Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture Treatment

One important question that people often times
are curious about is what to expect during the treatment. And, a number of people are
concerned when we talk about putting needles in someone and leaving them in for a period
of time. So, it’s important to understand what kind of a process goes in, during the
initial treatment. One of the largest parts of that first treatment that you get is actually
going through the diagnostic system. And, that’s a great deal of asking questions. You’ll
fill out a standard medical form like you do at any doctor’s office, and then the nice
thing is that the acupuncture physician will actually ask you questions about everything
that you’ve put down there. They?re likely to ask you about your diet, lifestyle, your
stresses that may affect you. And, then when it actually gets down to the treatment, they’re
going to try to set a quiet mood and something that’s going to help you to relax. Once they
get you on the table, they’re going to swab some points where they’re going to be putting
in the acupuncture needles. Once those needles are inserted, their actually left from anywhere
from twenty minutes to sometimes even up to forty five minutes, oddly enough about half
of the people will actually fall asleep on the table during this process because they
become so relaxed. So, there’s a number of different size needles that we may use for
those of you who are familiar with sizing in needles, the fillform or solid needles
that we use are actually anywhere from twenty eight to thirty six gauge needles. And, as
you can see from these needles down here, we have one part that’s actually the handle,
this is what the practitioner is able to hold onto, and then we have the actual needle,
the sizes vary in length from fairly long for areas that are fairly deep to get down
to where the muscles may lay, to various smaller needles all the way down to facial needles
that we can actually use for face lifts. A number of other techniques that may be used
in the process is what’s called cupping and we’ll have a series on the cupping therapies
themselves. This is very similar to massage and it’s considered a part of tweena. Then
we have a really interesting thing that you may experience in some of the treatments,
and this is what’s called moxi or moxibustion, this is the burning of an herb over various
acupuncture needles or acupuncture points. So, if you walk into one of the treatment
areas and you smell something that smells vaguely reminiscent of marijuana, I can almost
guarantee you the practitioner is not smoking marijuana, but is actually using the moxibustion
on one of their patients. Usually it’s the more advanced practitioners that are using
this on a regular basis. So, don’t be concerned about this and enjoy your treatment.