Alligator Bite DAMAGE!

– I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to
enter the strike zone with the American alligator. You ready? One Two (painful scream) Oh yeah, he is into my arm and he is holding on. Yep, alright, That
feels like big needles going into my forearm
and I can see there that those teeth are
deep down into my skin. Ok, hold on. (painful scream) Oh man, this was not a good
idea, ladies and gentlemen. Truly chomped by the
American alligator. Ah! Oh yeah! Wow! Thank you, Junior. Oh man. Haha, whew doggie! (upbeat tribal drums) I can’t tell you
how bad that hurts. The worst part wasn’t
the initial bite, it’s once he latched on and then he kept
biting and biting. He’s biting down harder,
and harder, and harder. And I hope that this proves, the hole in my arm there, and the holes in
the underside there, that the American alligator
does not make a smart pet. You get one of these
latched on to you and you can see,
once he locked down how hard it was to
get him off of my arm. In the event that
you were ever to take an animal bite like this, I wanna show you how
to properly clean it up and how to dress the wound so that you don’t
get an infection. Definitely going to have a
scar to show for this one. – [Cameraman] Coyote, before
we get cleaned up here it looks like we’ve got
all our first aid stuff. – Got my basics. – Talk a little bit about how you’re feeling right now; are you okay, number one? and number two, why
do you do this stuff? – I am okay, just
so you guys know. Does my arm hurt? Yes! Is it swollen? Yes! Is it throbbing? Yeah, but I have a really
high pain tolerance. (slow motion pained inhale) And I’m happy to go
through these things to prove some simple points. Obviously, with this bite
we were trying to show that an alligator does
not make a good pet. But some of these other
experiences that I go through, is more to bring an
awareness and an education about these animals. And people get
interested in them because of the crazy
stuff that I do. We’re trying to bring
more of an awareness to different reptiles,
different insects, arachnids. The fact that these
things are out there but they’re never
going to come after you and just try to bite you. Now, in this instance it was a completely
controlled situation. We had professionals on hand,
safety crew behind the scenes just in case anything
really did go wrong. But looking at the
size of the alligator and the size of the teeth, I knew this was
something I could do. Looking at the 200
pound alligator, no way! If that thing had bitten down and it rolled or jerked its head it probably would’ve
ripped my arm off. But a Three-and-a-half
foot alligator, as long as its head
was controlled, it was going to bite down, and as long as it couldn’t
swing it’s head back and forth, Couple of punch marks,
but I’m going to be okay. So at this juncture,
what we want to do is get this wound cleaned up. Now alligators can carry a lot of bacteria
in their mouths. The saliva from all of the
dead stuff that they eat and live stuff, and just
being out here in the swamps. I wanna make sure this
arm gets cleaned up as best as possible. Now the first thing
I’m going to use is just a simple
anti-bacterial wet wipe. And this is where we
can kinda really see the damage that’s been done. Gimme a second here just to
get some of this blood off. Yeah, see this one’s bad. There’s a big
puncture mark there, and then as I slid my
arm out from his jaws you can see where the other
teeth ripped my skin open. Let’s look at the top side. I know that’s kinda gross. You can see where my
arm is all swollen up. And that’s just my
body’s natural reaction to such a traumatic impact, and the fact that
there is a huge tooth digging right into my arm. And I can see there, that those teeth are
deep down into my skin. This one’s gonna sting,
just like a band-aid. You go for it. Here we go. Ready? Yep, that burns. Any other germs that are
on my arm at this point are hopefully getting wiped off. Haha, yeah that stinging
almost hurts as much as the alligator bite itself. And I do wanna squeeze it,
and it hurts to do that. But I want it to bleed out. I want to get as much of the germs and bacteria
out of there as possible. I’m gonna do that up here too. Man, that hurts. If there’s anything that
you can possibly use against bacteria,
infections, animal bites, I always recommend carrying
some hydrogen peroxide with you. This is gonna burn. I just wanna douse
my arm in this and sit there and let that foam. And now I feel like my arm
is pretty well cleaned up, and time for the first aid kit. So that’s really
just step one there. Alright, now whenever
I’m out in the wild I always carry a
first aid kit with me. This is just basic first aid, but it’s got all
your necessities. And the number one thing, that I always go
to, is my Neosporin. This is the magic tool that’s
going to get into these wounds and kill all that
remaining bacteria. So I’m gonna open this up and we are going to just
glob this into those wounds. But I definitely want to
keep an eye on this bite, over the next couple days, to make sure that
it is not taking on any kind of an infection. And that’s about it. I’m not going to put
any band-aid on it. I just want the bite to breathe. I wanna let that Neosporin
and hydrogen peroxide continue to soak in. And hopefully by tomorrow, my arm’s gonna be
feeling a lot better. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see you next week. If you missed the chomp,
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Breaking Trail. I don’t know how
to get him off me. (painful scream) A little bit of water; every time he pops
up and goes back down it hurts worse and worse.