A Reiki Hair Treatment to Heal Your Soul | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad

So the Don Juan card, The shadow attribute is using the power of romantic attraction for private agendas. Okay. What does this mean? Should I shuffle? Should we do a rewind? This is Susan Yara And this is Sharzad Kiadeh Some call this The Sharzad and Susan Show Or The Susan and Sharzad Show We just call it The SASS! Before we get started, make sure to subscribe to our channel and give this video a big thumbs up Sharzad? Yes Susan? What comes to mind when I say Reiki? Ooh, a very cool energy sort of treatment I’ve had it done twice, the first time I had it, it was amazing and I actually felt like I was like, I don’t know, kinda high for two weeks I have not had Reiki. What? Well you guys know how I am about like, alternative medicine and like– I love em all– all these different kinds of treatments Energy and stuff, sometimes I’m not a big believer But today I’m excited for our treatment because we are gonna get Reiki It’s called a ritualized hair treatment and it’s essentially Reiki with a blowout so we’re gonna have really gorgeous hair afterwards too So we are in Santa Monica, California We’re at Framed Salon and we’re gonna see hairstylist Andi Scarbrough and she’s gonna take us through it Are you ready? I’m ready. Are you ready? Yeah. Let’s go! Hi Andi! Hello ladies! We just attacked you with that hi So tell us what Reiki is So basically Reiki is like, the cosmic energy source and when a Reiki practitioner is working on you, what they’re doing is they’re kind of pulling down that whatever you wanna call it from God source, from spirit, from the universe through their body, kind of like an electrical conduit and then out through their hands and it can be used to treat pain, to improve um cellular growth, uh, and treating all kinds of, of ailments. It’s an ancient Japanese art So essentially you’re kind of helping balance somebody out their energy is off Absolutely. The subtle difference between what we’re doing today and traditional Reiki Traditional Reiki is hands-off Right so…you don’t touch the person at all You don’t, you don’t typically touch the person What I do is slightly different, I recently was told that it was called transpersonal healing Um, I grew up in an environment where they called it laying on the hands The same way that there is a power or healing potential in prayer or intention you kind of have that sort of sending good vibes focus. Okay on somebody that’s dedicated to you Okay. And there’s also a really physiological response to the manual suppression of the nervous system Okay. Touch. And as hairstylists, we’re one of the only professions that gets to touch people without gloves Oh, that’s a good point And we’ll use things like crystals, um, essential oils, to engage all of the senses and really make this a full whole being beauty experience to drop anchor for you in that sense of well-being Oh I like that. Do you ask us like, what we’re dealing with? Yeah, like how does that process work like hey, my name’s Sharzad, I’m tired. Help me Or…kind of yeah I mean, imagine like what’s the conversation you have when you like sit down with your hairdresser? Yeah, well ours lately is we’re experiencing hair growth because of having babies and it’s actually still really bad I don’t have that much hair to start with and it’s coming out in clumps woo This is the beautiful thing and this is what drove me into this work is I started to realize that there is a lot more that is happening here than just hair. Sometimes we’ll pull some cards and I pulled out the Caroline Myss Archetype Cards Okay. So it’s a nice way of divining kind of what else, what other part of you may need some attention today Cool. I like it This sounds so cool. I’m in Yeah. Let’s do it I’m excited. Ready? Yeah, you wanna go, you wanna go first? I’ll go first, yeah! Okay. Let’s do it I love it! Okay. So you’ve got a pre-selected crystal party Pre-selected crystal…for Susan. I like it Crystal party! Crystal party! It is Everything up here is kind of an offering if, as we talked about earlier, if you weren’t drawn to pick a card, then we just wouldn’t do it Okay. So there are some crystal combs here Okay. Um, there are four different stones, there’s a clear quartz, a rose quartz, an amethyst, and a black obsidian These we will use, we’ll use one of those in your treatment today I’m feeling drawn to a comb. Okay. Um, not really drawn to much else except for a comb So go ahead and pick that up. Okay So before we tell you what the amethyst is about Okay. Um, let’s keep going here a little bit We all have chakra systems, we think about the seven, right? Yep But we have chakras in our hands as well, so I think about the chakras as like little seeking devices, right? They’re always looking for what is mine. Okay. Our left hand, the left side of our whole body is receiving, so that’s maybe what’s for us The right side of our body is output You may feel it more strongly in