Abundance Clinic with Adamus Saint Germain Part 1 & 2

ADAMUS: I Am that I Am, Adamus of Sovereign
and Free Domain. Welcome to the Abundance Clinic. Welcome to this gathering of humans facing
what you consider one of the most difficult issues – abundance, money,
gifts, receiving. I’ve got a bit of a pet peeve and an annoyance
about abundance workshops, and one of the reasons why I
haven’t done one until now. The annoyance is that most of them are mental. Now, today, we’re going to talk
through a lot of concepts, issues, philosophies, but those are really more of a distraction
than anything. Yes,
listen to the words, but all this time we’re going to be moving some energy. We’re going to be shifting some
consciousness, because you’re allowing it. The words, again, interesting; but the real
dynamic of what’s going on here is your choice, your willingness
to move beyond. That being said, about 18 percent of you who
are listening or here truly, truly want to move out of this issue
of lack. And then there’s a lot of you that are just
thinking about it. I can feel the mental energy. I can feel
the thinking. You’re lost in your own thinking. So I’m going to ask you right now to make
a choice to either move out of this lack consciousness, to move
out of this stuck mental energy, or simply walk out. Tune out. Leave now, because otherwise … we’re going
to be going into some interesting and deep consciousness and
energy, but if you’re not really sure, if you’re just testing the waters, if you want
to see if this is some new gimmick or game, it’s actually going to
hurt, because you’re going to get enough information that it’s going
to cause some internal movements of consciousness and also internal movements in the mind and
the body, and then it’s going to hurt. And it’s going to get frustrating. You might even get a little bit or even very
ill, even more confused and more stuck than ever. So I’m going to ask before we go any further
to take a good honest look within yourself. Are you really
ready to move beyond this stuck energy? Are you ready to move beyond lifetimes of
lack? Are you ready to
move beyond the ‘just enough’ consciousness? Are you ready to give to yourself? Take a moment to feel into that. (pause)
Eh! Immediately the mind says, “Oh yes, yes! I’m desperate. Desperate to move on.” But, that being said, if
you are in any form of lack right now in your life, it’s there for a reason. You are allowing it to serve you. It’s
not there because of some aliens. It’s not there because of a government conspiracy. It’s not there because
you’re stupid. None of those things. It’s there because somehow it’s serving
you. So take a look at how that lack’s has been
serving you, how it’s been serving every part of life. Now, I know you’re going to say initially
that, “No, no, no, no. I’m truly ready and this energy is not serving
me and it’s not mine.” But you’ve adapted it, adopted it. You’ve allowed it. It’s there. You’ve let it ride along
with you. You’ve let it be an overriding element in
your everyday life. It’s serving you. It’s serving you, maybe not in the most
pleasurable way, but at some level it’s absolutely
serving you. How? Why? Feel into it, without a lot of mental thought,
but feel into this lack, how it’s serving you. (pause) And more than anything, what would it feel like not to have that in your life? (pause)
We’re going to talk about abundance today, and so many of you have said, “Yes, yes. This is something I’d
like. I have some bills to pay. I have some things I’d like to do.” But in fact, most of you have not made a
conscious choice. Most of you say, “I don’t like this lack.” Well, that’s not a conscious choice. That’s expressing a judgment
or a dislike and generally in a pretty unconscious way. Making a clear, conscious choice is being
in the Now moment. Right now, right here. Affirming to yourself
that you are ready to receive the gifts that life, that energy and that you have to offer
without any ifs, ands or buts, without any excuses, without any
holding back, without any reservation whatsoever. “I choose
abundance.” Period. That’s it. It’s not, “Well, I think so” and “If
I just had a thousand dollars.” None of that,
my friends. A heartfelt passionate choice is as simple
as saying, “I choose abundance. I am abundant.” And
it’s not a mental thing. Not a mental thing. By the way, you’re going to learn, you’re
going to discover that abundance is in the Now moment. There is
no abundance in the past and there is no abundance in the future. It’s only in the Now moment. There are those who believe in stockpiling
abundance for the future. Therefore, they put a lot of money in
the bank or invest in the markets, but never actually bring it into their Now. Now, it’s one of the issues that comes up
so often. There are these rich people, and they have
all this money in the bank and the ones that some of you
are even envious of. But the fact is, are they really abundant? Just
because they have a lot of money in the bank doesn’t mean they are living abundantly
in joy. They’ve put
their abundance into the future and they’re not experiencing it in the now. There are some who have abundance in the past,
a lot of great memories of things that have happened
before, maybe even times that were a little bit more abundant. But it’s in the past and they live in that
past, but yet their Now moment is filled with lack. They keep going to the past, going back into
history instead of receiving the gift of their own abundance
in the Now moment. So that’s an important point I’m going
to ask dear Linda of Eesa to write that on her interesting mechanical
writing board (an iPad). They took away my writing board, the traditional
paper and pad, and now they’ve replaced me with an electronic writing board. Oh, I love technology. LINDA: Do you want the paper? ADAMUS: No, this gives you something to really
focus on. (some chuckles ) And she loves doing it. LINDA: I actually do. ADAMUS: So if we could put that on the screens
as well. So abundance is in the Now moment. This is a very important point – abundance
in the Now moment. It’s
not in the past. It’s not in the future. I have a pet peeve about abundance workshops,
because they are generally given by people who are really
not abundant, at least in the Now moment. They are generally given by people who are
desperate for abundance themselves. So what do they do? They conjure up an abundance class to make
a few bucks, and then they go broke later. Most abundance classes are mental. Mental. They focus on things like visualization or
affirmation that comes from the mind. There is little or no passion in things that
come from the mind. Therefore, it does not
attract energy. There is the Law of Attraction. Interesting. It’s a good step. But it’s limited in its own way, because
if it is a mental exercise, you’re going to attract
mental things. True abundance comes from passion. Next slide. True abundance comes from passion. Passion. The passion
to live attracts energy. And that’s what we’re going to get into
in this Abundance Clinic. There have been so many abundance classes
that many of you take and short-term results perhaps, on a good
day. Short-term results, but are you really living
abundantly after those? Or was it somebody else’s method
or scheme? Again, today I’m going to be going through
information, but I’m really just distracting so that you can feel
into the abundance of your soul, so that you can go beyond some of the misperceptions about
money and about abundance itself, so that you can be
forgiving. We did a wonderful session yesterday. It was about ProGnost. It was talking about upcoming world events,
but we came to the point of talking about forgiving – forgiving yourself, letting
the past go, everything about it. Not 80 percent of the past, not 90 percent
of the past, but 100 percent. And some would say it’s a form of
denial, but I say that it’s releasing stuck energy so that you can now feel into what
really happened in the past. The moment you forgive yourself, release yourself
from misconceptions and illusions about anything in
the past, then you are in a time and a space and a consciousness of for-giving, being in
a place of giving to yourself, receiving all the gifts that life
has to offer. It’s that simple. Let’s take a deep breath as we go into our
first segment of the discussion. Some of this information many of you are familiar
with, but for the newcomers I’ll do a review – very
important, some basics about energy and consciousness. Consciousness
First of all, next slide, next drawing. Let’s see how she does. First
of all, we have this thing called consciousness. We symbolize it
with the circumpunct or the dotted circle. Linda’s going to – yes,
what artistic talent, an interesting circle. (Adamus chuckles at
Linda’s drawing) This is as symbol for consciousness. This is you. The dot in the
middle connotates Source, the I Am-ness, your origins. The circle on the outside represents the expansion that you have done of your soul through all the
experiences and all the lifetimes. Very simple. The interesting thing about this consciousness
…consciousness, by the way, is awareness. It’s not intelligence,
it’s not thought; it’s awareness, perception. This consciousness – you – contains absolutely
no energy whatsoever. There’s a huge misunderstanding
about you as an energy being. You’re not. You are consciousness. And when you can tie back into that
consciousness, that core, when you can get past thoughts and even concepts of energy
