Alumna Story: From BHC Student to Pharmacist

Hi, I am doctor Emily Lehman. I’m a biology professor here at Black Hawk
College and co-department chair of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Department. I’m proud to introduce one of our BHC alumna,
pharmacist doctor Hannah Turner. I’m a pharmacist. I’ve been a pharmacist for two years now. I enjoy talking to my patients, helping them
learn about their medications and explaining to them the benefits. First and foremost, I enjoy the students. The other part of my job that I truly enjoy
is the fact that I get to teach biology. I never tire of introducing students to the
field of biology. They prepare you for your four-year college. They teach you the basics, the foundation,
how to study and they invest in you. In the Natural Sciences & Engineering Department
about two thirds of our faculty have PhDs and the other third have master’s degrees. Black Hawk was the choice for many of us because
we get to focus on teaching. We get to spend our days really focusing on
transferring that knowledge to students and helping them succeed. I would say the rigor between university and
Black Hawk was very similar. With science courses, it takes the same amount
of time to study, to understand the material, the same amount of effort. The only difference is I was taught the ways
to study, the ways to prepare to succeed. Our class sizes are small, so for example,
if you were to take General Biology I, which is the first semester of a major’s biology
sequence, at Black Hawk that class is going to be 20 students and you will have your professor
for both the classroom lectures and for the laboratory time. There are countless options for students who
wish to transfer. We offer the first two years of a number of
different pathways in science. The advisors did a really good job of helping
me know how to transfer and what to do to transfer. It was very easy, very painless. The messages that we receive consistently
are that they are well prepared, that they are ready to pursue the next level of coursework
or the next degree program that they might be interested in, that the courses that they
took here set them up for success. You can achieve your goal. You just got to believe in yourself and you
just need the right tools for success. At Black Hawk College, your professors are
here for you, they will be there to answer any questions that you have, and they will
help direct you ’til you reach your goal.