your left hand, if you are right hand dominant I’m gonna go with this, only cause I feel warmth actually. Good, that’s beautiful Yeah? Yeah, that’s a thing. Alright That’s a thing. I didn’t feel it on this side at all I felt warmth only on this side That is Tiger’s Eye. Oh, okay. Yeah. I like Tiger’s Eye Pride, courage, um. It’s beautiful Boldness, endurance fortitude, those two stones together are already telling me a story about you Oh really? Okay. Yeah. Good, good, tell us Interesting. So I’m gonna clear the rest of them out of the way. Okay Would you like to draw an archetype card? Sure. Yeah? While we’re working with cards, it’s all about the power of intention so you wanna say, hey cards, like this is me Susan Like literally say that? Yeah, I mean, in your head or.. Hey cards. Yeah, yeah, in your head, that’s fine Here we go, there it is. Got it The Alchemist Wow That’s a great card Yeah? Yeah. So the way that the archetype cards work are these are things…oops, sorry What does that mean? Yeah, yeah does that have meaning? It, it may mean that that one needs to be there as well So that’s what we call cards jumping off Oh, okay So the alchemist is, is all about change Oh, okay. Right? So change agent and I mean the old alchemy right like turning iron into gold Mhm. Transformation of base motives and goals into golden wisdom So quite literally you’ve got a gold stone and amethyst is the stone of wisdom Oh! Wow. Interesting I mean, I’m like full goosebumps I see that. That’s so interesting cause this is like a really unique combination then for her to get that card with these two stones. All of this, it’s very clear like they were like we do not want her to miss this Oh interesting. Ohh. Let’s make sure to make this super super clear Okay. So the interesting thing are the two cards that jumped out, you thought you were done with one card Yep. You weren’t Um, you tried to put them down and these two jumped off We’ve got the Judge Um, which is balancing justice and compassion, managing the fair distribution of power Okay. And the Visionary The capacity to envision what is not yet conceivable to others So you’ve got a power dynamic um, a courage piece with the Tiger’s Eye and also the amethyst representing wisdom and high intuitive ability so what’s interesting is when we sat down initially we talked about like, your hair loss and stuff like that and what do I need to get better Mhm. Right? So wise, courageous decisions Does it resonate with you like? I mean this is literally what all my– all your thoughts! whole head Like I go to sleep thinking about this kind of stuff right now And now you’re gonna combine all of this and give her like the most insane blowout of her life pretty much right now right? That’s right So we’ve addressed the metaphysical Okay. Now let’s address the physical. Okay. Okay So we’re gonna do a really yummy um conditioning treatment on you I use Hairstory New Wash as the base so it’s actually a no-poo product, you can use it as a, a cleanser Great when you have scalp issues Amazing for psoriasis Cause there’s no lathering agents that are gonna irritate it Clary sage is amazing for scalp health It’s also energetically clearing, so if you’ve got any like basically clogged pores, in your chakra intake, right? Mhm. That will help to clear it out. The same way that sage or palo santo will Lavender is also I mean if you only use one oil it’s it gets so much action because it really is the everything Lavender? Yeah Hormone balancing, scalp health, um, balancing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, Oh wow. Yeah it’s it’s incredible Geranium is really sweet, it’s super moisturizing that’ll be great for your dry scalp so we’ve got your little treatment mixed up Sounds good Yeah. Alright You ready for a shampoo? Let’s do it. Yeah. Alright I feel like you had such a good reading and now there’s I mean Pressure right? No By the way you guys, because I have such thick hair, I’m just letting my hair kind of dry on its own first and getting Sharzad…she wanted to rock the turban Yeah, I just wanted to rock the turban Are you right hand dominant? Yes Great so your left hand is probably gonna give you a better reading Okay. Right And I’m just gonna kind of glide you over so that you know that’s the area you’re in Okay. Right So now get a feel for which of those is for you and just maybe ask what serves my greatest and highest I just, what’s There you go. I guess I’ll take that guy That’s so funny because that’s the one you said you wanted– yeah, I did, I did, or were thinking about picking I wanted, I really I guess I’m drawn towards the feminine brighter colors From the second you put this color down, I just thought it was so interesting and pretty and I didn’t even see this side I even like that side more but I I just thought it was cool so I wanted that one too So that is carnelian Okay. Carnelian. Have you heard of that before? No So it’s a root chakra stone and carnelian is all about um creativity Okay cool. Fertility. It’s