7 Foods to detoxify the body

7 Foods to detoxify the body. There are times throughout the year when we
go hand in hand with food, which is why detoxifying the body periodically is vital. Seven essential nutrients help our body to
purify itself, and if we add a few key measures to compensate for excesses in the diet, we
will be able to regain control. Kaoutar Andaloussi, the chef of the Pombo
18 restaurant in Madrid Spain, reveals the properties and reasons why some foods are
beneficial to free our body of fats and impurities. 1. Raspberry: It is the red fruit with more fiber and minerals. Due to its richness in vitamins, minerals
and antioxidants, its high proportion of water, its low calories and its richness in potassium
and fiber, this fruit is very advisable in depurative diets. The raspberries favor the detoxification of
the liver and have a high draining and anti-inflammatory power. It is better to take them whole than juice
since in this way they retain their high fiber content better. In addition, their seeds have
depurative oils. 2. Lemon: Among the benefits of lemons is its great
ability to help the body maintain a healthy PH, achieving an effective elimination of
bacteria and toxins, “says the expert. Two simple ways to include it in the diet
is to add it to salads or squeezed in a cup of hot water and take it when getting up. 3. Fennel: According to Andaloussi this plant favors
digestion and has a great effect against abdominal cramps. In addition, it is very rich in components
with diuretic properties, favoring the elimination of liquids. «The heart of the fennel can be consumed
in salads or added to stews or vegetable dishes. It is also rich in essential oils that reduce
abdominal swelling and fight the pains that accompany it, “says the chef. 4. White tea: If you want to ‘clean’ your body, white tea
is essential. It is the least processed form of tea and,
therefore, contains more nutrients than other varieties, which makes it healthier. Due to its high level of polyphenols and catechins,
it helps fight free radicals and decrease the cholesterol levels in the blood. 5. Arugula The head chef explains that the arugula contains
a considerable amount of fiber, which improves intestinal transit. On the other hand, its characteristic flavor
also favors digestion, since the bitter substances of this vegetable stimulate the digestive
secretions. It also helps to detoxify the liver and enhance
the activity of the pancreas, because it promotes the lowering of sugar peaks in the body. It is also rich in retinol (vitamin A), which
has a high firming power. 6. Artichoke: If excesses have been committed, the artichoke
helps cleanse the liver thanks to active ingredients such as fatty acids, vitamins, and enzymes. “This vegetable is easy to prepare, for example,
sautéed with ham tacos or with clams,” suggests Kaoutar Andaloussi. 7. Pineapple: In addition to its high diuretic capacity,
the pineapple is the eternal enemy of cellulite. If you want to combat the orange peel and
improve lymphatic circulation, this fruit is infallible due to its high content of copper
and manganese, key minerals in the purifying process. To know more about 7 Foods to detoxify the
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