties Said to boost circulation and influence neurotransmitter activity in the brain. one
clinical trial found that ginkgo may benefit people with generalized anxiety disorder (a
condition characterized by persistent, excessive worrying about everyday matters) during this study, 82 people with generalised anxiety disorder and 25 people with anxiety) were given either
ginkgo or a placebo for four weeks. By the study’s end, participants treated with ginkgo
showed a significantly greater improvement in anxiety symptoms so this is very promising. A second study and this one conducted in mice showed that Mice who received ginkgo before an unavoidable
stressful situation were less emotionally affected by the stress Those who have my herb book will know that
there is a lot of benefits with ginko for the brain, there is also some evidence it
may help patients with dementia To be honest, there is a tone of other benefits
of ginkgo, so let me know if the comments if you want the benefits of ginkgo video make sure you comment in the description, if i get a couple comments, consider the video done, ginkgo is very beneficial, it’s one of the earliest herbs i bought second herb is Ginseng Panax
ginseng is an effective adaptogen, adaptogens are able to help calm stressful conditions and restore
normal functions in humans. But Ginseng shows superior regulation of stress in comparison
with that shown by other adaptogens Panax ginseng has been used in traditional
medicine in China for millennia for its ability to increase resistance to stress and strengthen
mental capacity, but also for its beneficial effects as an anti inflammatory, antioxidant,
antidiabetic, and potential anticancer remedy. Ginseng effectively regulates the immune response
and the hormonal changes due to stress, thus maintaining homeostasis. This herb is powerful,
I have a whole video on panax ginseng if you click the I. somewhere around there The third herb is Chamomile
Studies have shown chamomile to be effective in aiding with relaxation, but also helping
with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. You may have heard how chamomile can help with
sleep, but it’s also beneficial for your stress levels. We all should be aware of the negative
spiral, lack of sleep leads to stress, which leads to more insomnia or anxiety, which leads
to more stress and more insomnia. So this herb can help break that spiral and put you in an upward spiral. And Since
this is an easy herb to get, you can get a packet from your local shops, keep it at work and one or twice a day, you might want to have a tea before something important, you have a meeting to give, you want to relax yourself, go to the kitchen and make yourself a tea with some chamomile and do some deep breathing exercises to calm your nerves or you can even try some power poses, im not sure if you guys know about power poses that might be something worth looking into, it will help calm you The last herb is Ashwangda
Ashwagandha is well understood for its effect on stress, even those with chronic stress.
In a 60-day study in 64 people with chronic stress, those in the group that supplemented
with ashwagandha reported a 69% reduction in anxiety and insomnia in another 6-week study, 88% of people who
took ashwagandha reported a reduction in anxiety, compared with 50% of those who took a placebo Along with its other benefits, this is a powerful
stress fighting herb, I have a whole video on ashwagandha if you wish to learn more.
I use it’s root in my smoothies. but guys, as an added bonus and for this added bonus i need everybody to drop a like or drop a comment the added bonus is an Honourable mention is turmeric.
Curcumin is the most active compound in turmeric root. curcumin has been found to reverse harmful
brain changes induced by chronic stress. So adding some turmeric to your chamomile or
ginkgo tea maybe more impactful for you. there are a lot of other benefits of turmeric from regulating appetite to it’s anti inflammatory benefits, it’s antioxidant benefits but if you can add that to your tea, in the workplace or at home, before something important you will feel the benefits I tend to use turmeric in some of my teas when i have something important going on, like a heavy lift in the gym Others things to help you fight stress is
a well balanced diet, including high omega 3 fats, getting good sleep, 7-8 hours, exercising,
gym is one of the best remedies whether it’s cardio or weight training, learn some relaxation
techniques, such as breathing exercises, breath exercises are very good to relax you, calm the body, calm the mind, meditate, bring your thoughts just to your breathing But more importantly, and i dont want to miss this out, if you’re feeling extremely stressed, speak to someone, Speak to someone, speak to someone in your social circle or a therapist, invest the money and speak to a therapist . there is power
in letting some of these stressors out and speaking about them with somebody As always, health is wealth,
Before you go, check out this video right here and right here and if you want to learn
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