7 Surprising HERBS FOR ACNE AND PIMPLES that Work! (2019)

acne involves the overproduction of
sebum from the sebaceous glands which results in the blockage of the pores
with a sticky mass of the dead cells and oil this creates a breeding ground for
the opportunistic overgrowth and bacteria normally present in the skin
over-the-counter and prescription treatments may help though some can
cause serious side effects if you prefer to try something more natural you may
decide to turn to herbal remedies herbal remedies tend to have fewer side effects
than modern treatments some herbs have antibacterial anti-inflammatory and
empty septic properties these properties may help reduce acne causing bacteria
and inflammation and heal blemishes welcome to the health room here are
seven surprising effective herbal remedies for acne and pimples number one
olive leaf extract this herbal remedy is taken from the leaves of olive trees
this extract has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties when taken
orally it can help detoxify the body and regulate hormone balance therefore olive
leaf extract can normalize the production of androgen and other
hormones in the body it can also kill the microorganisms which promote the
formation of acne since this herbal remedy is a detoxifier users may
experience the symptoms of detoxification such as a headache nausea
and muscle aches number 2 Cantor put the ketchup put is similar to tea tree it’s
distilled from the bark of the Whitewood tree it’s really good for astringent
properties and clearing inflammation plus it’s also antiseptic so it helps to
eliminate the bacteria that are causing breakouts and like basil this herb is a
great ingredient to look for if you have whiteheads number 3 licorice root
licorice is an ancient herbal remedy which was commonly used by the ancient
Greeks Egyptians and Chinese to promote vitality and improve general health
this herb has anti-inflammatory properties useful for relieving the
swelling caused by acne cysts and nodules it provides a soothing effect
when applied topically and it can also relieve the red scaly appearance of the
skin caused by irritants during acne breakouts licorice root should be
avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers number 4 basil the green herb is
a far better astringent than alcohol those harsh acne treatments full of
benzoyl peroxide basil helps to pull things from the skin and acts as an
antiseptic it’ll help with any inflammation that’s commonly associated
with acneic skin and helps to regulate oil production which is a culprit behind
some breakouts for a DIY cleansing mask you can simply mash up a few stems and
smear them on your face number five chamomile chamomile is a surprisingly
effective treatment for acne although we think of chamomile is a soothing remedy
for anxiety it also has soothing effects on acne and
irritated skin chamomile decreases swelling redness and inflammation and
helps to speed the healing of acne breakouts and prevent scarring use
chamomile tea as a topical toner and drink a cup of chamomile tea daily to
help reduce acne flare-ups from the inside out number six
burdock burdock is the name given to the herbal extract taken from the roots of
burdock the plant extract has long been used for treating skin diseases in
traditional medicine burdock has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
properties therefore it can help kill off Propionibacterium acnes and other
bacteria contributing to the development of acne furthermore it’s
anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the swelling associated with acne
nodules and cysts as well as reduce the acne scars formed from such inflamed
lesions number seven willow bark willow bark is a powerful herbal remedy for
more than just acne however it is favored among acne sufferers because of
its high solace and compound which is used in many prescription treatments for
acne this acid reduces acne flare-ups and willow bark also contains compounds
that soothe inflammation and redness applying willow bark extract to the face
once a day will help control and prevent acne flare-ups if you want to cure your
acne for good herbal treatments should be mixed with dietary changes and empty
stress activities to reduce all causes of acne don’t overload your skin with
too many herbal remedies at once try one or two herbal treatments at a time for
at least a month before moving on to other remedies in some cases doing less
with your skin rather than more will actually be more beneficial than trying
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