a day in the life of a teenager living alone

Hello and good morning everybody welcome to another day in my life video! Right now, I’m on my way to my favorite place to run I’m dying Wow Wooh! Dang, that’s good. Really good. I ran like as hard as I could all the way to the end of the harbor and then I ran like normally halfway I stopped and I did legs and butt workouts and I ran back and there’s like a super steep hill and I ran up half of it and then I ran along some trail when I came back Finished running the hill and now I’m here. I’m really hot and sweaty and I need water Finding good music to work out to is super helpful at least for me You want to know what I listen to when I worked out. It’s just on my Spotify It’s called Swole 3.0 Because I made Swole playlist Swole 2.0 And now I have Swole 3 I don’t know why I decided to call it swole but I know, I’m pretty silly So now.. uh, we’re gonna go to Walgreens because I found this disposable camera. I don’t know what it’s from It might be from when I went to Isreal like two years ago So I want to get this developed and then I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out what happens next. I should probably some food Wow. Well, I ended up going to Trader Joe’s because I realized I haven’t a gone grocery shopping in a long time and I want to So I want to show you everything you got when I get home because I’m very excited about it now We’re going to Walgreens to drop this off. I need to go home and shower and do other things. So let’s go. Come on Feeling a bit tired and I’ve been craving a violet drink so I’m good. How are you? Can I get a Grande violet drink, please? I can’t wait to shower heck Yeah, baby, it’s not violet because I don’t know if the berries in it still good though Welcome to my kitchen all of my Trader Joe’s groceries I need to put away but I want to show you guys everything. I got because I’m very excited about it Not a fan of it to get up right now. So let’s make this snappy. You’ve got some Ezekiel bread This is good for you. It’s sprouted 100% whole grain bread. We got some brown rice organic rice cakes You can use this for like everything not that bad for you Pretty sure so yeah pepper jack cheese Which I love probably my favorite cheese favorite probably my favorite cheese Probably my favorite cheese and then also this is funny. I Don’t know um got some smoked turkey breast because I have been just loving wraps tortilla wraps and just put turkey and cheese in it and it’s really good I just put oh I forgot to get lettuce Gotta go get lettuce But I usually just put turkey cheese and lettuce in the tortilla roll it up and it’s really good. I got some coconut strips I’ve actually never tried these but they looked good. I’m honestly not a huge fan Okay, but I want to get like some moderately good snacks YUM, so I’m not just eating flamin hot cheetos, it’s not bad There’s the weirdest texture ever though some mangoes cheddar jack for my wraps rich Oh, I didn’t see this ranch I thought it said rich Haha, ranch seasoned crispy chickpeas I actually wanna try that now too. I’m suspicious about this one. this tastes like You know when you get a little like snack mixes on the plane, that’s what this tastes like Raspberries organic brown rice. This is good for so many things. Mmm I got an open one, but three seed bead crackers. I don’t know. I don’t know. It sounds like it’s healthy and It’s also a snack. So hopefully I end up liking those really excited about this round rice avocado roll We can eat this right after i shower got one single avocado because I want to make some avocado toast that’s the first bag Second bag. Oh These spilled cuz I was eating them in the car. These are my favorite ever plantain chips. So good you got turmeric Turmeric I don’t that sounds wrong. I want to say turmeric, but there’s an r in there So turmeric heard lots of good things about this strawberry is my favorite fruit in the entire world I could eat only strawberries for my whole entire life so got some peppers apple sauce always good. Um pomegranate seeds really good You got this cold-pressed green juice, which hopefully I will like because I need to get my greens in somehow apple cider vinegar And I’m gonna try to drink this every day. I need to drink that. Oh, oh vlog me drinking that after my shower Oh god this like salad It’s a mexican-style corn and quinoa salad with cotija cheese and roasted poblanos cilantro dressing so I don’t really know It looks healthy, and it doesn’t look awful though. I’m Gonna try that I love eating these whole carrots just like a snack potatoes I love potatoes and these little guys just looked good. I want to season them and put them in my Oven and have them with my meals. I also got women’s formula Multivitamin and mineral vitamins supports nails hair and skin. I’m trying to grow my hair out So this this is my most risky purchase because I don’t like eggs. I’ve never liked eggs I’m not an egg girl, but I know it’s good for you and it’s a really good thing to eat when You’re trying to eat healthy At least that’s what I’ve gathered from my life experience with this kind of stuff. I don’t really know what I’m saying everybody but Basically moral of the story here everybody likes eggs, and it seems like it’s just good to like eggs So I didn’t get the full eggs because I’m almost positive that egg whites are way healthier for you So I just got this little thing of 100% liquid egg whites I had a lot to say about that for some reason last but not least. We got some blackberries. I love blackberries It’s really a gamble when ever you get blackberries because they either taste really good or horrible.
