April Beauty Favorites 2019 | Great Month For Beauty! 🌷

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think you guys are gonna love her yesterday I just posted my Ulta 21 days
of beauty haul so several products are products I mentioned in that video and
I’ve been using them for a while even though I was late posting the video so
this is the Lancome primer this is the base da oooo (funny) la base pro Lancome
primer it is really good primer I got it 50% off it reminds me of the Smashbox
primer is like a clear smoothing primer it is just as good as Smashbox if not
better sometimes with this type of primer my face may get oily when I wear
this but I haven’t noticed that I feel like I have had good makeup days when
using this so I have been using it quite a bit since purchasing it I do recommend
this it’s really good I don’t have a new foundation to talk to you guys about I’m
wearing the two Chanel foundations that I like and I have the
mixed together I’ve been loving my LaMer so all of those foundations are
still my faves I do want to talk about a concealer I
meant to mention this in my last favorites and forgot but the Milani
conceal and perfect this one is in the shade 145 warm beige and let me just kind of show you at least the color here and I’m wearing
this today but I also put on another product was a color corrector but I’m
wearing this today and I didn’t think it was light enough I like my concealers to
be a little bit lighter than this but I do have this on and it doesn’t crease or
settle into fine lines it does wear very well it says longwear concealer it’s
really good given that it is from the drugstore especially so if you’re
looking for a new concealer I would say this is a good one to try out it’s
really really this is the Urban Decay Naked skin color correcting fluid in the
shade peach and when I first got this I didn’t use it all that much it was just
kind of like it’s okay I started using this again when I purchased the Giorgio
Armani concealer and it is really good for color correcting I used it today
even though I didn’t really need the color correct with the Milani I just
used it today but it’s a peach color and it is very good for color correcting
under the eyes bronzers I do want to talk about bronzers I just got this
bronzer during the Ulta sale and this is a morphe bronzer it is the middle shade
this one is in the shade megastar it’s a glamabronze that’s the name of
a glamabronze face and body bronzer and it’s called megastar and I’ve
really been enjoying this this shade is a little bit warmer and it’s more of a
medium shade lately I’ve just not been putting on the shades that are like
overly deep okay let’s see if I can I always do this
and can never show you guys you see my little swatch it’s a really pretty brown
and it’s almost like the shade of the cork liner they have one more shade
that is deeper but I went for the medium shade and I really like it and I am
wearing it today I did also put on my Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder but I have
this bronzer on I think it’s a really good one is matte is long-lasting and it’s
affordable the other bronzer that I want to tell you guys about is this BH Cosmetics
bronzer again talked about it in my recent haul this
one has more red in it but it is still like a medium brown and it is not the
deepest shade that’s BH Cosmetics and let’s just go back in really quickly
with morphe the BH Cosmetics looks a little deeper and it has more red in it
and this is a little more neutral and just a little bit lighter but I like
them both they’re they’re really nice the BH Cosmetics one is called bronze babe
brilliance bronzer bronze babe is this one and I like them both they are good
additions to my bronzer collection I want to talk a little bit about blush
this is the Too Faced sweetheart perfect flush blush in Peach Beach I’ve had this
quite a while so I did look it up to see if it was still being sold by Too Faced
and it is but it’s this little sweetheart shimmery type of blush and
again this is a peach color and I’m wearing it today and I actually wore it
in a recent video and fell in love with it again I had kind of put it away and
gotten away from it and this is just a really pretty soft peachy blush it’s
just gorgeous and I wore it in my Fenty bronzer video that’s when I wore this
and it was just beautiful on my skin I love it it’s sort of like NARS orgasm
except it’s a peachy color orgasm shade has a shimmer in it and it’s a pink and
this is peach has a shimmer it’s beautiful on the skin I love this next I
want to talk about the Wet n Wild mega glow highlighting powder in bloom time
and this is a beautiful highlighter I’m wearing it today I meant to talk to you
guys about this one a couple videos ago and forgot but this is a beautiful
affordable highlighter and I’ll just add a little bit more the funny thing to me
I was expecting it to kind of have maybe a peachy
