A Medication Review


Fine. How are you doing

Certainly. Should we sit down and look to see what you have, what questions
you have? Okay. Let’s take a look and see what medications
you’re on.

That’s the first one. Hydroclorthyazide. And you take this once a day. And what time of day to you take that?

taking that in the evening. And this one, uh, does tend to cause urinary output.

so it can keep you up at night. Most people take this in the morning.

It’s probably
a better time to take this. In the morning. So, you’re not having to run to the bathroom.

I think you’ll find that that’ll help.

And you’re taking this for your blood pressure.

Is your blood pressure being controlled very well? Do you know what your readings
Okay. But the bottom number is 90…usually?

That might be a little high. We might need to talk to your doctor about adjusting
your dose on this.

Ninety is just a little high. Probably want that a little lower. Okay?

And the next one that you have here….glipizide for blood sugar.

And what have your-I see
you have your readings here. Can we take a look at those? Well, the readings look very good. Um, are
you having any unusual symptoms? Or are..

When do you have the sweats?

Last week. What time
of the day? Is it all during the day?

Okay. Alright. Um, How about at night? Do you feel
alright? Do you sleep all through the night pretty well?

Okay. Well… since your readings
look pretty good. Blood sugar readings are good,

but you’re having symptoms where you’re
gaining weight and you’re not feeling well during the day,

we may have to talk to your
doctor about either adjusting the dose of this

or maybe putting you on something entirely
different that controls your blood sugar.

There are lots of choices in medications
for controlling blood sugar.

So, maybe this one is just not the one for you.

There maybe
something else out there that you do better on

and that does control your blood sugar.

I can give your doctor a call and tell him that you’re having these symptoms

and see
if we can get you set-up with an appointment shortly

so that he can adjust this or maybe
switch you to something else. Does that sound all right?

Okay. Okay. Good. It’s important
to control your blood sugar.

Uh, but it’s also important that you feel good as well.

So, if we’re controlling your blood sugar, but you’re not feeling good,

then that’s
something we need to work on. Okay?

I’ll give him a call.


Okay. Certainly.

Okay. We can make a note in your file that you want the easy open caps.

Then, you’ll
get those from now on.

We can also notate that you want large print on your labels and
that’s something we can do, too.

Good. Is there anything else that you’d like to talk
about today?




Certainly. That sounds good.

There are lots of choices,
uh, it used to be we didn’t have so much to pick from.

Now there’s a lot of different
categories of medication that we can pick from.

And, um, I’m confident that we’ll
find something that will work for you, and that you can tolerate.