Anyways, that is my Trader Joe’s haul I’m gonna put it all away. My camera’s dying. I’m gonna charge it while I go shower. I’ll see you in a little bit Wow, I feel so good right now, I’m gonna be honest before that I hadn’t showered for a good four days So I’m just gonna let my hair air dry cuz I don’t really like blow-drying it I just moisturize my face with my new obsession that I want to tell you guys all about I’ve been using this for like two weeks now. It’s definitely one of the best moisturizers I’ve ever used Let me tell you about this. It’s the first aid beauty ultra Repair barrier cream and it’s safe for sensitive skin My skin is pretty sensitive. First of all, look how weird that is. It’s like Airy, but then you just Put on your skin obviously and it feels so nice. My skin is so soft But I want to talk about this because this doesn’t just make your skin soft It’s like a moisturizer sent from heaven like it does everything you need it to do let me just Pull up the facts on this Moisturizer so you can be informed about this coz when I’m thinking about buying a product I want to know everything about it. The main thing this does is repair your skin’s barrier Your skin barrier is a protective outer layer that helps keep good things in like hydration and essential lipids and then it keeps the bad things out like Bacteria, pollution that kind of stuff. you can weaken your skin barrier by using harsh chemicals on your skin Being out in pollution and just not taking good care of your skin when your skin barrier weakens It can become super sensitive. Oily red just like all those bad things So obviously you don’t want to have a weak skin barrier so this just helps your skin maintain its healthy state and like I showed you guys it’s like Super Airy if I let it sit for a long time They’ll be like bubbles and that’s really good because it’s not like this thick heavy cream on your skin It’s just like this super lightweight really interesting formula and it’s fun to use because it’s all bubbly and by the way It doesn’t leave my skin feeling like it has moisturizer on it. So just like my skin but super soft and moisturized. It’s vegan So they don’t test this on animals. It’s allergy tested. It’s non comedogenic. I think I’m saying that right. It’s fragrance free I have always said fragrance but its fragrance and I apologize for my Mispronunciation and last but not least ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen Okay, it’s good for sensitive skin Just thought I’d let you know about this literal miracle moisturizer And if you want to go in for yourself, they’re available at Sephora and I want to give a huge Thank you to first aid beauty for partnering with me on this Like I’ve been using first aid Beauty since I was like a freshman in high school It’s the best when you actually love a product and the brand wants to work with you on it It’s a win-win am I right ladies? Okay So now I’m doing my skincare and I put some clothes on I still haven’t eaten and I want to eat that, eat that? and I want to eat that. Let’s go get some food This is just so interesting watch summer workout. Talk about skincare and eat food. I Think I’m gonna have these And some strawberries Pomegranate seeds. Why not? and I kinda want some applesauce. Okay, google play my music. its always Interesting to see what she chooses. yes! next song next Okay, so I got these you know, I need to try them bust down Tatiana bust down Moment of truth That’s good what the heck how is this good Well its a win from me.as for these avocado rolls They’re not the best. They were really dry Actually, unfortunately next we have unfiltered apple cider vinegar.is unfiltered good? I don’t know but I’m supposed to drink this because it’s good for me what zero fat, zero sodium, zero carbs, zero protein, zero Calories what is it then? what is in here? am I Just like psycho or Is that crazy? I don’t know? All right. Gotta chug this whole thing. Here we go. Oh This literally just vinegar other than drinking this what is this used for? So I’ve never seen it used any other way than just people drinking it. How much do I drink of this? I’m gonna do three gulps ready. This is gonna be bad. Okay, I think I’m doing this wrong I think I’m supposed to put it in water. Yeah, let’s do that. All right I’m not I’m not going full savage mode in here. I’m gonna put some in water right just this much water That’s a lot, um, here