Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Adrenal fatigue symptoms causes
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so that you don’t miss anything. Adrenal fatigue you’ve probably heard about it
you probably maybe thought you had it but is it real and what does it do and
what can you do about it so we’re gonna talk about all those things first of all
what are the adrenal glands what do they do well
adrenal goes with adrenaline it’s a stress hormone so the adrenal glands
help you cope with stress they’re tiny thumb sized almond sized glands that sit
on top of the kidney they are connections of the brain essentially
they’re neural tissue because they have to act really really fast when they
respond to stress there is no time for delay they have to do what they do
really quick they help you cope with stress is that a good thing yes even
though too much stress is not a great thing inability to respond and cope with
stress is devastating so if you can’t respond to stress then any little amount
of stress will wipe you out completely and in the extreme inability to respond
to stress then you’re basically a sitting duck you’re standing in the
street and a bus comes at you and you can’t do anything about it you don’t
can’t generate the resources to get out of the way fast enough so stress
responses are essential they are what helps you cope with life so what does
what else does it do it helps you maintain blood sugar and there’s this
hormone called cortisol that you also probably heard about cortisol raises
blood sugar it helps your body generate blood sugar whenever your blood sugar
goes low so the more unstable your blood sugar is the more your adrenals have to
to compensate so if you have what most people get on a high carb diet you get
what’s called a roller-coaster blood sugar so your body likes the blood sugar
really nice and stable in that mids region but then it goes up and when it
comes crashing down you have hypoglycemia and as soon as you have
hypoglycemia you lose focus you get lightheaded you get tired cranky
irritable and now your body has to make cortisol so you’re whipping your
adrenals to work really hard and the more unstable your blood sugar is the
harder and the more often they have to work they also handle minerals they make
hormones that regulate minerals so when they can’t quite keep up when they’re
tired when they get fatigued then they they can’t keep the minerals in the body
so you’re losing minerals through the kidneys primarily sodium potassium and
calcium then they also indirectly help regulate sleep sleep has a lot to do
both as a cause and effect of adrenal fatigue because your sleep hormone
called melatonin is inversely related to cortisol so whenever cortisol is high
melatonin is low whenever cortisol is low melatonin is high so melatonin helps
you go to sleep and therefore cortisol has to follow a certain pattern
throughout the daily cycle so cortisol is supposed to be the lowest in the
evening when you’re ready for sleep if the cortisol is low your melatonin is
high and you have the ability to fall asleep again melatonin is your sleep
hormone then throughout the night because you don’t eat anything the
cortisol rises to maintain your blood sugar in the absence of food and as the
blood sugar and as the cortisol rises the melatonin false and the melatonin is
lowest in the morning and cortisol is the highest in the morning when you’re
ready to wake up and that allows you to wake up rested and full of energy and
then the cortisol drops throughout the day until it’s the lowest when you’re
ready to fall asleep again so when all that works then cortisol and melatonin
work together to regulate your sleep but when your adrenals don’t work and when
you have blood sugar curves and when you have stress your cortisol levels are
going to be all over the place and consequently so is your sleep so that’s
what the adrenal glands do and that’s a little bit about what they cause so in
the medical world they don’t really recognize adrenal fatigue because the
adrenal gland has an enormous reserve capacity so it’s not going to result in
a pathology until that adrenal gland is about 80% destroyed but it’s going to
start creating problems and symptoms long long long before you have a
full-blown disease so the the two extremes of adrenal disease one is
called Cushing’s and that’s where you have like an adrenal tumor you have
something that’s just over producing cortisol all day long and now the
symptoms are a huge belly it’s a hanging belly you get a big hump on your back
cortisol burns off protein so you get skinny little spindly legs you get a
flat butt and you’re also burning losing protein in the skin you’re losing
collagen so you get stretch marks and you bruise very very easy so those are
extreme cases of overproduction and then in the case of Cushing’s but when you
have a lot of stress leading to adrenal fatigue you’re also typically going to
have a very high cortisol so if any of those things that I mentioned for
Cushing’s apply to you then you probably have a high
cortisol level because of high stress and if that continues year after year
decade after decade in some people when you burn out your adrenals completely so
they can’t keep up and do any sort of cortisol then you have what’s called
Addison’s and now your adrenals are completely wiped out and that is not a
fun place to be because now you have a complete inability to deal with stress
you’re basically a sitting duck any form of stress any form of activity
if you try to do work more than 20 minutes it just wipes you out and you
get physically ill your body breaks down so that is not a place you want to get
to so that’s why it’s so important to understand these mechanisms about
adrenal fatigue and understand that it is very real and you want to deal with
these symptoms before they become a major problem the causes are stress
excessive stress the body is designed to deal with short-term stress to fight
flight 2 to deal with life but we’re not designed for long term stress and when
we talk about stress we remember the chiropractic triad of health that stress
can be emotional it can be chemical and it can be structural so you could have a
bad posture you can have you could sit in a bad posture you could have
subluxations you can have poor movements in your joints in your spine and this is
all a form of stress you can have emotional stress you can have life
events you could have a lot of work stress but you can also have a mind that
just won’t shut up when that thoughts are just racing Racing racing and it’s
like they just take you over and you don’t know how to slow them down or stop
them that’s emotional stress chemical stress is stimulants and toxins and
