9 Most Unsafe Beauty Innovations From The Past

You must have heard the saying, the beauty
and youth of a woman are two of the most powerful things in the world. Hence, it does not sound surprising that billions
of dollars are invested in the beauty industry. But as our ancestors have quoted, every good
thing must come at a price. In fact, you won’t believe the lengths women
go to, just for the sake of their looks. If you could travel back in time, you will
notice that our history is full of queer beauty inventions. However, most of these were dangerous. Be it a hair grooming kit or an article of
clothing, these innovations created quite an impact. But due to the risks involved in their usage,
these objects were somehow phased out. Feeling curious? Want to know more about these inventions? Check out our list of the craziest and riskiest
beauty innovations from the past. Number 9. The Hair Waver
Women have always adored a wavy hairstyle. But using this gadget was not easy. Moreover, it looked like a chandelier made
of a car’s spark plugs. The usage procedure was also clumsy. First, a strong chemical solution was applied
to a woman’s hair. Then the woman’s tresses were wound on hot
curlers at all angles. Needless to say, this process was incredibly
damaging to the hair. It could even damage the hair follicles under
the scalp. That would mean a woman using the hair waver
could get a permanent bald patch. Luckily, none of the women at that time understood
its long-term effects. Otherwise, the manufacturers would have gone
out of business very soon. Number 8. Hangover Heaven
This apparatus has both, a funny name and an equally hilarious usage. It was used to rejuvenate models’ faces
during a fashion show. It was a sort of a mask, which had lots of
plastic cubes filled with ice water. What? Yes, you heard it right! It was used so as not to spoil the models’
makeup. This device gained popularity, and common
people started to use the mask in their daily lives. It was a means of refreshing their faces after
late evening and night parties. But how did this device get its name? That’s because ice cubes were excellent
at removing puffiness under the eyes and the face after a night of heavy booze and guzzling
alcohol. That is the sole reason it was christened
“Hangover Heaven”! However, it had one drawback, the longer you
used it, the more chances you had of getting a frostbite or pneumonia. Number 7. The Beauty Micrometer
This unique gadget was made to aid makeup artists for judging the contouring on the
face. It helped to check all the asymmetries, defects
and unevenness in a model’s face. This helped the makeup professionals understand
the flaws of the face and which cosmetics to implement for the rectification procedure. But this gadget looked so horrendous. This device had metal screws and strips, which
needed to be fixed on a woman’s head. There were 325 ways to adjust the helmet for
the best results. It looked like a torture device and that’s
what it turned out to be. Not only was wearing it quite an effort, it
would be painful if the head was clamped a bit tightly in the micrometer. As far as records say, only one micrometer
exists now. Looks like nobody wanted to buy this hideous
apparatus, after all. Number 6. The Glamour Bonnet
Well, the inventions on this list keep on getting more and more absurd. The glamour bonnet was a helmet with lowered
atmospheric pressure inside. It was presumed that it would enhance the
circulation of blood in the wearer. It was supposed that a lady would have a fresher
appearance and her skin would seem to be more taut and youthful. However, it had a serious flaw, both in conception
and design. The side effect of using this gadget was an
uneasy feeling that was extremely similar to flying on a higher altitude. Some frail beauties would faint straightaway. Others would simply puke. The glamour bonnet was not as glamorous as
it was perceived to be. Number 5. Warming Mask
After a circulation helmet came a circulation mask. As if one failure wasn’t enough, the inventors
in the beauty industry brought out another product. This mask was manufactured as an aid to improve
blood circulation by heat. It was supposed to remove all the wrinkles
on the face. Heat does increase the smoothness of the skin
temporarily. But thanks to the mask’s design, it just
wasn’t safe. The temperature regulation was not smart. As a result, enthusiastic and impatient females
would set it to maximum heat which would give scars and scalds. In the longer run, this mask was damaging
to the skin. Number 4. The Freckles Remover
Freckles are natural, and people should accept it as a part of the appearance. They do not make somebody look ugly. Thankfully these days, freckles have become
a fashion trend. But in the past, freckles were considered
as a bane. They were believed to be skin defects. Beautiful people insisted on keeping their
skin clear. For removing their freckles, people would
go to extreme lengths. They would seek torturous remedies. Here is where the freckles remover comes in. From the name it is apparently clear what
this gadget was used for. As a part of the procedure, a special chemical
fluid would be applied onto the woman’s face. The pre-mounted device would close the eyes,
nostrils, and mouth as not to give a chemical burn. Freckles were supposed to vanish within a
week’s time. The chemical used in the procedure was corrosive
and the whole contraption looked similar to the apparatus used in electroshock therapy
for mental patients. Number 3. Radioactive Cream
Would you be daring enough to use a cream containing radioactive components, just for
enhancing your beauty? No? Back in the 1920s, people did not think that
way. That was because most of them were not aware
of the harmful effects of radioactive chemicals. In those days, people used radium in a women’s
face cream. The manufacturers promised that this cream
would revitalize the face and that the radium would wipe off dirt off the face like never
before. Well, what the dorks did not know was that
a tiny bit of radium could clean off an entire civilization from the face of this earth. Number 2. The Nose Corrector
Before plastic surgery and rhinoplasty advanced, there existed a contraption called the nose
corrector. An advert for this device guaranteed that
it could change the physical appearance of noses without surgery. How was this correction achieved? Simply by pressing on the noses! Ouch, that sounds painful. It would alter a person’s nose by compressing
bigger noses. Then they would look more thin and straight. This effect was temporary and would result
in hindrances in healthy breathing. Number 1. The Dimple Machine
And at last, presenting before you, the biggest of the beauty gadget duds! The Dimple Machine! Back in the days, dimples used to be an asset
to make the men go week in the knees. Women, who didn’t inherit them genetically,
were lured by this device. Invented by Isabella Gilbert, it was just
a spring with two knobs that would press into a woman’s cheeks in just the right spots. The inventor assured them that after wearing
it for an innumerable number of days, the ladies would get natural looking dimples. However, it had to be worn regularly without
removing it during this duration. It wasn’t good if you wore it while having
food. It caused an overbite after usage for longer
durations. So, are there any other dangerous beauty inventions
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