we go yeah, here we go you gotta try to do it without plugging my nose, okay? It smells stupendous I can do it I can do it. It really just can’t do it. Okay Okay, okay I Literally can’t do it. Stop looking at the seriously stop watching. No stop. I’ll do it. Let me just do it. Pressuring me. Seriously, I I have to plug it. Oh, sorry, okay are you kidding me? that tastes like gasoline I can feel it in my stomach. I’m not kidding. My throat is burning Yeah, I guess I should try it again. This is torture. Honestly, that’s worse than ginger Yeah, I wish tastebuds were anything because then I could just eat healthy things and be the healthiest person alive and not even have a Problem. okay Absolutely cannot believe that I’m flabbergasted. Why does it have to taste like that? That is Inconceivable just gonna eat my beet chips. Now that was horrifying. Do you guys drink this? Do you do this? Am I doing it wrong the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life Is it really that good for you? Is it really I don’t really want to do my research. Just let me know. I Put this video on my story I’m filming a day in the life video Today and I want to know what you want to see in that like what are you interested in? What do you want to know? Let me know I need to go through your responses and see what’s going on your Taco Bell order We don’t talk about Taco Bell anymore, alright? It’s 2019. I’m trying to move, on be healthier not get Taco Bell- literally every day of my life. “Easy fast makeup routine.” I’m doing it right now. For my concealer- I really like using this Sephora collection brush, it’s the airbrush concealer It blends out concealer so nicely. “Your boy life”. My boy life… Boys are… Boys are a handful. Anyway after I put my concealer on then I just took powder all over my face I’m using Maybelline Dream wonder powder This is a very chill day in my life where I’m not doing anything then I use my Chanel soleil de tan I had a nightmare that I was wearing healy all around town I was just healing around and this guy Like stopped me and tried hitting on me and I was like slowly healing away and I couldn’t get away fast enough and I panicked and told him I had a boyfriend gonna use this It cosmetics blush my favorite highlighter NARS highlighter and fort-de-france fort-de-france. I Don’t know my favorite highlighter next we are going to do my eyebrows ok I’m gonna use a little bit of this benefit No benefit Cabral like a brow pomade color thing In my tripod just move or is that me is glitching out. Hey My left eye has been twitching all day. It’s been happening recently I think it’s because I don’t ever go to bed before 2 a.m. And then I’ve been loving this support collection brow Gel like bent it a little bit. It’s easier. You already know what’s coming next my whole a bronzer eyeshadow trick It’s so focused whenever I do meet-and-greet There’s always so many of you that do this and it makes me so happy like one of the most common things that people say when they meet me is that I Introduced them to this trick and I always do it. I just love that so much Ok and then another thing this is this is kind of nice and now that’s not really actually but I put highlighter in my inner corners and I Can’t not do this now. Then we curl the eyelashes put on the mascara and then we are a go okay, so I finished my makeup hello and welcome to my iPhone my Battery is charging upstairs and I’m too lazy to get it right now So I’m downstairs currently whoa first first that strange little meal. I just had did not fill me up So now I’m snacking on this thing balanced breaks. It’s just like nuts and cheese hates me I’m going down to my friend Grace’s in San Diego area so I’m gonna spend a night there today is just bringing you and I honestly I mean Really it probably one of the most fundamental things I’ve ever had my life. This is the reality of living alone at 19 For summer McCain done so let’s get the show on the road ladies and gentlemen as all footage I have Thank you so much for watching this extremely long video. I’m sorry for my laziness of using photo booth right now. I just finished editing Obviously just post it up in my bed straight. Yeah Post it up straight chillin They three new to my channel you like this video If you want you can subscribe give this video a like on your way out. Shout out to the mcvade of the week Love you. Can’t wait to see you next week. Bye