pink color because of the color it is in the pan if you can tell the sort of pink
but it just looks more like a champagne gold so I haven’t compared it to my
other wet-and-wild highlighter that is the one that everybody uses I can’t
remember but I have a couple of them but I haven’t compared it to that color to
see how it differs because it looks different in the pan than the other one
but it doesn’t look all that different on my skin but it is Wow POW wham bam
thank you ma’am it is a beaming highlight like it is
very striking let’s talk a little bit about palettes in the video where I told
you guys what to buy at the Sephora vib sale I talked about some eyeshadow
palettes that you might want to consider one that I meant to tell you guys about
was this Too Faced just peachy mattes guys it still smells like peaches I love
this palette so much I used it in one of my recent videos it might have been
that eyeshadow look I was wearing in that video I think it was the video the Sephora vib recommendations video I used this to kind of do my crease color and
my transition color and then I used the soft glam palette for the shimmer that
was on my lid but I used this palette for my transition in my crease and I
love this palette it’s just got some of the most beautiful mattes I’m gonna swatch
a few here just so you guys can see this just ripe I have no idea why I love this
shade and I always talk about it every time I talk about this palette it’s sort
of this berry wine color peach cobbler is also another shade that I use a lot
in my crease because I can see a dent in my palette it’s got all the shades you
need to create a beautiful warm matte look
and you can highlight your brow bone your inner tear-duct
you can deepen your crease with this dark chocolate dipped you can deepen
your crease with that or your lower V and you can create a complete look with
this or you can use this to pair with another palette this is certainly a
must-have I shadow palette if you like blending and you like matte eyeshadows
pull it back out recently and it has been on my vanity throughout this month
I have been using it a lot another palette that I went back out that I’ve
been using awhile and I talked about it in my interview favorites video but I
just had to give it another shoutout the only thing that I don’t like about the
Anastasia palettes is how messy they get I mean they just get so messy but I
guess I could clean it (but I just don’t) I love this palette this is the Norvina palette is
the one that’s purple okay I have three of her palettes and I love every palette
that I have modern renaissance soft glam as well as Norvina I love them all and
I went back to this one and I just can’t tell you guys enough like how much I
love this palette and the shadows in it it’s just gorgeous
the shimmers are beautiful the mattes I just can create some of the best looks
with this palette it is well loved for me this is one of those palettes that if
I broke it or you know it expired like it’s supposed to expire I would
repurchase this that’s how much I love it I love that palette and I just
whipped it back out and have been loving it throughout the month of April that’s
on my eyes today I got the lorac palette during the Ulta sale the lorac Pro
palette did use it today when creating this look to create like my transition
shade and my crease color and to deepen my outer V and I wasn’t sure if it was
gonna work for me because it’s nude and it’s got a lot of light shadows in it
but it actually does work for me and I have been using it I won’t say it’s a
favorite yet because I haven’t used it all that much but I did want to just
come back and let you guys know that the shadows are good if you’re looking for
something that is more neutral and something you could use every day but
they’re more satin they’re not necessarily foiled or anything like that
so if you want a palette that can give you a smoky eye or everyday look as well
and more of a neutral nude type of smoky eye and that’s your jam you will like
this it’s not quite a favorite yet because I just got it and I haven’t been
using it long but I just wanted to shout it out because I have been able to
create some pretty good looks with it this particular palette is a favorite
and I’ve been trying to remember to tell you guys about this forever
it’s a tiny palette so I just forget about it a lot this is a Shiseido
palette and look at how small this thing is and it is so expensive so this is the
Platinum Street Metals 2 this is Shiseido essential eye palette I had to read
the back of it I got this as gratis when I was working at Sephora this cost
$34 for these little four shades but they had this in many many colors what I
love about this palette the creaminess of these eyeshadows they’re like a satin
or something I don’t know the consistency is very different I use this palette to
create the eyeshadow look that I have on today so I have brown the brown is sort