and get back into the consciousness, this is you. This is the passion. This is the source. So please take a moment to feel into yourself
as a being of consciousness. You have a body, you have a mind that were
brought together by a variety of dynamics, all that brought in energy. But you are not energy, you are not your body,
you are not your mind. You are consciousness. That’s all. Consciousness knows no time. Consciousness knows no details, facts and
figures. It doesn’t need to. Your
soul, your consciousness strips out all of the details – time, places and everything
else – and extracts the wisdom of every experience you’ve had. Whether you consider it to be good or bad,
the soul cares not. It
extracts the wisdom and drinks in this golden drop of nectar into its being and then rejoices. Ahh! No matter what you think about the experience
or what you have done, the soul cares not. It’s only the wisdom. Energy
Next. Energy. Energy is all around you. Energy was created out of the passion of the
soul, out of consciousness itself. It condensed it. It compacted it. It squeezed it so hard under tremendous pressure,
the beautiful pressure of passion, that it created this
thing called energy. And it sent that energy out into creation
to serve you. You created energy. It’s no longer consciousness. It’s energy, and it’s everywhere. Don’t just think in terms of this physical
dimension, but think in terms of all the dimensions. There’s energy everywhere. There’s energy that’s
uniquely attached to you, to your soul, that’s only yours, that can never be taken away by
any other person, a god or any other being, ever. It’s yours. It’s your core energy. There are other levels of energy – cosmic
energy, crystalline energy and finally Earth energy – but they all
come from the same source – the passion of the soul to experience. You bring in energy into your reality – you
use it to manifest your reality – all the time, no matter what’s
happening. Even when you’re feeling low energy, you’re
still bringing in energy. You are like a magnet that
attracts energy, not through your thoughts, but through your passion. Your passion is generally very different than
your thoughts. When we do our new updated passion workshop1
– you can put that on the list, Linda – we’re going to talk about the difference between
thought and passion, and you’ll come to see they’re very, very
different. That’s why sometimes while you think that
your life 1 See the original Discovering Your Passion
workshop with Tobias should go this way, your life really goes
that way, and you wonder what’s happening. You say, “Well the gods must be demanding
it” or the stars or whatever, other people. No. It’s simply the
difference between human thought and soul passion that’s causing
these differences in your life. But that’s a whole other session. We
will charge for that. (some chuckles)
Very nice artistic drawing, dear Linda. LINDA: I’m working! I’m working it! I’m learning. I’m learning
how to use this. ADAMUS: So there’s energy everywhere. Energy at its core is free. Energy is free. It’s everywhere. There
are some that say there’s this Unified Field of energy, and there kind of is. It’s all over. It’s everywhere. It’s
in the air around you. It’s in your body. But when you think of energy, you tend to
think of physical energy. Physical energy. And at the core of physical energy – or
what you use on this planet when you think of
energy and you think of fuel – you think of fire. That’s how this planet is energized and
it’s really weird, and it’s very, very old and it’s time that that changed. Fire. Fire is the energy. You burn things to create energy to propel
your automobiles, to power your power plants to get electricity through the wires. Things are burned, and if they’re not burned,
they’re collided, they’re smashed or they’re exploded. That’s energy on this planet and it’s
very archaic. You’re going to look back, whether it’s
in this lifetime or beyond, and you’re going to say, “Now, that was
kind of strange that we were still using fire, something that we did millions and millions
of years ago, but still as our core energy,” either fire or
explosion. It’s an interesting metaphor. It’s an interesting symbol of the times
and a symbol of the consciousness of humanity. You’re still using fire in your own life,
in a way. In your life experiences you’re still using
explosions and collisions to create energy in your life. It’s so ingrained in you, you can’t even
think of anything else. And until I mentioned it just now, most of
you were not consciously aware of it. It’s like,
“Wow, that’s right. We have to smash things together to create
new things.” No you don’t! Energy does not need collision. It simply needs consciousness calling it forth. It doesn’t have to burn hot. It
doesn’t have to smash or collide. Fires, as we’ve talked about in some of
our recent gatherings, the fire of the passion of the soul is not a hot fire. It’s a cool fire.2
But ultimately, you’ll discover that things don’t need
to burn in order to have energy. Energy is attracted from the passion of the
soul, which very, very few humans really tap into. They tap into
drama. They tap into fear and occasionally in joy,
but very seldom do they tap into the passion of the soul. The true passion of the soul has been covered
up. It’s been hypnotized. It’s been programmed. It’s been so
put under and forgotten about, and it’s actually difficult to get it back rising again. But once it does, you’ll
never be the same. Once it does, you’ll have so much energy
that you won’t know what to do with it. By the way, a question just came up from someone,
and I’m not going to answer all your telepathic questions. But you say, “What is the New Energy? If the Old Energy is burning and flame and
collision, what is the New Energy?” 2 Much more information about this in Adamus’
DreamWalker Life® School Well, it’s all around you, and the New Energy
is light. And don’t think in terms of the light bulbs,
but the New Energy is light. But yet you have to combine dark, the dark
with the light. And I’m not talking about
your metaphysical evil forces or anything like that. I’m talking about this principle, this physics
of cosmic light. It’s everywhere. It’s not the light of the sun or of the
light bulbs. Energy that’s been activated by
passion becomes light and it comes through the dimensions and it comes through the cosmos. And as it
comes closer and closer to this planet, it is basically chunked down or it is densed
down. But ultimately,
it’s still light. And that’s the true energy source. It’s everywhere around you. But it has to be combined with the dark
in order to create the effect of true energy. It’s all around. It’s free. It doesn’t have to be burned. It’s easy. Physicists don’t see it yet. They don’t quite understand the dynamics
of light, because they’re looking, mostly, at visual light or light that falls
within the known spectrum of science. But beyond that, at a higher
frequency, you could say, is true light. And that’s the energy, and it’s everywhere. It’s everywhere. But back to the point – energy is everywhere
around you. It is – and I’m going to say this is a
simplistic form – but it’s basically in a negative and
positive form. It doesn’t mean good or bad; it’s just
two differing forces. It’s brought in by the passion – brought
to this Earth by the passion of humanity, brought to you in your life
by the passion of your own soul – and it’s brought in in different ratios of positive
and negative particles. ‘Particles’ – not the right word, but
the best one I can come up. And that flows into your life, flows into
your body, flows into your reality, and it manifests things like money and cars and food
and thought and frequency and vibration and everything else
that you see in your reality. This light is brought into what I would consider
the densest dimension in all of creation–quite an accomplishment
bringing it in here. Quite an accomplishment watching as it comes
from the other dimensions in its pure light form, now gathering the positive and negative
particles, and it comes down into this very dense dimension and
it turns into water and soil and air and all these other things – very interesting phenomena. Now, it’s important to point out the principles
of energy in order to understand abundance. Remember,
you’re consciousness, you’re not energy. You’re not that body or that mind. You’re consciousness, and in
our second session today, we’re going to get into the consciousness and the passion,
let you perhaps feel it again. That will start bringing in a lot of energy
and a lot of abundance. A Choice
But back to the original question, and you don’t have to answer this out loud, but
back to the original question – are you really committed to an
abundant, joyful life? Is it your heartfelt choice? Not a mind
choice, because all of your minds say, “Yes. Geez! I’m in this tight jam and I have to get
some money and I’ve got to pay my bills.” Nah, nah, nah, nah. You’re having fun playing that game. You really are. Oh, trust
me, you are. By the way, if there is anything in your life
– I know some of you will get mad at me but if there is anything
in your life, whether it’s a lack of money, whether it’s a lack of friends, illness
or anything else – it’s there because you want it to be. It is. I know, oh, some of you are cussing at me
right now, but you want it to be. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be there! This is one of the very simple principles
