Angela Merkel’s poker face problem – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC One

Oh Mein Chancelorette, we need to talk about a delicate matter to do with your image Oh, they are not discontinuing this lipstick. Oh, no mein Gott, no. Warm flesh is the nation’s favorite No, it is … it is something to do with you personally Something you started doing when you were with Putin. It’s that. You just did it then. What? You don’t be like that Oh no, no I’m being you. You roll the eyes Sometimes when people test your patience. You did it to Putin and at least ein or zwei of the Trumps I do not roll my eyes. Ja, I’m afraid you do. Oh, mein Gott! I’m rolling the eyes! And I always thought that I had such a serene and beautiful poker face at the summits. I’m afraid not. Oh, no! Now they are going to know what I’m thinking Don’t worry mein Chancelorette. We will train you. I will take you through some everyday situations And all you must do is not roll the eyes. Ja? Ja. Begin The phone rings you pick it up you hear a teenage boy whose voice is breaking. You realize it is Theresa May Try harder. You’re a chancellor not a GIF Ja, alright Try Ivanka Trump, my father’s record on women’s rights is very good. As an entrepreneur and job creator he is a force for gender equality Well done. No eye roll. That’s OK. Enough with the nursery slopes. Do Donald. We have to stop it, folks! Have to stop it! It was so good. It was a home run. I do beautiful words They were beautiful words with the fake media won’t report them Germany owes us money yes, they do. They owe us big. Ja! Mein Chancelorette, are you okay? Oh? Oh? I kept my eye lines thread, but my powerful eye muscles flipped my entire body instead of Flipping, flipping. I think I sprained my face Hello It’s Boris Johnson. It’s okay. That one your allowed. Allo!