Hey guys it’s Fumnanya. If you’re new here welcome, if you’re not
welcome back. Either way you are welcome! Today I wanted to come on and talk about my
hair a little bit because after I posted this picture on Instagram a bunch of you had questions
about it. I’ve never done a hair video on my channel. It wasn’t my style of video and I didn’t like
all the controversy that came with it. Sometimes companies will send bloggers and
vloggers really good hair and their hair is actually trash. So I was really reluctant to make any recommendations
regarding my hair to you guys because at the time I was kind of new to hair weave like
this and I just didn’t want to recommend something that wasn’t very good to you guys. So it’s been 5 years I’ve been buying hair
from the same person and I’ve always had good experiences and this person doesn’t know that
I have a YouTube channel at all. I have pretty good faith in the hair so I
thought I’d just come on and tell you guys once and for all the kind of hair that I use. I curled this the other day I think yesterday
and then just kind of freshened it up a little bit this morning. And this is what it looks like when I just
washed the hair. I washed the hair a couple days ago and so
I don’t want to put any hairspray on it just to sort of stretch it as long as possible. I washed my weave once a week, let’s say once
every 10 days and that works fine for me. The hair does hold a curl better the closer
it gets so wash date. That’s just a cute way of saying that dirty
hair holds a curl, I definitely have noticed that. This hair is not frizzy at all that’s something
that’s really really great. It does not frizz up no matter what. The hair has a really good natural luster
as you can see, it’s not too shiny. I put argon oil in it and so it’s a little
shinier than it normally is which I feel is the perfect luster for my hair. Because when I put argon oil in it, it matches
the lustre of my hair straight. I wouldn’t want to be any shinier because
sometimes I don’t press my hair out. I try to avoid pressing it out as much as
possible and so when I don’t press it out then the lustre matches really well and my
texture matches really nicely. I’ll get a little closer so you can see the
texture of the hair. This is what it looks like, I think it has
a nice texture. This is Brazilian hair so it’s really full. I think I have 5 packs. I intended to have 4 packs in this one but
I put 5 in just because I wanted it to be a little bit more full. I think 2 20 inch bundles 2 or 3 20 inch bundles
and then 2 or 3 18 inch bundles and it layered really nicely. I’m just going to show you what it looks like
in the back. I feel like it moves really nicely and naturally. I put hairspray on. It it’ll hold a curl for a couple days, almost
a week. I just twist it up kind of little mini layer
buns all over my head maybe 4 or so and then tie a scarf and I let it down it looks so
pretty. It looks like really gorgeous waves when I
do that so I really like to do that in the summer. If I want big bombshell curls that are more
for adding body to the hair I’ll use this John Frieda sorry John. If I want to add like body curls this is what
I will use. It’s a big, I want to say it’s almost 1.5
inches and I’ve had this for 3 to 4 years still going strong, still works really well. The one thing I want to tell you is that it
makes this weird almost imperceptible buzzing sound. That’s just what it does there’s nothing wrong
with it I’d read that in a review so I wasn’t alarmed. But I feel like if I hadn’t heard that I would
have been pretty on edge about it. This is my Conair flat iron that I use. I want to say this one’s like an inch around. This one I got 5 years ago it is starting
to give off a little bit of an odor which I think means it’s time to replace it. But that’s what I used on my hair today and
these are the curls that result. For straightening my hair I use this fabulous
titanium iron. Yeah you’ve seen it before it’s a pretty standard
iron. This is the one-inch one and that’s perfect
for my hair length and everything. The blow dryer I was telling you about this
is the bio ionic 10x. Incredible blow-dryer it comes with this little
focused nozzle. Again best blow-dryer ever used. It has 3 settings medium cool and high, as
you can see and then it has a cool button up here. The cool shot is really good after you finish
straightening your hair or putting heat on it to just set this style. Curled 20 inch comes right below my breast
level. Again this is 5 or 6 packs so it’s pretty
full. So that’s it about my hair. I hope you guys enjoyed. Here again is a close-up of it. Okay guys that is it for my hair video. I hope you enjoyed. Oh about this unit it is a U part, I made
it myself. I will try to find the tutorial I used to
learn. But I’ve been using the same method since
2013 and that just works for me. This is the smallest leave out I’ve ever had,
might leave out sort of ends here and I know that’s a big leave out for a lot of people. But that’s the smallest I’ve ever had. So it comes down like this and then like this
so I have hair on this sides left out as well as on the top. I feel like that’s the best method for me
just so that when the wind does blow it still looks seamless. And yeah it works for me I’ll try to find
the video that I used and post the link in the description or find one that’s similar
to my method and post the link. Thank you guys so much for watching. I love you guys and I can’t wait to see you
in my next video. Bye!