of spiritual existence. If it’s there, you must want it there. And
you say, “But no, I don’t want this.” Well, yeah actually you do, because you don’t
want the alternative. So
you’re putting in something that might be a little uncomfortable. You don’t want the alternative. You don’t
want true abundance. Why? Because you’d have to wake up. You don’t want true health. Why? Because
then you couldn’t be a … can I use bad words? EDITH: No. ADAMUS: No. Thank you, Edith. (some chuckles) Then you couldn’t be a damn
victim anymore. How was
that? Was that mild enough? Yes. Then you couldn’t be a damn victim anymore. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you’re saying, “No, but this
isn’t my fault.” Yeah, actually if there’s in your life it’s
serving a purpose. Or at least then you don’t have to
face the alternative. What if life was truly abundant and truly
easy? What if you had tremendous amounts of energy? What if? Well, it’d mean that you couldn’t play
games anymore. You couldn’t be the victim anymore. You couldn’t
walk around with the “poor me” mentality anymore. You wouldn’t have any excuses. You would have to be
an embodied Master. LINDA: Mmm. ADAMUS: You would have to be living God. That’s a lot of pressure, but not really. (Adamus chuckles)
So before we go any further, I want to go to the end. I like doing that. Instead of taking this linear progression,
let’s just go to the end. LINDA: New slide? ADAMUS: Not quite yet. I like that slide. So artistic. (laughter) Is that a boy or a girl? There’s …
LINDA: I was going … you’re reading my mind! I wasn’t sure …
ADAMUS: … hints that it might be a boy. LINDA: … and I stopped a little short. You want it to be a boy? ADAMUS: If we could show that on the screen
for a moment. (laughter as the screen shows Linda’s stick
figure drawing) I’m not sure. Let’s go – thank you. Let’s go now to the end, because that’s
truly how things work. You live in time. You live in … (more laughter
as Linda makes the figure into a boy) Let’s take that off the screen. (more chuckles) A Moment of Truth You are programmed into a linear reality – today,
tomorrow, the next day, the next day – and things
progressing. But in fact real life beyond the consciousness
of Earth isn’t really like that. It isn’t like that at
all. There is no time. You can go to the end and then go back to
the beginning. I call it the Merlin Effect. It’s
basically saying, “Let’s go to that point where this Clinic is done, where something
has touched you deeply, you have touched you deeply.” I’m perhaps helping to inspire a bit, but
distract more than anything. Something has really touched you. Something has really clicked, and suddenly
you realize it is time – time to live abundantly, time to get out of your
damn head, time to stop thinking about abundance and time to
stop making excuses about abundance, time to stop letting other people influence your
lack of abundance, time for all that to end. You’ve let it go. Take a moment. Take a good deep breath. We’ve finished. It’s all done. You’ve had that profound touching moment
that you were hoping to have. And the funny thing is, it doesn’t have
to occur during this Clinic. It can occur a week later. It doesn’t really
matter. But you’ve had that profound touching moment. It fills your body. You get those chills up and down your body. You’re almost aghast or astounded at how
simple this was but how difficult that you actually made it. Suddenly, all the parts and pieces seem to
come together. Suddenly, you realize how you’ve lived a
life of lack of abundance and it’s like a tired old suit. It’s
time to turn it in. It’s time to donate it, at least the energy
of it, to something else. Now you’re at a crucial point here, because
you have realization. You have consciousness that you might
have not had clearly before. You’re at a crucial point, because now you
have to make that real decision. You have the consciousness, the realization
that you don’t need this anymore, but something is holding you
back. Something. It seems to be something still stuck, like
a rubber band effect, a big rubber band around you, and it seems to pull you back. It’s these voices of the past. It’s the voices of lack. It’s the voices of guilt. “What if I have more than what other people
have? What if I have to live abundantly? What if I have to come
out of my inner shell? What if I have to come forth as a truly embodied
Master?” So these issues you face at this moment. What to do? Well, I’m going to be there with you at
that moment, whether the moment is now or later, and the one
thing I’m not going to let you do is procrastinate. In other words, to say to yourself, “Oh! What an amazing
moment. It’s like I have so much clarity. It’s all here. I have knowingness, but what do I do? What do I do?” So I’m going to be right there with you
saying, “You have to make a decision right now.” No more saying,
“I don’t know.” It doesn’t work. No more saying, “I’ll think about it.” Thinking is just stinking. No more
procrastinating. You either do or you don’t, and I don’t
care. I do not care. The other angelic beings don’t
care. Your family doesn’t care. Nobody cares which decision you make. Only you. Even your aspects, your past life aspects,
they kind of don’t … well, they do care. Actually, they’re going to
try to influence you to just think about it, because you realize once you make that decision
to move forward into abundance, they have to integrate back
with you. They can’t play their games anymore. You can’t have
all of these charades going on. It’s time to get real. So here we are at this moment of truth, this
moment of decision. What to do? You get caught up in the
12 thinking. That’s very natural to get caught up in
the thinking. You get confused. You get cloudy. It’s like,
“Oh, I took the abundance class and I’m not sure. What did he tell me to do? What am I supposed to do right
now?” You stop. You take a deep breath, and you feel into
the passion of your soul. (pause)
That will give you the answer right then and there, that passion of the soul, and you’re
going to feel it. I
don’t want to put words into your head, but you’re going to feel the soul saying,
“I want to live. I want to
experience. I want to go beyond just enough.” And you take a deep breath and you make your
decision, either, “I am abundant” or “I’ll go
back and play the old game for a while.” But please don’t say, “I don’t
know” or “I’ll think about it.” It’s as simple at that moment, as simple
as saying, “I choose abundance.” Boom! Okay, let’s come back now to here. It’s that simple. (Mis)Perceptions
Now, let’s talk about some of the perceptions about abundance – Linda, a new slide – perceptions,
and actually misperceptions. But they’re things that you hold on to,
they’re belief systems that are ingrained. We’re not going to fight these belief systems. We’re not going to try to overcome them
or wrassle with them. It’s just about being aware of some simple,
simple belief systems. Number one on the list. This is perceptions. (to Linda) Title it perceptions. And – well, I’ll state a few and
then I’ll ask for your input – but perceptions about money. ~ Money is Limited
One of them is that money or energy is limited. Limited. I mean, you’ve lived that way. You’ve heard your
parents say, “Well, we don’t have enough money to buy you this or buy you that. We don’t have enough
money to pay for your college. You have to always save up for a rainy day.” It’s like there is a limitation to energy,
and there’s really not. There is more energy in my hand – in Cauldre’s
hand – right now, there is more energy in his hand to power this whole community for
months of time, and this is just a little part of all of creation. Can you imagine all of the energy? There’s so much energy that if all
the souled beings in all of creation all used the maximum amount of energy that they could
possibly imagine, they’re only going to use a small fraction
of all the energy that’s available, because energy originally came
from the passion of the soul, and that passion of the soul is so grand. There’s just a lot of energy. You could never use the amount of energy in
your life that you could even imagine. You could never use the
amount of energy in your life that would even make a tiny, little tiny, tiny dent on the
energy that’s available on this planet. So get over it. There’s a lot of energy out there, everywhere. You’re never going to take energy from another
person or deprive them of their energy. There is this kind
of martyr consciousness that some of you have. “Well, if I use too much, I’m depriving
someone else.” No,
you’re not. There’s a lot of energy. ~ Money is the Root of Evil
Okay, another perception or, better stated, misperception: Energy is the root of all evil. Who came up with
that? Pretty simple. People that wanted to control. People that were rich said that. (a few chuckles)
LINDA: Energy is evil? ADAMUS: Money is the root of all evil. Money is the root of all evil, but it gets
put into your brain. It’s a
hypnotic overlay, and then you just believe it. Even if you don’t remember it, even if you’re
not thinking about it consciously, but money is the root
of evil. It was rich people that came up with that. Pretty smart,
these rich people, to say that, or organizations or groups or churches or anything else, because,
“Huh, boy. If
everybody had stuff, they’re going to want to take mine, and I’m not going to be the
rich guy. I’m not going
