Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) for Consultant Pharmacists [2018]

What is an annual wellness visit and how
can a consultant pharmacist bill for it? Find out next! Hi I’m Blair Thielemier and I work
with pharmacists who want to build and grow their clinical consulting services.
Today I’m going to share about the pharmacist-led annual wellness visit.
When you’re looking at annual wellness visits, there are two G codes that
medicare uses to show the differences. The first is the G0438. That’s the
initial annual wellness visit. This has to be done under the evaluation and
management of a physician because there is a physical assessment component of it. A consultant pharmacists cannot offer the initial annual wellness visit, however,
they can offer the G0439 code which would be the subsequent annual wellness
visit. That annual wellness visit can be performed by auxiliary personnel, under
the direct supervision of a physician if you need a recap on direct vs. general
supervision requirements check out our prior videos. A few key components of a
subsequent annual wellness visit may include updating the Med list from the
previous year for a high-risk patient, completing an advanced care plan document,
assessing a patient’s weight, blood pressure, appropriate measurements or
doing types of screenings such as depression or mini Mental Status exam
screening. The pharmacist would also update the patient’s list of providers
and care coordinators and update their care plan with any referrals or
community resources that the patient may need. As I mentioned, Medicare allows you to tack on many preventive care services to the subsequent annual wellness visit.
These can include advanced care planning, assessment of depression, counseling for
tobacco cessation, diabetic screening, diabetic self-management training, even
intensive behavioral therapy for cardiovascular disease or obesity can be
included. So there’s tons of different preventive services you could tack on to
the annual wellness visit. The annual wellness visit is reimbursed at a fairly
good rate and with these additional preventive care services you
can really provide a great return on investment for your services as a
consultant pharmacist. And as I mentioned in our chronic care management video you can actually bill for a set up for the chronic care management program using
the G code G0506 in addition to the subsequent annual
wellness visit that you already be creating. So that just adds even more
return on investment and provides a great little segue to join your chronic
care management program. As a recap consultant pharmacist under the direct
supervision of a physician remember that means under the same roof, but not in the
same room can offer subsequent annual wellness visits through Medicare. They
can also offer additional preventive services through Medicare during the
subsequent annual wellness visit and can use the g-code 0506 to set
the patient up with a chronic care management program. If this video was
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