5 Ways to Maximize the Effects of Your Herbal Tablets

hey I’m Vrinda. I’m the director of
research and product development at Banyan botanicals and today I’m going to talk
to you about how to take your tablets they’re fantastic but if they sit on
your shelf they really don’t do much of anything herbs are a lot like food their potency
is delivered through the digestive process just like the nutrients from
your food but before we go any further we want to emphasize one thing the most
important thing is to actually take your herbs so when life happens and you
forget to take your herbs it’s okay just pause and take your herbs it’s like if
you skipped a meal as soon as you realize you’re hungry you’re going to
eat same thing with herbs and when it comes
to herbs the results can be really immediate and quite dramatic or subtle
and build over time it totally depends on your body your imbalance and how your
body interacts with herbs okay I’m going to tell you a few tips on how
to maximize the effectiveness of taking your tablets but remember it’s really
quite simple just take your herbs here are five tips to create an herbal
routine that really sticks tip number one set your intention before
taking your tablets ask yourself what change are you looking
for what’s your goal be specific for instance with triphala tablets you may
have the intention of wanting to have a bowel movement every morning tip number two
establish a reference point before you start taking your tablets you may want
to check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling ask yourself how does
this relate to the intention that you set to continue with the triphala example
you may ask yourself how are my bowel movements before I started my tablet
routine this will help you track your progress as you embark on your tablet
journey if you have a hard time setting a reference point don’t worry and take
the pressure off and just move forward tip number three make a plan decide how
many tablets you’ll take and when you’ll take them if a practitioner has recommended
this herbal tablet for you follow their instructions if not follow the
instructions on the bottle start with the lowest dose and if your body is
particularly sensitive you may want to start at an even lower dose and then
increase as needed tip number 4 design an accountability system
follow-through with your plans with a system that works for you you may want
to get an accountability partner set up reminders in your phone or calendars or
use our daily check-in sheet which will put a link to in the description
remember the most important thing is to take your herbs so don’t put your herbs
in the back of your cupboard where you’re not going to see them the kitchen
or bathroom are great spots feeling overwhelmed don’t stress
just take your herbs tip number five track your progress
try keeping a journal using an app or a rating scale that can help you keep tabs
on your progress towards your intention this is the best way to determine if
your herbal routine is really working for you so that’s it guys we truly hope
that your experience with your herbal tablet is a beneficial one and remember
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