to be on top of the mountain. So I’m going to say money is the root of
all evil.” But it’s not. Money, abundance is simply gifting yourself. Simply giving to yourself, and don’t feel
selfish about it. The true Master in the New Energy, the true
New Energy teacher should be wildly abundant, should have a
nice car that doesn’t break down. You don’t have to have a Rolls Royce with
a chauffeur, although it is kind of nice, but at least a car that’s not breaking
down. You should be able to buy a new car every
year, every two years, every three years. You shouldn’t be driving around in a wreck. Think of it this way. Think of this. You have a responsibility because you said
that you want to be embodied Masters. You’re going to be the Standard for others. They’re going to be looking to you. They’re going to be
looking at what kind of example you’re setting. They’re going to be looking to see if you’re
real. And if you
show up with a beat up, rusted out, smoky car that makes a lot of noise, it’s going
to absolutely turn them off, because it’s not what they aspire to
have. Clothes. Food. A nice house. It’s going to be tough living as an embodied
Master in this Old Energy world. There’s a lot of rough vibration out there,
and it’s going to get rougher. These next few years are going to
be really tough. You want a home that you can go to – or
a flat or whatever it is, but I kind of like homes –
with nature, with a nice yard that’s all yours where you can garden, where you can
dig, where you can do whatever. You’re going to need it for your rejuvenation. If you live in a noisy apartment with noisy
neighbors and you can’t find a parking spot and the building
people don’t take care of the maintenance issues, this depletes you. This tires you out. This throws you back
into a very old dynamic. So I want you to have a nice home – a very
nice home – with nice furniture, because when I come to visit, I don’t want sit in
some old chair, dirty chair. Old stuff carries a lot of Old Energy and
old vibrations. And no I just don’t like that. So, yeah, you’ll understand if I stand outside
the door. It’s just
time to get some new furniture. You need to have money so that you can instantly
call up the airlines and book a first class ticket to somewhere,
because you’re needed. Your light is needed somewhere in the world,
somewhere even just down the street. You need to be able to travel in comfort. It’s not excess. It’s not anything. Everybody should travel first
class, but a lot of people are choosing not to. You should travel in a way that’s becoming
of a Master. ~ Masters are Poor
Please – next misperception, by the way, is that the Master is poor. The Master has no physical belongings
because these things are bad. I doubt it. I doubt it. I had many palaces. Not just little apartments, not just a little
hovel somewhere. I didn’t live in hovels. I had castles and I had servants and I was
proud to have servants. Guess what? It’s only the Master that can be in service. Everybody else is but a servant, meaning that
the Master is in the truest level of service without
agenda, with total compassion, but the truest level. And the
Master allows all energies to serve them. You might write this down. (to Linda) This is not a misperception. LINDA: On a new slide? ADAMUS: Sure. I’ve said it before in our groups, but the
Master allows energy to serve them. This is the definition of grace3
– allowing energy to serve you. I had servants. I was proud of it. I paid them well. I treated them exceptionally
well. They were fortunate simply to be in my presence,
and that’s not a joke. And I want you to start feeling
that. They were fortunate to be in my presence,
because I am constantly, as you will constantly be doing,
radiating the light of love, of compassion, of balance. So yes, indeed, anyone who you come in contact
with is blessed. There’s an automatic blessing that’s there. Automatic blessing. You don’t even have to do anything; just
them being in your presence. So, my dear friends, you want to be abundant. It’s truly, I’m going to say, a requirement
of the new embodied Master. This whole thing of the Master, the guru being
without worldly possessions, that was for an era gone past,
a bygone era. And some of them did, because they were challenged
with … they felt that the physical joys of life were a distraction. There was a consciousness back then that physical
is bad, that the body is bad, that it’s going to do things
like eat and poop and have sex and all the other things. So there was a denial of the body. But every one of
them – every one of them, including Kuthumi and Buddha and all the rest of them – came
to realize that the body is to be loved and integrated and enjoyed
and have pleasure with it. It wasn’t to be denied. Worldly
goods are to be enjoyed. Some of you have had past life experiences
where you’ve been very rich, and you’ve abused the power, and
you feel really guilty about it. You were so abusive. It wasn’t the money. It was your power. Maybe money
was power to the power game, but you’ve now shut off that money flow because you’re
afraid you’re going to abuse it. I can tell you right now you’re not going
to even if you try to. You can’t. You simply can’t. When you reach
a point of consciousness, you can no longer abuse it. It’s offensive. It’s appalling. You wouldn’t want to
do it. You’re going to have a lot of abundance,
and you’re going to share it – not out of guilt; you’re just
going to share it because – and it’ll keep flowing in. And you’re not going to abuse it. You have too much
3 For more information see Ahmyo: The State of Divine Grace consciousness right now about things like power. Power is an illusion.4
You don’t need power. Power is for
people who don’t realize that everything is already within. ~ Requires Intelligence
Other misperceptions about abundance, or let’s talk just money. Another one. You have to be intelligent. You
have to have a good education. You have to come from a good family or you
have to understand finances. Not at all. Not at all. In my lifetime, my last lifetime as St. Germain,
I attended Mystery Schools when I was very young, but there wasn’t a lot of what
you would call regular education. I learned mathematics, but more
on a cosmic level, not on the mundane Earth level. I wasn’t schooled in finances at all. I never in my lifetime as St. Germain had
a job. How appalling. How disgusting. (some laughter) Truly. Disgusting. I couldn’t imagine it, and I joke sometimes
– but it’s not such joke – to me the epitome of
mediocrity is having a business card, a job title, that you’re a mid-level manager. You work in a cubicle. You’re a mid-level manager. My dear god, I thought that my crystal prison
of 100,000 years5 was difficult. But I do think that a mid-level manager stuck
in a cubicle is even worse. (some chuckles)
I never had a job in my life. Never worked for anyone. Not that there’s anything wrong with jobs
… well, yeah, kind of there is. You’re going to end up working for yourself. And it doesn’t mean to go out and quit
your job today, but you are. When your consciousness comes around, you’re
going to end up being your own boss. Never had a job, but I had plenty of money,
a lot of money. I actually – this is the first time I’ve
told this story – but I actually do not remember where
the money came from. Now, isn’t that odd. I had what would
be considered today, I would have been a billionaire, multi-billionaire back then. I didn’t work. I don’t
remember where the money came from. I was never beholden to anyone. I assume people gave me money
or things. I don’t remember. But I wasn’t beholden to them. I wasn’t their slave. If they gave me great sums
of money, I don’t know. I didn’t have anybody manage my money for
me, but it was always there. I rode in
elegant coaches. Why not? I had the finest horses. Loved horses. Meals, I mostly ate ground oats with honey
and nuts, but I could have afforded huge banquets, and I did throw great parties with the best
French wine. Only French wine. But yet I did not know where my money came
from. I couldn’t even keep track of all of my
land holdings, my properties. I didn’t feel a bit guilty about it. And you would feel guilty. Immediately you would start
putting limits saying, “Well, I can only have two castles, and I have to know all the
names of my servants. Oh, I can’t have servants.” Yeah, you can! Call them employees, it’s the same thing. But treat them well,
obviously. Treat them well. Pay them well. Pay them really, really well. So, dear friends …
LINDA: You sound like Forrest Gump. (Adamus chuckles)
ADAMUS: So you don’t have to have the education, intelligence, financial background. Actually, it’s a little
bit of a hindrance, because then you get too intellectual about it. You limited yourself before you ever get
4 Watch Adamus’ message “Farewell to Power” on YouTube
5 More info about Adamus crystal prison on the Crimson Circle blog going. You stop the flow. You don’t need that. It doesn’t matter if you never graduated
from high school. It
doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about business. You know what? Abundance doesn’t know anything about business. Consciousness doesn’t give a damn
about business. You don’t have to have that background. There are those who will tell you that you
do – “In order to make money you have to work hard.” That’s
another one on our list. You don’t have to work hard! Maybe you want to work hard. You don’t have to work
hard. You’ll probably have to do something. In other words, you can’t just sit in the
