Alumnus Josie Kristiansen: Why I Love My Work as a Pharmacist

[ Music ]>>I love being a
pharmacist because I work in in-inpatient pharmacy
in the hospital. And it’s a point
at somebody’s life where they’re really
not at their best. And it’s a team effort
but what’s unique about being a pharmacist
about it is that you get to tailor the patient care plan
specifically to that patient, kind of when they’re
at their worst. So you pick out the
treatments that are going to help them feel better the
quickest, that’s going to, you know, treat exactly
what they are there for. They’re in this really
acute phase of their, you know, healthcare. And it really feels like a
pharmacist is an integral part of that team that helps,
you know, connect everything between doctor recommendations, nurses who are directly
caring for the patients. We’re going in and
talking to the patients about their meds
before they came in, what they’re feeling now, and how their meds are
helping them feel now. And then you get to see
them recover and, hopefully, eventually leave the hospital. But there is just a lot of
different aspects of that part of patient care that I love. [ Music ]