A TB survivor tells her story. Part 3: Treatment

There was a team of doctors, probably about 5 of them, that came in and visited me. They had told me about TB control and what would be happening and the process that they would be following in regards to contacting me. They then gave me Pat’s name and number. When I finally did talk to Pat Monday morning, she talked to me about the whole process as to what I was going to be going through, what was going to be done, that there would be a 2 week quarantine period. It’s curable, a lot more curable today than it was back then, when my mom had TB. There is the 2 week confinement period but that 2 week confinement period did not happen out of our community, it was in my own home. We were sent home for our 2 week confinement period, we weren’t sent to any sanatoriums. There would be people coming to give me my meds, the DOT worker, DOT stands for direct observed therapy. And they just come in and give you your meds. They’re put in packages and she takes them out and gives them to me and she has to sit there and watch me take them. She then has to ask questions as to how I’m feeling and if I’m feeling any side effects. When I started the direct observed therapy, I started with 10 dailies. I was on pills for 1 month straight, every day for 1 month straight. Then when I started my weekly meds, which was 3 times a week, I was then moved down to 6 pills a day. And that was what I took until I was done my meds, which was done in January. Whoo Hoo.