it’s really funny. Goddammit Goddammit It’s really funny to me Oh my god, shit And you pulled a fertility stone and the pink comb Goddammit. So I’m just saying FYI There’s a girl, there’s a girl in your [indistinct] Sharzad What I really love about this is initially this looks like something coming from your heart and into the physical world Okay, yeah. Here’s the ethological reading said that you were having a girl that one time and maybe it was later maybe she meant down the road Maybe or maybe you know and again. Or maybe one of my siblings will have a girl And maybe. That will be great. Or Susan I have a thought but let’s let’s Okay. But let’s let’s have you look at cards first if you’re so inclined Sure. So remember so shuffle those up and again be like Hey cards. Hey cards it’s Sharzad Yeah. Just checking in Yeah. Gimme something good tell me what I need Don Juan Alright, what does that mean? Yeah So the Don Juan card Spotlights your positive seductive qualities Okay Do you want more information? Uh, yeah Pick another card. Because this one seems weird What is this saying? I don’t think so but– I’m a I’m a skankosaurus? Pick another card I I don’t think it seems weird at all Alright Uh oh is this the same one? Beautiful There we go. Okay, I’m a servant I’m a slut and a servant I’m kidding I’m kidding I’m kidding Let’s look at the Don Juan card So the Don Juan is the lover. This is about romantic love inspiring romantic love It’s not about being slutty, right? Okay. It’s about being amused for romance Okay. Okay. The servant card is a beautiful card That really and those two together are so beautiful like that tells me what you are giving to the world Mhm. is inspiration for love Oh, good. Okay That’s cool. Right? I like the way you spun that. Yeah Different spin on it. So the light attribute of servant is delighting and serving others with a free and loving heart The gossip. So this is an interesting one too, right? The light attributes is that it awakens consideration for the feelings of others and it honors trust Um, all of this feels to me like you are talking about things that maybe other people don’t talk about ooh, that is true We do that Yeah, so you’re bringing light to a conversation that people may judge Okay. People may feel as shadowy But you’re sharing such a pure like heart-centered gift with such a servant’s heart like really with the intention– I like that to make it a gift Mhm. That this becomes the spreading of news and what other people say about you truly is none of your business I I’ve never really cared what people say about me With the rose quartz stone, and really like making sure that when you’re giving, you’re giving from your heart. Mhm Um and then the creativity, fertility of the carnelian really tells me that it’s a really grounded gift maybe creating something that’s that’s service-based Oh okay. For you like finding a new way to give back So interesting that you’re bringing that up. Based on your heart and your romance. Yeah I would offer to you that the thing that you feel like has been the biggest healing for you in your life Mhm. May be the place to start for where to get back. That’s a good way to think about it That’s a really good way to think about it, thank you I think for you what I’d really love is rosemary. Okay Um, it’s got a grounding quality to it It’s also really amazing just for hair thickening, hair growth, okay. Perfect. Um, and scalp health So we’ll do a couple drops of rosemary. Put a bucket in there And the same thing with the clary sage Scalp health, um stimulation and also really energy clearing Both of those are really purifying and then I really wanted to bring in kind of a lightness of being because that’s all some like some big stuff um so a little bit of a lanolin. Okay. Just a little softness Um it’s a heart and crown chakra oil I’m ready for it Ready? Oh yeah. Let’s do it. Oh yeah Um, basically I felt like that was a taste and I just want more I know. I do. I want so much more I could talk to her for hours and we did It went by so fast and I was equally as interested in what she was saying about you– same– as I was for me She has such a good attitude and approach and then the blowout like it’s just like like a cherry on top Exactly. Like a cherry on top. It’s like the second thing which the blowouts are fabulous Yes. For what we got today it’s $111 magic magic numbers and it’s fabulous. And she sees clients on Mondays when the salon is closed so you can have a private experience which I think is really cool cause you know you can really dive into some personal topics here Really open up, it’s a safe space and she’s just really calm and peaceful and honest and open yeah and I love that I mean she becomes your hairapist yeah I would definitely come back I highly recommend seeing her you guys Mhm. So much fun Thank you guys so much for watching this episode of The SASS Be sure to give us a thumbs up Subscribe And watch this next video. Yeah! Have a good one. Bye guys. Bye