throne in your castle all the time. Well, you could, but you’ll get kind of
bored. You’ll want to get up and, well, make the
effort to step into your coach, or in this case a fancy
car, and drive it down the street, unless you have a chauffeur. But you don’t have to work hard. Get over that one. That one was instilled in so many of you by
parents and teachers. No. And you don’t even have to work smart. You just have to let that abundance flow in. That’s all. That’s all. Without feeling guilty about it, without feeling
shame, without wondering whether you deserve it or not. Other misperceptions about money, what are
they? What are some of your misperceptions? ~ Spiritual Should Be Free
How about the one that’s sitting right in front of you right now, the one that – it’s
tied into some of the other ones we talked about – but if you’re doing
spiritual work, you can’t charge for it. LINDA: Oooh! ADAMUS: That is sick! That’s just plain disgusting sick. And who’s saying that? It’s the people without
any money that want to feed off of you, that are manipulating you. That’s saying, “Well, but this is spiritual
work. It should be free.” I doubt it. It should be more expensive than anything
on this planet. It should be the
most expensive thing, and you should make them want it so much that they manifest the
money by a miracle. I know so many of you, you have problems manifesting
enough money for a meal sometimes. But yet if
there’s really a class you want to go to, it’s really weird. And suddenly the money is there, and you’re
like, “How did that show up? Where’d that come from?” And then you take the class. Have you stopped to feel? It was the passion! You say, “Oh! I’ve got to take that class!” It’s also a little bit of an addiction,
a little bit of a sickness that you have to take that class. No you don’t. No. But at least it showed you something. With
a little passion, you can manifest. But then you got back into the old patterns,
back into the old patterns Spirituality – I don’t care what it is,
spirituality or anything that you do, whether you’re a woodworker, whether
you’re an accountant or anything – charge a lot for it. Whatever you’re charging right now, if you
are doing work independent, please double it before
we finish today. Please double your rates. “Oh! How could I do
that,” you say. “People are barely willing to pay.” Well, then you’ve got the wrong people. You truly have the
wrong people that want your service. And there’s a lot of feeding going on,6
and you think it has to be cheap or you give it away. Then you get the people who really don’t
want change. They just want to feed on your energy. Get real about it. They don’t love you. They just want to feed off you. And they tell you, “You’re the best
teacher I ever had. If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I could
stay on this planet.” Egh! Because once they tire
6 Free recording on Energy Vampires; info on the life-changing Sexual Energies School. you, wear you out, they’re going to go down
the street to the next cheapo facilitator and drain them, and then
the next and the next. And they’re going to forget your name by
the end of the day. Double your rates, have a little self-worth,
and then after that double them again. And you’re going to find
that suddenly you’re attracting – big word, attracting – the right people, and
they’re willing to pay for it. And
suddenly you’re abundant and suddenly you’re a better teacher and suddenly you can give
them even better advice where it doesn’t take years and years
and years of therapy. You can do a transformation with them, if
they are willing, do a transformation – snap! – just like that. And then somebody will start to complain and
say, “Well, it only took five minutes for you to change my
life, but geez you just charged two thousand dollars.” And you say, “Yeah, next time it’s going
to be ten thousand.” (some chuckles)
~ It Means Greed There’s a dynamic in it, and it has nothing
to do with greed. That’s another perception – you have to
be greedy if you want money. You’re a greedy person. No you’re not. You’re a wise person. You’re a person
who’s enjoying life. If others don’t choose to have abundance,
don’t choose to enjoy life, that’s their issue,
not yours. You’re choosing to enjoy life. This is probably going to be one of the last
lifetimes, probably the last lifetime, for a lot of you on this planet. Boy, if I were you, and I was, I would want
it to be abundant. I would want to travel. I would want a nice
house. I would want to be able to give to charity
when I wanted to. I would want to be able to throw lavish
parties for my friends. I would want to do it not because I was greedy
or because I was being arrogant. But
I would want to do it because (a) this is my last lifetime on this planet, I want to
go out right; and (b) I want to leave a shining example of an abundant
life so others could follow suit. Let’s take a good deep breath. We’re going to take a breath and we’re
going to come back and talk about patterns and then we’re going to
get into the passion of the soul. I am ever-present and ever-abundant. And by the way, I do have to mention. It is a little difficult on me – a little
difficult, I have to say – when you call on me, invite me into your house and
well, it’s not as elegant as what I would like. So with that, I Am Adamus, in service. LINDA: So please, just take a few deep breaths
and flow with the consciousness, the energy that Adamus is
flowing to us, flowing for each of us. Just take that deep breath. Reflect on what you heard, what you felt. What does it meant to you. Just be with the breath, stay with the flow. Just allow the energy to move and flow
with each breath. LINDA: I invite each of us to be in the flow
of this Now moment, the breath. The deep and conscious breath
is flow. It’s the flow of energy, the flow of air,
of life, of all that each of us are. So please, in this Now moment, whether you’re
sitting in this room or you’re at any point listening in to
this, no matter where we are, breathe into this Now moment, because that’s all that
matters is our breathing and this Now moment, always. So breathe and flow. Breathe and invite Adamus in close if you
choose. Breathe with all that you are, opening and
unfolding in this experience, in this Now moment. Breathe. ADAMUS: I Am that I Am, the eternal Adamus. Let’s continue with our Abundance Clinic. Let’s come back to perceptions, or actually
what are really misperceptions. Linda, we’ll need you at this writing tablet
once again. LINDA: Oh, my pleasure! ADAMUS: We’ve talked about consciousness
and the fact that you are consciousness, you’re not energy. We’ve talked about the fact that there’s
energy everywhere all around you. Energy is not just things that
are physical or things that blow up. But there’s energy in forms that you’re
not even aware of. But yet it is
serving you. It’s here, always available. It’s attracted by your passion. Attracted into your life by your passion. It’s really not given out by others. There is no angelic Council of Abundance that
decides whether you’re worthy or not. God actually
doesn’t care one way or the other, sorry, but does not care if you’re abundant or
not. And your soul – your soul really doesn’t care like the human
does, because to the soul, you’re just going through a rich
experience no matter what it is. Another Misperception
The next and final misperception and perhaps the most important one for you to consider
is when you say, “I am not abundant.” LINDA: Mmmm. ADAMUS: You actually absolutely are. So that’s “I am not abundant” (to Linda). I hear that from so many
of you, said in different ways. “I don’t have money. I don’t have this. I don’t have that.” But you’re really
saying “I’m not abundant,” and therefore, that’s exactly what you attract. You actually attract an abundance of lack. You think in terms of abundance as just perhaps
wealth or maybe love or friendships or things like that, material
goods. But every one of you is abundant. Perhaps not in the
way that’s most comfortable to you as the human, but every one of you is abundant. I have those that come to me, talk to me at
night or while driving down the road or just cuss at me and say,
“Adamus, I don’t have a job. I’m not abundant.” And I say to them – but they can’t hear
very well at times – I say to them, “You have a tremendous amount
of abundance. You have an abundance of time, particularly
compared to those who have jobs that have to work a certain number of hours. What do you mean you’re not
abundant? You’re tremendously free. You don’t have to go into work at a scheduled
time every day. You’ve
got the whole day wide open to yourself. That’s tremendous abundance.” Actually, the thing that I would consider
one of the most valuable of all is time. Time. And those who aren’t
working have plenty of time. There are those who say, “Adamus, I have
a physical ailment. I have some disease or disability.” You
have an abundance of lack of physical health, a tremendous abundance. What an experience to have this
abundance of physical issues. Maybe it’s not what you want anymore. Maybe you’re tired of it. But also I
ask you – and you’re always not so happy – I say “Maybe you’re using that as
an excuse.” Oh, you get mad
at me about that. You have an abundance – whether it’s an
abundance of love from others or an abundance of no love from
others; an abundance of love from yourself or perhaps an abundance of no love from yourself. But whatever
