Affordable Foundation Routine dry Skin

[Music] welcome to this tutorial my name is just a big Dustin’s fake juice of intestines if you get well thanks but yesterday if he retired subscribe you got a lot of talk not to talk like a dope record of you I made this look today is it the opt I a actually is this sorry this Fool has a dry skin I tell you my skincare routine and then the makeup I use in the winter now it’ll be had it’s cold it’s cold it’s very cold so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial I’ll see my neck cover which is always be which is always the OSE which is always under Sunday’s data’s movie Wednesday for me it’s important to talk about skincare now skincare is very essential if you have dry skin even if you have a lot more skin or oily skins think is important the first thing I use for my skin is the mushi creamy soap detergent I like the soap because it’s very creamy as name says but also hydrating it’s super hydrating I don’t you don’t feel like your skin is it’s crawling when you use it and a little I mean a little goes a long way goes a very long way I like to use it morning and night the only things I use this one things that have always been in my my skin would saying I will always be there another thing that I use for my skin it’s a cream a very hydrating cream and this is dehydrated cream I use for my skin is the fab first aid beauty and this cream is awesome because in the winter is very cold outside you get dry and your skin is patchy but this cream actually helps to smoothly smoothing everything out and it’s like a cup of water for your skin it’s really really good I really recommend it next we have a lip balm and if you have a dry lip if you have dry skin a lip balm is essential and because it helps – it helps you live to be hydrated then I always use the Sun protector summer winter spring autumn whatever and this is really good it helps – it helps me it helps you avoid discoloration now starting my makeup is I’m gonna use a primer and if I’m I’m using as the NYX oil primer everything I used to be written description box I just put on my skin and then next up I use my foundation also dominic’s this is the HD foundation it’s really really good [Music] [Music] you [Music] next up we have my concealer missile nyx concealer always in HD and i’m gonna mix in that concealer with their necessarily o’s crimp and Sylla because that also netting cream really tend to hydrate a lot so i’m going to be using that together and I’m gonna be blending [Music] I think it is with my brush I’m just gonna be creating blending making my control foundation to my skin making sure I’m not creating sharp lines but just you know just buffing it and either make sense yeah [Music] [Music] that tiny amount of powder taking my big brush dipping it into my into the powder and just using a tiniest bit the tiniest bit you see I’m going to Pat that inside so I was I don’t want that much powder I’m just gonna Pat my face Pat I am NOT certain I am a baking because we have dry skin your face is already dry you do not need any other things to make it dry so Pat’s impacting just patting the triangular part of on the under eye patent patent patent I used also the longest here to set my whole face patting motions my brows I’m using the NYX micro pencil in black and me just gonna be using that to apply my brow and then to fill it in that’s it nothing special [Music] [Music] as I said before father is your enemy so I’m just gonna dip two dips in my bronzer and I’m just going to bronze my face that’s all I’m gonna do just two dips taking my pleasure and my pleasure it’s the Sahara Desert by Julius pace and I’m just using that to blush then for my lip I’m gonna take mac chestnuts pencil lip liner they’re gonna take a kick out and I’m gonna be using that as my lipstick and because obviously I am extra and I love this I’m gonna take this you a tan lines and I’m just gonna put that in my lips like so it gives it extra dimension and the extra little bit next I love there you go like that [Music] I’m gonna be taking my 20 beauty must Camille highlighter and I’m just gonna dip my brush in some fit spray fades from Mac and I’m just gonna be a point the highlighting part of the of the package of the elect and I’m just gonna be wiping that around my face my party my eyes my life my health my family everything about me is gonna have some today [Music] and now I’m gonna be adding this prefix to set my whole face and that’s the end of tutorial thank you for watching I’ll see my next one next Sunday haha it’s a date bye and please subscribe and follow me stalk me my contacts it’s on my page I’ll see you next time bye [Music] you