Administration of medication with mini-bag plus

[Narrator] The nurse is preparing to administer a medication using a mini-bag plus. [Nurse] Do a check, it’s got… yep. [Narrator] Food coloring has been added, as an
additive, in order to make visualization clearer. [Nurse] Okay, my Ancef is all mixed. I have my MAR, check one last time to see…
um, how often, how long to run it. [Nurse] Okay. I’ve got wipes in my pocket, let’s go to the patient’s bedside. [Nurse] Going to check your name, John Jaimeson; John Jaimeson. [Nurse] Your pin number; it’s the same. [Nurse] You have an allergy to Demerol, are you
allergic to anything else? No? Okay. [Nurse] Check your site here. [Nurse] And you’ve had Ancef before, is that correct? And your site looks good. [Nurse] I’m going to first backflow this, or backfill it. [Narrator] The nurse is ensuring that the secondary set is
appropriately primed by backflushing it from the primary bag. [Narrator] She then removes the cap off the
new piggyback bag, and introduces the spike. [Nurse] Squeeze the bulb. [Narrator] The clamp is open, and the necessary adjustments are
made on the keypad of the pump.