of in my crease and V and I use the lorac to deepen it with the black and
then I have on my lid this gray color here and then I have this blue towards
the outer part of my lid so this is kind of the inner part and then I have a
little bit of the blue and then I put this white in my inner tear duct and I
used it to highlight my brow bone see how strong that is even though it
doesn’t look all that spectacular this little brown shade has been one of my
favorite Browns ever I will be creating another makeup look like with
another palette and I’ll pick up this little palette just to use this little
brown shade that’s how much I love the brown it is so pretty and it’s just so
easy to work with these shadows are amazing as far as the quality of these
little for shadows I can’t tell you that I would have ever purchased this and I’m
not sure if I buy another one I don’t know because they are so pricey but
because it’s a favorite and I really like them I wanted to tell you guys
about it just in case you ever see the palette and you’re wondering this is
top-notch mm-hmm next let’s talk about mascara guys and I noticed though I have
a good mix of high end and affordable products this time I’m pretty proud of
myself I jumped on this collab Beauty bandwagon after Tati went on and on
about how great this was this is the works wow effect all in one mascara I
purchased it in black brown but I meant to purchase it in black but I just
picked it up and I just probably assumed it was black it’s not the right color
but this is what the wand looks like and I’ve had it quite a while it’s kind of
getting thick on me now but it’s kind of a rubbery type of wand as far as the
spikes it doesn’t feel like a soft synthetic fiber it feels more like
rubber but this is pretty good the consistency of the mascara itself just
feels a little bit different than other mascaras it’s kind of really thick even
from the very beginning you don’t have to wait for it to thicken up it’s thick
the first time you use it and it just really coats your lashes when I wear
this mascara it gives me a lot of volume and it makes my lashes look much more
noticeable and it has a significant impact like you can really see this
mascara this is at Sally’s Beauty Supply Store my feelings about this mascara
weren’t as extreme as Tati’s I like it but it wasn’t something that I feel
like it’s my best mascara of the year it wasn’t that way but it is really good
another mascara that I did really fall in love with I fell in love with this one
and would definitely rebuy it but I didn’t purchase this one this was also
gratis that I got when working at Sephora I got this they take care of the
employees y’all they do this is the hourglass mascara and this is what the
wand looks like and it is one of those fluffier wands that I like and this one
gets more tapered and more narrow so I actually was able to use it today on my
lower lashes the solution of this mascara just like Collab Beauty but
better the solution is thicker from the very beginning I’m able to then grab
those lower lashes a little bit better than I have been with some of the other
mascaras that I use that have that have the larger wand you guys know I
usually use my MAC gigabyte whatever (not gigabyte) I go by the MAC extended play gigalash
mascara is what I usually use for my lower lashes because I have these little
puny lower lashes I was actually able to grab hold of those lashes with this
particular mascara but it is very good it is going to extend your lashes it’s
the beautiful black my lashes are much more noticeable with this mascara I
would rebuy it is bomb diggity bomb bomb bomb another product the Gimme brow I
really have been enjoying this this is in the shade 4.5 look at how tiny this
is okay guys look at how small it is I purchased this during the 21 days of
beauty sale it came along right on time because my clear brow gels are on empty
it was time for me to buy some more I still haven’t done it because I’m just
using this now it’s the perfect shade of brown I am able to use it to set my
brows after I sculpt them today I used the ABH brow powder and then I followed
with this but you could also just use this by itself if it’s a no makeup makeup
kind of day a very laid back kind of day you just want to define your brows a
little bit you can use this product so really really good I highly recommend
this we’re getting to the end guys not quite but getting close a lot of the lip
products that I have on my vanity are just always there and I have
to force myself to go over here to my lipstick tower to pull things from there
so today I’m wearing two lipsticks from bite Beauty and they are definitely not
necessarily the shades you usually see me wearing today I went with a more cool
toned makeup look thumbs up if you like cool tone I am a warm tone kind of girl
thumbs up if you like warm tone leave it in the comments I usually wear warm
