A Comprehensive Discourse on the Seventh Ray

I’d like to do alchemy now for our Hearts Center. We’re working on various little pamphlets and things that we hope to publish soon, and I’d like to allow Saint Germain to overshine me to share on the violet light, the violet-laser light, radical forgiveness and Ho’oponopono and what this all means for us as initiates and for The Hearts Center movement in particular, our community and lightbearers throughout the world. The violet light, in all of its manifestations, has a number of specific qualities that we can utilize in our spiritual lives, which is really our practical daily life, all day long, because you don’t separate what’s spiritual from what’s not spiritual. Our entire life is a spiritually oriented life. One of the aspects of the seventh ray is the aspect of divine alchemy. As we know, alchemy is the science of divine love practically applied. And alchemy affords us an opportunity to engage in this amazing science of Spirit by which we precipitate what we envision; what we, in a godly way, desire; what we seek to manifest to glorify God and magnify the Lord in our lives— through our work, our service and as we are engaged in life’s daily affairs. Alchemy, as a divine science, is an amazing opportunity to actually co-create with God something beautiful, divine and harmonic, something that has value for others and ourselves, for life in general and specifically for our own families and communities, nations and peoples. Divine alchemy is something that lightbearers naturally desire to engage in because it brings us great joy. And that’s the next aspect of the violet light— the jovial and jubilant joy that the effervescent energy of the violet light affords us, whereby life is no longer suffering or rich in drudgery. It is full of opportunity to be ourselves, to experience God’s light and life within our hearts and to lovingly be expressive of our Buddha nature, of our eternal nature. When we have this jubilant and magnanimous joy pouring through our chakras, our hearts and our being, it actually coalesces as a violet energy, or frequency, that is beautiful, that raises people, that shines its light to craft something magical. And that’s the next aspect of the violet light, this violet magic. We have heard of white magic and the white magicians, who are the ones who engage in alchemy. Violet magic is the magic of all of the various rays culminated in the seventh ray, where, as magi ourselves, we work on behalf of the Lord. We work on behalf of divine spirits. We work for the unnamed or nameless One to bring the full spiritual weight and integrity of who we are into play so that this magic can be expressive of something that is rich in mercy and mirth. And that’s the next quality—mercy. When we are merciful and work either with Kuan Yin or the ladies of mercy or any ascended master in bringing mercy into the world, it assuages hurt, pain and suffering and it allows there to be reconciliation of past situations and karmas that have been kind of interesting and at times burdensome to our souls. We have this inner weight of karma that we are seeking to balance in order to ascend. And so mercy is this grace from heaven, as violet light— very subtle, yet powerful frequency and energy— which, when woven through our consciousness and any with whom we interact, resolves conflict. It brings total resolution to any situation, because when mercy is there we just can’t be full of angst or anger or those issues that bring imperil. It is such a fantastic energy that it instantaneously brings us to a peaceful state, a harmonious state of inner beingness and composure in our personality, in our emotions, in our minds. When we invoke mercy and the mirth of mercy and tap into the joy of mercy and the seventh ray, it just smooths things out. The rough places are made plain and conflicts don’t seem to keep arising again and again in our lives, because we have resolved who we are internally. Speaking of this mirthful mercy, the violet light is radical forgiveness, a gift from God. And by radical, the Master means that, as a grace, the violet light transmutes karma very, very quickly. And when we invoke it through prayer and meditation, through singing and even dance, there is an action of such great mercy and grace that the forgiveness brings all to understanding. When we forgive others, we actually unburden ourselves first. When we forgive ourselves, we unburden both ourselves and others, because we’re all connected; we’re all one. So when we engage in radical forgiveness through the invocation of the violet-transmuting and singing fire and flame and ray, this action is really magnanimous, alchemical and miraculous. The seventh ray, thus, is also a ray of miracles. If we desire to invoke miracles and have miracles of healing and of grace come to us and our loved ones, as this next aspect of the violet light, the miracle of our own Magic Presence can sustain an amazing, virtuous manifestation of light in our midst. This allows the angels of the sacred fire to step in and proffer their heavenly graces and light to bring healing, resolution and the power of God’s Presence into play right in our world. Magic and miracles and mysteries always manifest through the seventh ray because as Merlin and other masters come forth in their guises and in their transcendent states of being, they offer something new, something divine, something holy in that experience of the eternal Now— in the magic moment of the eternal Now— for us to bathe in and feel God’s Presence right in our midst. The violet ray is also a specific frequency, or many frequencies, of the freedom flame. And all of these frequencies of the freedom flame grace the planet with what is essential for the Age of Aquarius to emerge. We all seek to have the Age of Aquarius, the seventh age, manifest upon Earth. This can only come when every soul is free to be who she is— free to be in the light, unencumbered by past momentums, burdens, situations and the karmas of different cultures and peoples— and when we simply get it and decide that it is more important to live harmoniously as one people upon Earth, under God, with liberty and justice as a part of this freedom flame manifesting everywhere. Everyone has certain inalienable rights, and among these is the freedom inherent in our ability to live, move and have our being as sentient beings and to grow, to learn, to evolve and to gather more light and understanding unto our minds and hearts. The freedom flame is borne by the Master Saint Germain and many ascended masters in a very tangible manifestation with a power and oomph that moves us beyond complacency and stasis into a new divine realm of holy beingness. And Holy Amethyst comes with Zadkiel to bring holiness into the equation. We don’t often talk about why her name is Holy Amethyst. Yet when you meditate upon it, you can understand that the seventh ray is also a holy ray, because when we are invocative of these graces of heaven through the seventh ray, we ourselves then become whole again. And