pesticides and all of the chemical stuff that don’t belong in the body allergies
anything that the body reacts to and a structural emotional chemical level
whether it’s excess or lack can create stress in your body that results in
adrenaline and cortisol and starts wearing your adrenals down so work and
thoughts will definitely do it sugar is another thing because we talked
about that here so sugar and unstable blood sugar as a result of sugar and
carbohydrate consumption such as starches and breads and cookies and
waffles and pasta they will create this rollercoaster and as long as your
adrenals are working you may not notice this hypoglycemia too much but you’re
still stressing your adrenals so more reasons to lower your carbohydrates
another thing people don’t realize is exercise people think oh exercise that’s
always good not necessarily if you have adrenal fatigue then you don’t want to
exercise hard you don’t want to get your heart rate over 110 120 you don’t want
to start panting because now you’re putting more cortisol demands on the
body and you could actually be relatively healthy and exercise too much
and develop adrenal fatigue because you’re just working your body so hard
anytime that your heart rates is up in above 130 130 and up you are depending
on cortisol for energy production so most people who go to boot camp they go
to the gym and they think they’re doing themselves a good thing may not
necessarily be so if you sustain a heart rate over 130 for 45 minutes
you just put a major stress load on your body so while exercise is good we want
to understand how to exercise properly and you can check out our video on
exercise and anaerobic and aerobic exercise right here and another major
reason is if your thyroid isn’t working because if your thyroids slows down now
everything in your body slows down your digestion your metabolism but also your
healing ability the the speed and the ability to heal slows down so the
recovery of the adrenals are lessened if your thyroid is low so this these two
things together can ex start explaining why adrenal fatigue is so widespread in
our office we find that a majority of people have some level of thyroid
impairment and of course we know that most people eat a lot of carbohydrates
and they have a lot of work stress and they have racing minds so some level of
adrenal fatigue is probably affecting the vast majority of our population and
even though it’s not going to result in Addison’s in most cases it is creating a
lot of health problems some of the symptoms sleep problems fatigue
lightheadedness fatigue in the morning and salt cravings so most of those are
self-explanatory the salt cravings is because you’re losing minerals tired in
the morning is because you’re not getting your deep sleep and you’re
waking up with too much if your cortisol is all over the place then you’re not
waking up rested because you never got the full rest and you don’t have the
right blood sugar to get your day jump-started and here’s an interesting
one lightheadedness especially if you bend down and stand up quickly this is
like one of the cardinal signs that people can can tell if they have this so
if you lay down or you sit down and you stand up quickly or you bend down and
you stand up quickly and all of a sudden is like you have to hold on for a little
bit that is adrenal fatigue because when you lay down then you don’t need so much
blood pressure to get the blood to the brain because blood flows horizontally
without so much effort and then if you quickly stand up
then gravity is going to pull all the blood to your feet and it’s going to
rush out of your brain and in order for you to not go unconscious your adrenals
have to make adrenaline which is a vasoconstrictor to raise blood pressure
so that the brain can maintain its blood supply and this has to happen in a
fraction of a second and if it doesn’t happen that fast because the adrenals
are tired then it takes a few seconds before you can get enough adrenaline
going to that use that your blood sugar your blood sorry your blood pressure is
stabilized so let’s talk about solutions then there’s sort of self-explanatory
now that we have talked about the causes and the mechanisms and all about how
this works so this is going to be real simple solutions if you have stress if
you have racing thoughts is meditation you got to find a way to take a break
from your day and empty your head and this can be such a relief if you can
slow down your thoughts if you can empty your mind for just a few minutes a day
this can be a lifesaver so check out some more videos on guided meditations
we have one we’re gonna make several more create stable blood sugar so again
start eating whole food eat something like a paleo diet or a keto diet so that
you don’t get all these blood sugar swings get regular sleep in the
beginning this is going to be tough because you have trouble sleeping in the
first place but create a regular habit for yourself and stick to it and if you
do these other things before long you will be able to sleep and that’s going
to be an absolute necessity in order to create the stability that you’re looking
for so pick a time sleep from from 10 to 6 or from 11 to 7 or however much sleep
you need but try to get it regular and stick to it supplements in our office we
have certain supplements standard process
makes something called dren Amin there’s another one called dren atrophic that
helps the body sort of support the adrenals and recover they do love
minerals they do love real vitamin C so get it from whole food
don’t rely on ascorbic acid that’s not the type that it’s looking for and
long-term though what we find is most adrenal problems are secondary so if you
fix the thyroid if you fix the other stuff and the blood sugar and the sleep
then rarely do the adrenals become the primary problem they sort of resolved by
the time that we’ve handled the other stuff that’s our clinical experience in
in our office and another thing you want to do is stop whipping the adrenal
glands every moment of every day with caffeine and stimulants so some people
think that caffeine is bad but there’s all these other stimulants and energy
drinks that they say oh well this gives you energy no it doesn’t it whips your
adrenals they they whip them further into oblivion so you’ve got to cut back
on all caffeine and stimulants to give the adrenals a little bit of rest so
there you have it in a nutshell and realize that there is no substitute for
restoring the body to health there is no quick fix
you’ve got to undo the things that caused it you have to develop a healthy
lifestyle and you have to give the body what it needs so please share this video
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