makeup looks but today I went with a more cool look and so I decided to
choose a cooler lip and these are really really nice and I have about four of
them I believe I think that the first few I received were sent to me to review
by influencer and then I purchased a couple on my own and the shades are Demi
Glace and then there’s a Caramelized I think Caramelized is one of the shades
in Demi Glace a that’s what I’m wearing today but I wanted to bring this up
because I had this on with a Shayla lipstick in my Fenty Beauty bronzer video
and then in the Ulta video someone actually asked me what was on my lips
and I had on the pink one I had on a Eclair I think is the shade I wore along
with shayla’s lipstick and it was just so pretty and gorgeous and so I do keep
one of these I think Eclair is always on my vanity and I do use it to kind of
accent my lipstick color a lot so I’ll just plop that on and then cover it with
the gloss or whatever so that’s what I’m wearing today this little combo and then
I topped it with this buxom gloss that I’ve been loving a lot and this is a
plumping gloss and it is so good like this one’s getting empty too but I
really do use this quite a bit and this one is sugar I don’t use these as much
but they are very good and worth trying and they actually taste good like if you
ever get into your mouth they have a taste they have like a sweet taste
because you know bite Beauty is supposed to be the products are supposed to be so
good that you can eat them not like you would eat them
but it supposed to be made from ingredients that are really good for you
or good products I don’t know you know what I’m saying let’s see if I make up
guys now I want to mention these again some of these brushes are not in my
little Sonia G brush set I mentioned these in my last favorites but I only
had this one this one and this one at the time I only had these three there’s
one Sonia G and two Wayne Goss brushes and so I’ll put these down I still love them
but this is my little new Sonia G brush set this brush set costs one hundred and
fifty dollars I asked you guys if you wanted to see me review these and you
commented in the last video where I mentioned that that you did so I do have
a review coming soon on these brushes but spoiler alert I really love them and
I did wash them after the first video because I just wanted to see how they
work right out the box I remember hearing either someone say it that
you’re supposed to be able to just use them straight out the box I did do that
but I washed them immediately after and they’re even better after I washed them
they don’t recommend that you wash these that much because they’re natural haired
but they are so good since I purchased these brushes I really haven’t been
using a lot of my other brushes for eyeshadow they are amazing so make sure
you check out that video once I post it the lashes that I’m wearing are these
baddie lashes and sugar baby I talked to you guys about these also in my Ulta
video they’re not sold at Ulta but I had just purchased them so I just talked
about them in that video and these are very good the mink lashes by this
company are just they’re amazing I think it’s another youtuber who created this
they are very high quality easy to apply very lightweight on the lashes and this
pair that I’m wearing now I really really like their flare out at the end
and they’re not overly dramatic they’re perfect like oh my goodness this pair I
may actually want another pair definitely a favorite wanted to tell you
guys about it let me tell you guys about haircare a little bit of hair stuff I
have naturally curly hair and I actually put up my handbag
with my natural hair because I really needed to get that video up and so I
just like sat down one day and filmed it I was not happy because I got a haircut
and the lady chopped off all my hair and it was really long before I went in
there and I just wanted a trim and so I was just really distraught about it but
regardless I did want to tell you guys about this eco professional styling
olive oil like it’s a gel a lot of you probably already know about this but I’m
just using it for the first time and it is really good for like laying down your
edges I still struggle even with this product
to get my edges to do all of them waves and stuff that everybody else does
because my hair is so curly it does a better job of laying down my edges than
anything else that I have used and I use it with my little trusty toothbrush with
my little toothbrush and you know try to keep those edges in I fail all the time
but I try my daughter turned me on to this she felt so bad for me because I
really hated my haircut you know I’m not gonna cry over it because I’m blessed to
have really nice hair that I love and it just cooperates with me for the most
part so I don’t want to whine too much about a bad haircut because the hair
will grow back my hair is almost as short as it was in 2017 because I went