in our wholeness, we are also holy. The holiest of saints who have walked the Earth have been those who themselves were wholly in God, and they were therefore whole. And then through that merging of their being with the Divine, they became holy. So this is what we seek. We seek oneness with God through the seventh ray in order to ascend in consciousness daily. And then when we have concluded our mission and our work of fulfilling our vision upon Earth, we can indeed ascend back to the heart of God, be eternally free in the light, be one with all that is and know all of the truths and the wisdom teachings of the divine spirits and of our elder brothers and sisters of light in heaven. And then from a higher plane of being, we can continue to perform alchemy, just at a more magnanimous, virtuous and powerful level. Whatever quality of the violet light— the violet-transmuting, singing and consuming fire, flame and ray—that you desire to work on and utilize, I know that the masters will be with you when you invoke their presence, their spirits, their joys and their particular qualities in order to accentuate what they have done before us and so that you can then bring it to a new level. One of the more ancient aspects of an accelerated way in which we can invoke the violet light is through Ho’oponopono, which is also a type of radical forgiveness. Here we say: “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” We say this to God, to God within ourselves, to God within all life and to God within anyone or for any situation that may arise where we have potential conflict. We don’t ascribe to another the problem that we humanly see. We go within to see where that mote is within us that we must cast out. When we work internally with our God and we go deep within to transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of what is abhorrent to our own spirit within and that we have accommodated or allowed to manifest, then through the magic of the violet light, there is the transference of this same action of resolution to another with whom we’ve had an issue. And there can be amazing results, as we have seen and as some of us have experienced through the practical application of Ho’oponopono. The ancients in Hawaii and other cultures in the Pacific knew this science thousands of years ago— maybe tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of years ago. They may have called it by other names. It is an amazing way in which we can invoke the Mother light, which assuages all past hurts, resolves conflict and brings us to both inner and outer peace. In our prayer services, when we engage in the invocation of the violet light and any of its qualities, there is an action of the stepping through the veil, from heaven to earth— as Above, so below—of this miracle light of the seventh ray to bring a new energy of Spirit into the Earth. And sometimes we have to act from a higher point of understanding, vision and truth to resolve situations that were created at a different level or at a different time than those problems that were created in the past, previously. In other words, we have to rise up in consciousness to resolve certain issues that are very diabolical or problematic in today’s world, and we require new spiritual technologies to do this. So the violet-laser light is one of these because it concentrates and focalizes the action of the seventh ray in very specific manifestations to instantaneously dissolve, consume and transmute the problem. If you have a core issue in your life, things that burden you or others that keep coming up again and again, try the violet-laser light. See it manifesting and pouring from your soul chakra, in conjunction with your heart chakra and your third-eye chakra, which are all in polarity (the second from the top, the second from the bottom and the heart). Work with all three simultaneously and see the violet-laser light going into any situation that requires resolution or transmutation. And see the miracle light, the magical light, the mystical light of the violet ray doing its perfect work to bring about a holy, beautiful and divine resolution. When you allow God to be in the center of this equation and the mathematics and sacred geometry of the Spirit to come forth through visualization, it will truly be miraculous. You will find that time and space collapse and that what is done— in the twinkling of an eye, through God’s grace— is truly miraculous. The Elohim of the seventh ray, Arcturus and Victoria, offer their assistance in helping us deal with planetary issues—issues that seem too great to even invoke ascended-master assistance for. When we invoke the Elohim, the creators of worlds, there is the moving of worlds, the moving of mountains of darkness, pride, arrogance and stubbornness. And when we require that cosmic oomph of the action of the violet light, this is the time to utilize the gifts and graces of the Elohim. So we do this at very important and seminal times in our spiritual work: when we see planetary karma descending and catastrophic situations on Earth, such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and the mass migrations of people, which are becoming problematic for various nations. When we see war or the rumors of war or the potential for war, this is the time to let loose with our calls to the Elohim—all the Elohim and specifically the Elohim of the seventh ray— to invoke that powerful action of the seventh ray, which has more blue energy within the violet to make it more purple-like or indigo. And then the power and the compelling light of the seventh ray goes forth to perform ascended-master, Elohimic alchemy. Lastly, all of the aspects of the violet light include divine love. When you look at the violet color, of course, it is blue and pink combined, and the pink, as divine love, is the key to alchemy. When we have love at the center of what we invoke through the violet light, it always prevails, it always wins, because love is what holds the universe together. Love is what compels life forward in its evolution at all levels of awareness and consciousness. Love is the key to our victory, to our ascension, to our oneness with God. So remember that every gift of the Holy Spirit has love at its core, in its center. And if you desire the Holy Spirit to also come through the violet light that you invoke, ramp up love in your hearts, gratitude, joy, a sense of inner peace, forgiveness and thanksgiving toward God and feel that welling up of love internally. And then morph it into the violet light and utilize it in an alchemical way that will bring about the most beautiful and harmonious gifts of Spirit in your world, in your life for the blessing of everyone and for the raising of all. So thank you, beloved Saint Germain, for this overview of the violet light, because it’s something that we use every day. We can visualize and accept it, yet as a living energy and as an actual being and beingness, it is alive with life and breath and God’s love to help us to move forward and to love all life free. So thank you.