Anti Aging Beauty Favorite – Hydrafirm Moisturizer

– Hi, I’m Nicole Jolie, and
this is Skin by Radiance. Welcome to this video,
this is the moisturizer, the Hydrafirm Anti-Aging Moisturizer with amazing benefits for your skin. So, today, I want to share with you quickly what this moisturizer can do
for you, and how to use it. When you receive your moisturizer, it’s going to come with a safety seal. After you get it, and you
take the safety seal off, you’ll twist the cap and inside, you will see the moisturizer. I’ve taken just a little bit, and now, this is more than you probably need. You’ll take this onto your skin, and I use it on my neck,
I use it under my eyes, and all over my face. And it goes on very sheer and very soft. Now, I use this in the
morning and at night, and I use it after I use the serum. If you haven’t yet used
our anti-aging serum, you’ll wanna go to our store at it’s our number one best
seller, it is amazing. I use that first, The Serum, and I let that set for 60 seconds and then I put The Hydrafirm Moisturizer on so that I’m able to increase
the collagen synthesis and I’m able to protect my skin from the oxidative stressors. There’s more about this product
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