back and looked at my videos but like six months after that video where it was
this short it was much longer so in six more months it’ll probably be back
but I was just really upset so she gave me this parachute advanced word I cannot
pronounce you bought it from like an Indian store I think that’s what she
told me controls hair fall and grows hair longer
it’s an oil but it’s not like a oil-oil look at is thick but after it hits your
skin it does this it dissolves like it’s kind of strange but I love this stuff I
can’t wait to see if my hair is actually gonna grow faster I just know that my
hair is so amazingly soft when I use this so whenever I use this my hair
feels so much softer and then at the time and my curls are perfect and
they are shiny and my hair looks perfect I did see it on Amazon I’ll link the
Amazon link down below amazing good stuff I’ve also been using this a lot
this is the diva curl super cream coconut curl styler it defines and
controls your hair I purchased this from Sephora I have been using this quite a
bit too I didn’t talk about it before because I wasn’t sure if I liked it
liked it because when I use this product my curls are really defined and they’re
a little crunchier but they’re not crunchy crunchy but they’re a little
less soft when I use this but I found a way that I really like using it like
sometimes when I define my curls and then I kind of fluff them out the curls
don’t stay curly they get more frizzy so if I rewet the pieces that I’m not
satisfied with and I take a little bit of this and I just run it directly on
those pieces and I just kind of redefine the curl oh the curls come back
looking like a superstar okay so it’s supercream this is sulfate free paraben
free silicone free yes good stuff this is the Olaplex No. 4 and number
5 bond maintenance shampoo and conditioner guys this is good shampoo
and conditioner and it’s very expensive but it has last me quite some time I
bought it during a haul a while ago and I’m only halfway done with it you only
have to use like a nickel to quarter size amount of this shampoo to get the
richest lather ever like I overused it it for some like going in all heavy it
had the rinse and rinse rinse to get it out and this makes your hair is so soft
and manageable and it’s supposed to be good for like damaged hair and I think
it’s also preventative like it says here formulated with patented olaplex bond
building chemistry restores repairs and hydrates without adding excess weight
eliminates damage and free for strong healthy looking shiny hair
and it says using the olaplex 3- 4- 5 system it is a little bit
pricey but worth it very very good good stuff good stuff guys I
haven’t done a lot of things different with my skincare I’ve been using a lot
of the same products and if I’m using something different it’s like my little
deluxe samples that I’m trying to go through like I pick up all these Point
perks and then I just stuff them in a drawer like one of these drawers and my
Alex drawers is just free samples and I’m like this is ridiculous you gotta
stop doing that you gotta use this stuff so I don’t have a lot of skincare but I
want to tell you about this this is the Mario Badescu skincare drying lotion it
gets kind of white once you put it on but if you get a pimple or you have a
breakout you can dab this on overnight and your pimple is either gone or half
the size so it shrinks your pimple my daughter loves this stuff she’s used it
more than me this isn’t that expensive it’s a really
quick easy way to address any little pimples that you have on your face the
final thing that I want to mention to you guys I’ve talked about it before but
now that we’re starting to you know show more skin I thought I would mention it
again this is the soap & Glory smoothie lightly whipped body butter cream this
is my favorite body cream and I have the Sol de Janeiro
bumbum cream or “boom-boom” cream is what I think you call it and I have some
other brands but this is my favorite and if you get it at all time a lot of times
they have buy one get one 50% off this is so good it smells so rich and creamy
and it’s not too heavy and it doesn’t leave me feeling sticky but it does
hydrate my skin and I love it so I love the scent I love how it feels going on
my skin I love how my skin looks when I use this I like the price point I’m able
to get them buy one get one half off or buy one get one free all the time so I
really love this stuff this one’s good you’re gonna love it guys just go get it
don’t hesitate just get it okay everyone back concludes
April favorites there’s so many products that I have been loving lately like I
have been in love with makeup the beauty industry has been hitting homeruns all
over the place here lately and I am picking up more products that I love
than products that I hate like they’re getting it right so so if you liked this
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