it is, it’s an abundance. You’ve got a lot of it. Maybe an abundance of pain, an abundance of
doubt and confusion, but you always have abundance. So let’s get over this whole thing of saying,
“I’m not abundant” or “I’m not wealthy” or “I don’t have a lot
of energy.” Oh, no, no, no. You have a lot of energy. You have a lot of abundance, and maybe it’s
freedom or time or lack of responsibility. A lot of you who aren’t doing anything and
complaining about it, you don’t have a lot of responsibility. You can kind of do what you want. Let’s get over this whole thing of saying
that you don’t have abundance. You have a tremendous amount of it. It’s really more of a matter where do you
want to channel that abundance? Where do you want to direct that
abundance into your life? And you as the souled being can do that. Where do you want that energy going into? And I come back to one of my opening statements:
If there’s something in your life right now, it must be
serving you. You must want it there, otherwise it wouldn’t
be there. Nobody else is putting it there. Nobody
else is forcing you to accept something that you think you don’t want. So you have a tremendous amount of abundance,
but where are you going to channel it? Where are you
going to put that energy? Now, that’s putting some of you on the spot
here, and I hear you starting to say, “But, but Adamus, you don’t
understand.” I do understand. I understand that you’re involved in a very
interesting and deep and emotional game of some sort. That’s why I said before, what would life
be different like if you had a lot of money or
a lot of love or a lot of health? What would you have to let go of? What would you have to change in your
life? And are you really willing to do that? Are you really willing to go to that next
step? It might mean going through something very
life changing. It might mean having to get rid of the parasites
that are in your life feeding off you. I’m talking about family members and friends. It’s true. It might mean
having to let go of what you call your love relationship, which it really isn’t. It’s a karmic – in many cases
– a karmic relationship, and it’s one of feeding and it’s one of power plays. It might mean letting go of some things. And that’s where oftentimes we hit that
big bump in the road. You
say, “Well, no, I want abundance, but I can’t possibly get rid of these other things. What will these people do
without me?” Well, they’ll go feed on somebody else or
you would feed on somebody else. The Question
So it really brings up that issue. You have a lot of abundance in your life. You might have an abundance of
drama. You might have an abundance of boredom, but
you have abundance. Now – now – you have it. You see, I never had to give it to you. You already have it. What are you going to do with it? Are you going to continue playing the same
games? Are you going to continue to tell me how you
don’t have money? Are you going to continue to use health issues
or energy issues or any other issues in your life? Are you going to continue to say you have
to take care of the kids, the family, the world, the dolphins and
everything else? Are you going to continue to come up with
excuses or will you envision or allow something better or different in your life? This is always where we come to in our dream
state discussions/arguments. We have long, long discussions
about this, and I say the very same thing. I say, “You have abundance. What are you going to do with it? Where do you want to direct it to?” And then I get, “Well, I don’t know.” And then I leave, by the way. When
I hear you say that, I walk out. I leave. “I don’t know” or “Let me think about
it.” Nah. You know, you told
me that about three lifetimes ago and that’s getting old now. Or you simply go into a state of confusion,
that glassy look in your eye, and then I leave
also. But I ask you right now, soul being to soul
being, creator to creator, you have abundance – you’ve just been
pretending like you didn’t; you have an abundance of whatever – what are you going
to do with it now? Are
you willing to redirect it, re-channel it, bring in a different type of energy? Before you make any decisions on that, and
I’m amusing myself watching all the energies racing and flowing around right now. You’re a bit exasperated because there’s
a lot of stuff happening at a lot of different levels. “Oh my gosh, I’m being put on the spot.” Eh, you asked for it. A Story
Let me tell you a short story from my upcoming book, “Memoirs of a Master.” The book that is not yet
written, not even published, not even really thought about that much, but it’s already
here. You see, it’s
already done, and now I’m just letting it create itself. So, let’s have the …
SART: Do we get a commission on that? ADAMUS: No commissions! (Adamus chuckles)
SART: You sure?! ADAMUS: I’m charging you double for the
book. (more chuckles)
Let’s get the houselights a little low, as I tell this poignant story of the Master
and the student. We don’t need
music, but just a little dim lighting. This actually is based on a true story, somewhat. The Master was sitting by the beautiful lake
on a warm and sunny day, fishing away. He loved fishing
because this gave him a chance to be in nature and practice his natural abilities of abundance. It seems that
the moment he threw the line in the water, a fish would bite, even though there wasn’t
any bait on the hook. And he would just reel that fish in, admire
its beauty and of course throw it back into the lake. It was almost
effortless, but to the Master this was a great way of experiencing that it comes to you. The fish came to him. They were so attracted he didn’t even need
to put a worm on the hook. As he was
enjoying the peace and quiet of this beautiful day in nature, suddenly he heard the rustling
in the bushes behind him, turned around to see one of his
students, Richard, approaching him in desperation. The Master took a deep breath. “Here we go again,” he thought to himself. “It’s Richard.” Richard came up to the Master and said, “Master! Master! I’m in a terrible state of being. In spite of all the
classes I’ve taken, in spite of all the teaching and the studying, I find myself in
worse condition than ever. I’m broke. I can’t pay my bills. My car is in the shop and I have not enough
money to get it out. I’m behind
on paying for my house, and there’s a good chance that I’m going to lose it. I barely have enough money to
eat. Master! Master! What can I do? Please, I’m desperate for your help. Tell me something, Master. Share
something with me, Master. But I’m on the edge. I think, Master, I’m going to cross over
the line. I don’t
want to live anymore.” The Master took a deep breath and laughed
to himself – not out loud, of course, but laughed to himself
– because he had heard this so many times from Richard and others like Richard. The moment of desperation,
but potentially an important moment because, well, moments like these were the times when
humans seem to make the greatest changes, or not. So the Master said, “Dear Richard, how much
money do you need to resolve your problems? How much
money is it that you need?” And Richard took a deep breath and said, “Master! Master! I only need five thousand dollars.” And the Master without showing any expression
on his face laughed to himself and he said, “Stupid Richard,
he should have asked for fifty thousand.” But he’s so desperate, so limited in his
thoughts, and even in his imagination that he asked only for five thousand
dollars. The Master paused for a long time, intentionally
of course, playing out the whole drama that he was having
with Richard, and actually rather enjoying it, because the Master saw himself in Richard
from about five lifetimes ago. Desperate, still feeding off of other people,
still, in spite of all the classes and the schools and
everything else, still insisting that things were outside of him rather than within him. Finally, the Master said “Richard, I’ll
loan you the money. I’ll give you the money, five thousand dollars.” And the Master reached into his pocket, and
even though he hadn’t put any money into his pocket earlier
that day, when he put his hand in, he suddenly found five thousand dollars, exactly what
was needed. And
that’s the way it is with Masters. Now, whether he actually put money in his
pocket that morning intuitively knowing Richard would come
along or not, he had forgotten, because it didn’t matter. The money was there. The Master didn’t even know
where he got the money. It was just there, and he didn’t question
it. So he handed the money to Richard, one hundred
dollars at time, counting it out. Richard’s eyes were wide
open. He couldn’t believe that the Master was
actually giving him this money. He couldn’t believe that now
he could go and solve his problems, pay his bills, get his car fixed. Of course, he promised a lot of things to
the Master in this moment of desperation. “I’ll pay you back,
Master, with interest.” The Master laughed to himself, “Here goes
Richard lying again.” He said, “Oh
Master, I’ll never ever forget what you’ve done to me.” And the Master laughed again, and he said,
“Yes, yes, and one of these days you’ll either
forget me or betray me, but it doesn’t matter.” The Master finished handing Richard the money
and Richard ran, with barely a real thanks, a genuine
thanks, but ran off. The Master went back to fishing, pulling in
one fish after the other. “So easy it is,”
