5 Ways Men Treat Women They Love

Hi, I’m Mat Boggs, and today I’m going
to share with you five ways that men treat women they love. Now, you may’ve been in
a relationship where the person has told you that they loved you, but you really didn’t
feel it. You know, they said they loved you, but their actions weren’t in alignment with
that. They say they loved you, but they were constantly criticizing you or demeaning you.
They said they loved you, but they wouldn’t show up to important events that really matter
to you, they were there when it really mattered. And so it can become really confusing when
you’re in a relationship with someone and their words and actions aren’t in alignment.
When it comes to a relationship, actions are the evidence of love. Actions are the evidence
that someone loves you and that you love someone else. So here are five actions or five ways
of being. Here are five ways that men treat the women they love.
Number one: they’re soft on you when you make a mistake and they’re quick to forgive.
If you’re on your way out of the house, you forget your purse back at the house, you
need to flip around and go back and get it, they don’t criticize you and beat you up
over it. They’re quick to forgive and soft on you when you make mistakes.
Number two: he sees you as beautiful and worthy and he reminds you of that often, both in
his words and his actions. Number three: he makes you a priority in his
life. He spends important moments with you, he spends prime time hours with you, weekend
hours, and during important events in his life, he wants you by his side. Now that’s
not saying he doesn’t have guy time and get his bromance on because every man needs
that, but you know that you’re a priority in his life by the time he wants to spend
with you. Number four: he honors and respects your feelings.
And number five: he treats you like a best friend, which means that he cheers you on,
he’s got your back, he encourages you to go after your dreams, and if you fail, he’s
right there by your side, cheering you on, encouraging you to get up and keep moving
forward. So those are the five ways that men treat
women they love, but here’s the deal: if you want more of that in your life, the question
is how well do you practice that in your life? Because there’s this great quote that says,
“In life, we don’t get what we want. In life, we get what we are.” So if you want
to attract a man who’s loving more on you in the relationship, the question is how can
you dial up the love for yourself? So my challenge for you is this: how can you dial up these
five qualities in your own life and how you’re loving on yourself? How can you dial up being
a soft place to fall when you make a mistake and forgiving yourself quickly? How can you
dial up seeing yourself as beautiful and worthy? How can you dial up making yourself a priority
instead of giving to everyone else and putting them first all of the time? How can dial up
really honoring your feelings and respecting your process and what you’re going through?
And lastly, how can you dial up treating yourself like a best friend and being supportive of
yourself and cheering yourself on and going after your dreams?
See, most of us would never let anyone talk to our best friends the way that we talk to
ourselves. So how can you be nicer to yourself in the privacy of your own mind? And here’s
what’s cool: as you dial up the practice of self-love in your life, you put yourself
more on that channel of love, and when you’re on that channel, in that state of love, more
love flows into your life. So to help you in dialing up the amount of self-love that
you have, because we all know that we need self-love in order to attract a great relationship,
but how do we actually grow and deepen the level of love that we have for ourselves?
To help you do that, I’ve actually created a great resource for you. It’s a self-love
exercise. There’s a link in this video. It will take you to that great free resource.
You can go ahead and get that, practice that. It will dial up the amount of self-love that
you experience in your life. And I would love to hear from you. Post a comment below. Of
these five ways that men treat women they love, which one of those could you dial up
for yourself that if you practice more, it would make a difference for you in your life?
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