Accessing the Vehicle Jack | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Your Transit comes with a vehicle jack,
jack handle and lug wrench bar that’s easy to access and simple to assemble.
Let me tell you about it. The jack is located under
the passenger seat. To get to it, simply move the seat all the way forward, using either the power control button
located on the side closest to the door, or the manual adjust seat bar
located under the front of the seat. Lift the cover panel by pulling up on it. It’s held in position with Velcro, so
just give it a little tug. Now unstrap the jack by stretching
the rubber hold down strap and releasing, then lift it out. The jack handle and lug wrench are located
in a storage compartment in the side of the passenger seat base, by the step well. Just put your fingers under
the two slots and pull it open. The six-piece jack handle
is inside a pouch, simply unsnap the three
straps to remove it. Now assemble the jack handle by inserting
the male end with the locking button into the tube, making sure it lines up and
snaps into position. Do the same with the remaining pieces. The lug wrench is located further back
inside the storage compartment, so you may need to turn it
a bit to get it out. When replacing the front tires,
position the head of the jack under the protrusions at the rear
of the front subframe, here. For the the rear tires,
place it under the rear axle, like this. Any questions, go to [MUSIC]