thought the Master, “This whole thing of fishing. It’s like life. It comes to you. You take what you need. You
put the rest back, but you never limit yourself.” Six months later, the Master was sitting at
an outdoor café, once again enjoying the beautiful weather
and having a triple shot caramel macchiato (laughter), with three chocolate croissants,
because, you see, a Master doesn’t diet. A Master doesn’t worry about all these things. That’s for the limited humans who think
that things are bad for them. The Master could eat anything. Whether it was fish or whether it was a caramel
macchiato, it didn’t matter. And the Master could drink five of them and
it didn’t matter, because his body was always responding to him. It didn’t matter that there were a lot of
calories or too much caffeine or what the scientist said about coffee or anything
else. The Master was in command of his body and
his energy, so it responded appropriately to him. While sipping his wonderful drink on this
beautiful sunny day, he happened to look up and notice Richard
walking by. Richard looked a mess. His clothes were tattered. His hair was disheveled. He had a long grungy beard by this time, worn out sandals and dirty feet. The Master thought to himself, “This is
not what a Master should look like,” and of course,
Richard was not a Master. The Master called out and said, “Richard! Richard! Come over for a moment. Have a cup of coffee.” Richard said, “But I, I, I, I don’t have
any money. I can’t afford a cup.” The Master said, “Well, that’s too
bad. I guess you can watch me enjoy mine.” Now, the Master had once had given him five
thousand dollars; one would think that the Master could easily
buy him a cup of coffee, even plain coffee. But the Master was tired of playing the game
now. The Master said, “Richard, what happened? What happened to the money? What happened to your life?” “Oh, Master, Master! It was terrible. I took the money and I got my car out of the
shop, but a week later I was in a terrible accident, smashed my car. It was totaled.” And he said, “On top of that,” he said,
“I was at the store one night and thieves came in,
robbers, and they took most of the rest of the money. And what
little I had left I had to give to a friend who was terribly desperate, so I have nothing
left.” And he said, “As
a matter of fact, Master, I’m more in debt than I ever was.” And Richard said, “Master, would it be possible
– please, I’ll never, ever ask you again, I promise – for
another five thousand dollars today. I’ll gladly repay on Tuesday.” Oh, that’s silly. “I’ll gladly repay you in
six months the rest of all the money, all the money with interest, of course, Master.” The Maser took a deep breath and said, “No. No Richard. I wanted prove a point to you, and I did. And the
point is that you’re in a pattern and you’re not willing to get out. And that pattern is ‘just enough.’ You’re in
that consciousness of ‘just enough,’ and no matter if I had given you ten thousand
dollars or fifty thousand dollars, I could have predicted that we would
be meeting like this, and that you would once again be broke,
once again desperate, once again trying to feed off of me, once again lying to yourself. Once was enough,
Richard. No more. And, as a matter of fact, Richard, not only
do you owe me the five thousand dollars from before plus interest, but you owe me for all
the classes that you’ve been coming to. And I don’t want to see
you again until you fully repay every penny.” End of the story. That was funny. (Adamus chuckles) Memoirs of the Master – always
a funny ending. (some laughter)
Are You Ready? But it’s life. It’s life like what so many of you have
experienced, maybe still experiencing. You’re in a
pattern, and actually I have this saying, and it’s literally on the wall of one of
the Mystery Schools – “Give a victim a million dollars, two years later
he’ll be in debt two million dollars” – because it’s a pattern. It’s
feeding. It’s lack of responsibility. It’s an abundance of non-abundance. It’s staying in the same energy. Always, always making excuses. Never taking a look at yourself in the mirror. Never saying, “I am done
with this old way.” So many of you want to win the lottery. Thank god you haven’t, because you’d be
twice as bad off in a year from now. You’d be coming to me more miserable than
ever wishing that you had never gotten that money,
because you’re in a pattern – a pattern of lack, a pattern of feeding, a pattern of
not allowing yourself to have what you deserve. Abundance is a God-given right. From the moment that Spirit gave you identity,
your Self, you also had all the abundance and all the energy you ever
needed. But so many get caught up in the victim energy,
caught up in the game, caught up in why they can’t
do things, in limitations. So many are like Richard. Even if you
had a million dollars, you’d use it to destroy yourself. So what you do is you stay in a consciousness
of just barely enough. You destroy yourself just a little bit
at a time, rather than all at once. You destroy your natural creator abilities
with excuses, with delays and procrastinations. You destroy the joy of life that is your god-given
right by holding back and limiting and then making excuses for it, blaming others,
talking about conspiracies, talking about ‘the man.’ There is no
man, other than you – or woman – that’s holding back. Nothing. I don’t care what country you live in. I don’t
care what your opportunities were. I don’t care if you come from a rich family
or poor family, if you’re smart or stupid. None of that matters. They’re all excuses. There’s only one thing that counts – whether
you’re ready to channel abundance into your life in a joyful
way, in a fulfilling way, in a wealthy gifted way; or are you going to continue walking
down that path of just barely enough with a lot of excuses. This is not a mental exercise. This is not from up here (head). You’ve tried it before. You’ve tried battling it
and struggling it. You’ve tried to hypnotize yourself or used
chants or all sorts of stupid gimmicks to bring
abundance into your life, and they don’t work, especially when you’re in patterns,
when you’re like Richard, when you would receive something and then
literally direct energy right back into your old patterns. It’s actually a bit of a curse in a way
when you do receive something. What do you do? You use it as energy
to continue destroying the joy of life. You get a little bit of money and what do
you do? It slips right out of
your hands or you spend it on really abusing yourself. Or you give it to other people thinking that
you’re not worthy. You let it slip right out of your life back
into the pattern. Thank god that you haven’t won the
lottery. We’d have a whole different nasty, ugly
energy sitting here. Thank yourself at least for not receiving
the wealth before you were really ready for it. And I come back to the question, are you really
ready? It’s going to change your life. It’s going to change
your relationships. It’s going to change your perceptions, everything. Are you really ready for true abundance? Because if you are, it will be there, just
like the fish coming to the Master. It’s that easy. There are no gimmicks. There are no secrets in this. There’s no waving of wands. There are no magic formulas in abundance. It’s realizing that energy is everywhere. There’s no limit on it. It’s realizing that you’re already abundant,
but in odd and sometimes perverse ways, even an abundance of
just barely enough. And now the question comes back to you for
the third time. Are you really ready for abundance? You say
you are. You dream of money, but are you going to be
like Richard? Are you going to be the one who’s given
a million and two years later is in debt two million? Are you ready for the joy of life? It would seem like an obvious question, but
after so many lifetimes of patterns, after so much abusing of
yourself, after so much limitation, I wonder. I said when we began only a small percent
of you who are watching or listening are really going to open
up and to gift yourself. The rest of you are still struggling with
your issues, wondering if you’re worthy, thinking that, “No, no, no, no. Adamus, you must have missed the mark here,
because you were supposed to give us a formula. You were supposed to give us something magical.” I’ll tell you something to validate
my point, that a very small percent of you will actually rise to abundance, wealth. The Crystal Caves
I talked about the crystal caves last year.1 There are 21 crystal caves on this planet
filled with crystals and their energies. They’re real. They’re literal. They’re under the Earth. It’s not for you to go there and take
the crystals and put them in your pocket, but it’s for you to go there and feel into
that energy of massive abundance, unlimited abundance, channeled
where you want it to go in your life. A few of you visited. It was very strange. I thought there would be thousands or more
coming to these crystal caves. Most of you just thought about it. Most of you never took five minutes to sit
down, to call me, to say, “Let go. I’m ready, Adamus, to visit the crystal
caves,” to feel that energy of abundance, to feel just the
awesomeness of energy, the likes of which you’ve never felt in your lifetime on this
planet. I took but a few,
and out of those few that actually went with me, that actually went into the caves and
felt that energy, only a few of those few were actually ready to
bring it into their lives. The rest of you thought about it. The rest of you thought, “Oh, crystal caves. Okay, where’s my check in the
