Adding Custom Graphics and Objects to your Brady BBP®31 Printer

A great way to enhance your facility’s communications
is to customize them by adding graphics. The BBP31 Sign and Label Printer has many pre-installed
symbols and graphics you can use for your signs and labels. You can also import your
own symbols and graphics. In this video, we’ll show you how to use both the pre-existing
graphics, and how to upload your own. To import a custom graphic, you’ll first want to upload
your image onto a USB drive. Now, all you need to do is plug the USB drive into the
port located on the side of the printer. From there, it’s just a few easy steps. Press the
Menu button located on your printer’s Home screen or label editor. In the System column,
locate and press Import. Then select Graphics. This will show you a list of available files.
Select the appropriate file, and you will see a preview of that image. If this is the
file you would like to upload, simply press Import. Then, press OK. And now, your graphic
has been added to the printer memory. Now let’s create a label that includes your graphic.
From the Home screen, touch the label editor and select Graphic. Now you will see a list
of all available graphics, including imported graphics. Press this button to see the graphics
you have uploaded to your printer. Select your graphic, and it will appear on your label.
Now that you understand how to import graphics, let’s take a look at the graphics that are
already available on your BBP31 printer. From the Home screen, enter your text or touch
anywhere in the label editor. Press the Add Object button to see the various options available
to you. You can add text, barcodes, graphics or serial, and date and time. Let’s add a
simple graphic to our label. Press Graphic. Here, you will see several categories of pre-installed
graphics. The extensive library contains everything from arrows to first aid, packaging to personal
protective equipment… Even prohibition like no parking and no cameras. Once you’ve selected
the graphic of your choice, you can use the size buttons to make it larger or smaller.
And you can drag and drop the graphic into position anywhere on the label.