mail?” That’s not a commitment. That’s not a change of your old patterns. That’s the same old thing. And I
wasn’t going to drag you there without you making the choice that you were ready. The crystal caves are still there. It’s not just a metaphor. They’re very real. The energies are very real. They
will help get you anything you choose. But the question is, once again, are you ready? I will not tolerate – I will not tolerate
in my classes – those who are still in ‘just enough’ consciousness. In
other words, “I just want enough to pay my bills and get by.” It doesn’t work anymore for a Master. I will
not tolerate it. I don’t want somebody asking to go to the
crystal caves so they can have just more just enough. It’s either
all or nothing. There’s not part way in wealth. You understand? There’s not a little bit of wealth. It’s all
or nothing. There’s abundance, there’s energy, or
there’s continuing to live in ‘just enough’ consciousness. Where we are going as Masters in the New Energy,
as examples for others, as ones who create in ease and
grace, there is no room for just enough or just a little more. You’re just Richards at that point. You’re just
going to use it. You’re just going to bring more energy into
the very misery of your life that you’ve had up to
now. Given more energy – without a shift of consciousness,
given more energy – you’re just going to have
more desperation, more illness, more problems, more dramas, more traffic jams, more junk. So we come to the moment of truth here in
the Abundance Clinic. If you’re not willing to go forth, please
get out. Turn off that Internet of yours, walk out
of the door here or let’s get on with it. 1 The crystal caves are mentioned in the March
2013 Shoud and in the Grand Canyon Journey Abundance Merabh
Let’s take a good deep breath as we go into our merabh,2
with a little bit of music in the background. (several
selections from PremiumBeat.com) A merabh is a time of changing consciousness,
shifting consciousness, in this case, out of limitation, out
of lack into grand abundance, channeled into health for your body, channeled into wisdom,
channeled into knowingness, channeled into more money, of
course, a nice house, a good car, many cars, without guilt,
without shame. It’s time. You deserve it. It’s time, for all of you. Now, I caution you one more time, from the
heart of my very being, I caution you. Do not go any further
with this right now unless you are fully committed. Otherwise, it’s going to tear you apart. Having more
energy come into your life directed at the same old crap, same old consciousness, is
going to tear you apart. It’s going to hurt. You’ll make Richard look like an angel. This is only if you’re ready. Take a good deep breath. In this merabh of abundance you allow without
forcing. You allow a shift in consciousness into abundance
– abundance that serves you well, energy that
serves you well. No longer in lack, no longer with your excuses,
no longer with any limitations. In this merabh of consciousness, the shift
comes in and takes away any old vows you had about poverty. It washes away any old beliefs that you had
about money or having more than other people. It washes away any old beliefs about the need
to suffer or to work hard. In this merabh the consciousness shifts and
changes the old perceptions about how money is acquired. It shifts away thoughts that you had to be
smart or understand finances. That’s not true. This merabh washes away eons and lifetimes
of old beliefs, old hypnotic overlays. It washes away the things that have limited
you from enjoying life. These things were not really yours. These things didn’t belong to you. Now in this merabh without any force, without
any thinking, you allow these things to be cleansed from
your being, released back to pure states of energy so that they can serve you in wealth,
in wellbeing. In this merabh, there’s no thinking in terms
of trying to think about abundance. You just receive it. It’s not
from God. It’s not from me. It’s inherent in your soul. It is yours. It always has been. You see, abundance comes from the passion
of the soul. 2 See the Crimson Circle Glossary for the
definition of “merabh” Your soul, your consciousness – not your
thoughts or your mind, but your soul, your consciousness – has
such passion to exist. One could say that true abundance begins with
the realization of the “I Exist.” Clear away all the thoughts, all the commotion
in the mind, and you come back to the very simple, simple
passion – “I Exist.” That’s the original passion. The passion when you left Home3
and realized that you exist. The miracle, the
first awareness – “I Exist! I Am. I Am that I Am.” “I Exist!” This is not a thought. This is a deep passion. This is an awareness, a realization – “I
Exist! Praise
be, I Exist. Nothing else matters. “I exist not because of anything or anyone
else. I exist as a sovereign being. I’m beholden to no one, to no
thing. I Exist.” It’s the song of the soul, a song that the
soul has sung for ages, waiting for you, the human, to hear it. “I
Exist. I Exist.” This is the passion, my friends. It’s not a thought, a belief, a mantra. It is a deep passion. It’s the Kaikho,4
the passion, the flame within – “I Exist.” It’s the awakening and the reawakening – “I
Exist.” (pause)
In this moment of realization into feeling from the soul, “I Exist,” this ignites,
brings forth all of the energies, your energies, energies that might have been
dormant for a long time; energies that are interdimensional, not
just based here on Earth; energies that are cosmic, sacred, pure. And they’re yours. They wake up, they activate with the passion
of the “I Exist. I’m alive. I Exist.” The energies wake up and
they say, “It’s time. Let’s line up for this soul, for this human. Let’s line up and go to work. Dear human, dear
soul, here we are. What do you want us to do for you? How can we serve you? We’re your energies. We’re
here. How can we serve you now?” (pause)
You take a deep breath and you command the energies. Yes, command. You command the energies – “Serve
me abundantly. Serve me in grace. Serve me in ease and in joy. Serve me, energies, I command you now.” And then you get out of your way. You let it happen. Just as the Master let the fish come to his
line, you let those energies come to you without thinking,
without manipulating, without any ifs, ands or buts, without
wondering when or why or how or if. You just let them. You assume. You know. You feel. Forget about your bank account, your rent. Forget about your bills. Forget about all of those things. Stop
worrying about them. You’ve commanded the energies, and they
serve you. I don’t care if you’re the most
3 For more about your journey from Home, read Journey of the Angels
4 See the Crimson Circle Glossary for the definition of “Kaikho” despicable human on Earth, I don’t care so bold to be in this moment and to feel the
passion of the I Exist, if you are so bold as to shine your light
once again, your past makes no difference at all. You step out of your way and you let those
energies serve you in joy, in ease, in grace. (pause)
You let it flow into your life – a life filled with as much ease as the Master. A life that is not constructed
around thinking, planning, efforting, but a life that has channeled in the highest of
energies, the clearest of energies, the wealthiest and the richest of
energies. “I exist – therefore energy serves me. I exist – therefore I am worthy. I exist – therefore there is no effort. I
exist far beyond that life of just barely enough. I Am that I Am.” And then you shut up. You get out of your way. You don’t think about it anymore. You walk happily down
that road of life smelling the air, feeling into nature and wondering about what you want
to create next knowing that it’s going to happen the moment
you decide to create it. Well, actually you already created it a
long time ago, and now it just comes into your life. Give a Master a million dollars and he’ll
turn it into a billion and then another billion and another billion. All this is natural, my dear friends. This is the natural way
of things. Limitation, lack, these are unnatural. Let’s get back to a natural state, the way
things were always meant to be. Let’s get out of the illusion. Let’s get out of the limitation. Come back to a life of wealth and joy. Take a good deep breath. Linda will do a little breathing with you,
gentle breathing for a few minutes. And me, Adamus, I’m going
to go back fishing. With that, I Am that I Am, the Master. LINDA: So please, as Adamus requested, lets
just stay for a few moments longer. Stay with the flow of the breath. Stay with the flow of energy. Just keep breathing for you, deeply, and in
a way that supports you, your breath, your life. Each of us
breathing abundantly clear. Breathe and integrate. Integrate these feelings within you. Breathe and integrate your own knowingness. Stay with the flow, the breath in, the breath
out. Life breathing life. Breathe the mastery that each of us possess. Breathe, feeling how do you want to get there. It’s our choice. It’s our choice. Breathe. Breathe, staying with the feeling, breathing
the allowing, breathing the energy of abundance. Breathe this experience that each one of us
created here, this Abundance Clinic with Adamus. If you chose to stay, if each of us that chose
to stay, it’s up to us now to stay with it, to breathe with it, to
flow with it, to live with it.